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Introduction to SEO & Online Measurement - PushON
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Introduction to SEO & Online Measurement - PushON


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An introduction to search engine optimisation (SEO) and online measurement with the use of Google Analytics. Delivered by PushON to the tennants of Manchester Science Park on Friday 18th March 2011.

An introduction to search engine optimisation (SEO) and online measurement with the use of Google Analytics. Delivered by PushON to the tennants of Manchester Science Park on Friday 18th March 2011.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. SEO & Online Measurement
    Delivered by Simon Wharton & Kieron Hughes
    For Manchester Science Park
  • 2. PushON
    PushON are an award-winning online marketing and web development agency based in Manchester but servicing clients throughout Europe We are a team of 14 who are specialists in:
    • Website Build
    • 3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • 4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
    • 5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • 6. Viral Marketing
    • 7. Social Media Strategies
    • 8. Email Marketing
    • 9. Online Reputation Management
    • 10. Online Marketing Consultancy
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 11. SEO & Online Measurement
  • 12. Topics We Will Cover
    Search Engine Optimisation Basics
    Website Targeting
    Measurement of Traffic
    Google Analytics
    Actionable Insights
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 13. 1. Search Engine Optimisation
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 14. What is SEO?
    Defined as “the active practice of optimising a website by improving internal and external aspects in order to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines”. – SEOmoz, 2010.
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 15. What’s the benefit?
    SEO & Online Measurement
    • Measurable results
    • 16. Brand Visibility
    • 17. Cost Effective Customer Acquisition
    • 18. Repeat Business
    • 19. Low Cost & High Value
    • 20. Increase traffic to a website
  • How does it work?
    Search engines algorithmically rank websites based on their authority and relevance to the search query being entered.
    A number of factors are used to determine which websites are ranked higher than others.
    Code – Content – Connections - Conversion
    There are no quick wins (unfortunately).
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 21. How does it work? (2)
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 22. SEO: On-site Optimisation
    There are a number of “on-page” signals that search engines look for when they visit a website.
    Page titles
    Page headings
    Internal linking
    Page relevance is key.
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 23. SEO: Off-site Optimisation
    Although a lot can be gained by the search engines from looking at a website itself, external links (or “backlinks”) are judged as being the most important contributing factor for SEO.
    SEO & Online Measurement
    Client Website
    Business Partner
    Your Website
    Business Directory
    Social Network
  • 24. SEO: Monitoring & Refining
    Once a website is well optimised from a search engine point of view and external presence has begun to increase, refinements need to be made based on the data being monitored.
    Content additions
    Tweaking of on-site optimisation
    Social integration
    SEO & Online Measurement
    Client Website
    Your Website
    Business Directory
  • 25. 2. Targeting
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 26. Finding what people search for
    The great thing about search engine optimisation, is that you can understand the terms and phrases that people actually search for within the search engines.
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 27. Finding when they are searching
    Not only can approximate search volumes be researched for a limitless set of key phrases; trending data also allows us to understand seasonality, topical popularity and more.
    SEO & Online Measurement
    Trending data for “solar PV”
  • 28. Applying this knowledge
    The insights gained from this keyword analysis can be invaluable in terms of targeting people on your website.
    SEO & Online Measurement
    a) Apply the data to existing pages
    b) Create new pages around the data
    Developing new content pages specifically around the keyword opportunities from the insights gained.
    Retrofitting the keyword optimisation to each of the most relevant pages across the website.
  • 29. 3. Measuring Traffic
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 30. Why measure traffic?
    Whether you have an “optimised” website or not, monitoring the traffic data is a must.
    Understanding the quantity of visitors
    Analysing visitor profiles
    Viewing popular content/pages
    Monitoring visitor intent
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 31. Tools for measuring traffic
    There are a number of tools available that work very well to monitor traffic and gain actionable insights.
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 32. 4. Google Analytics
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 33. Benefits of using Analytics
    Monitor goal conversions & e-commerce
    Monitor engagement (ie. time on site, bounce rate, etc)
    Setup customisable reports
    Advanced segmentation
    Visual charts
    Plus, it’s very easy to install and use!
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 34. Analytics basic reports
    SEO & Online Measurement
    Conversion (goal) data
    Dashboard – visitor data
  • 35. Analytics basic reports (2)
    SEO & Online Measurement
    Traffic sources data
    E-commerce data
  • 36. Custom Reports
    Custom reports can be setup to provide dashboard-like overviews of data that you deem to be most important for various areas of your website.
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 37. 5. Actionable Insights
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 38. So how does Analytics help?
    Google Analytics provides actionable insights, such as:
    Which pages are not working (to convert)
    Where people are dropping out in the conversion process
    Which areas of the site have low engagement
    Which traffic sources provide the least value
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 39. What can you do with this data?
    Once you’ve setup goals and basic reports, the data is then there for you to use to improve your website.
    Low engagement
    SEO & Online Measurement
    Identify sections with low bounce rate, and average time on page (compared with others)
    Analyse the sources of traffic
    Consider things that can be done to encourage engagement on the page
    Implement the changes and monitor Analytics to see the affect
  • 40. What can you do with this data? (2)
    The various visualisation options in Google Analytics allow you to understand potential improvements that could be made to your website without doing a lot of in-depth analysis.
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 41. Summary
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 42. Key Take-Away Points
    SEO is an ongoing process, and there are no quick wins
    A combination of on-site & off-site optimisation are needed
    Use available data to actually see what people are searching for
    Measure as much data as you can (even if you don’t use it all)
    Use reporting options to monitor your KPIs
    Ensure you are always monitoring and refining
    Setup Google Analytics yourself (or ensure you have admin access)
    SEO & Online Measurement
  • 43. Kieron Hughes, PushON Ltd.
    Thank you for listening. Any questions?