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Ethics And Functional Areas   Mktg
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Ethics And Functional Areas Mktg


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Ethics in Functional Areas
  • 2. Sales
    • Supply of product not as per order or sample
    • Keeping a few costs hidden – Transport/Accessories
    • Not accepting defective product by some small obscure print condition.
    • Changing product specifications without prior intimation to the customer
    • Changing business terms without approval of the customer.
    • Delaying the supply of goods to the customer
  • 3. Sales
    • Treating 2 customers differently without valid reasons
    • Using superlatives for ordinary products
    • Not providing after sales service as agreed upon in the original contract.
    • Playing favourites between two customers regarding price and priority in supplies.
  • 4. Advertising & Promotion
    • Exaggerating product benefits in advertisements
    • Supplying products, which are different than those advertised.
    • Giving wrong idea in advertisements regarding price
    • Not supplying the gift so promised in the campaign
    • Increasing the price and then offering a discount on the price.
  • 5.
    • Making derogatory remarks about competitors
    • Making comparative advertisements by using selected parameters alone
    • Hiding major flaws of the product
    • Not providing the advertised service to the customers as a part of the promotional plan.
    • Giving wrong information about the product.
  • 6. After Sales Service
    • Service technicians not going by the priority and playing favourites for personal gain.
    • Using substandard material during service and charging for the genuine parts
    • Using wrong equipment which endangers the product itself during service
    • Not taking service calls, if the location is distant or not easy to reach while free service was promised for that place.
    • Making temporary repairs only to the product, so that it can be repeatedly brought for service
  • 7.
    • Over-billing the service charges
    • Not keeping the service records properly so that the problem has to be looked into afresh.
    • Using substandard components or rejected components.
    • Refusing to service the product on some pretext or the other
    • Exchanging genuine parts with spurious ones, when the product comes for service.
  • 8. Marketing Research
    • Research done to reflect a particular viewpoint
    • Research is focused on areas which need not be covered.
    • Deep in-depth research is undertaken when preliminary research would have satisfied the research objective
    • Old research is repackaged as new
    • Biased report
    • Selling the research report to competition also
    • Suppressing parts of the report/data to the managers.
    • Entrusting the Marketing Research to a novice.
  • 9.