Ethical Dilemma

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  • 1. Ethical Dilemmas
  • 2. Meaning
    • Doug Wallace – A dilemma occurs if one has to make a choice among following alternatives
    • Significant value conflict among different interests
    • Alternatives are equally justifiable
    • Consequences on stakeholders
    • Rushworth Kidder – In ethical dilemma, the toughest choices are right vs right
  • 3.
    • P.Kidder – They are genuine dilemmas precisely because each side is firmly rooted in our basic core values
    • Truth vs Loyalty
    • Individual vs community
    • Short term vs long term
    • Justice vs mercy
  • 4. Ethically questionable situations Joseph & Jimmie Boyett
    • Stealing of company’s products
    • Misuse of power
    • Application of personal expenses to official budgets
  • 5. Salient Features of ethical dilemmas
    • Uncertain outcomes
    • Multiple choice and alternatives
    • Mixed consequences
    • Direct/Indirect involvement
  • 6. Approaches of resolving E D
    • Utilitarian – Greatest benefits for largest number of people
    • Universalism – Rule based – Good intentions always result in good outcomes ultimately
    • Care based approach – with those who are in official relationship
    • Virtue Ethics – While performing any action he/she should develop virtues
  • 7. Methods to resolve E D
    • Define the problem and recognize the moral issues.
    • Determine who will be affected by the decisions and your role
    • Collect information on how the problem occurred
    • Isolate illegal issues and separate right vs wrong
    • Make the tough choice - Truth vs Loyalty
    • Individual vs community
    • Short term vs long term
    • Justice vs mercy
  • 8.
    • 6 Approach
    • Care based
    • Rule based
    • End based
    • Virtue based
    • Find out if there are any other ways out
    • Decide and act
    • Review of the decision
  • 9. Platinum Standard of Ethics Scoft W Ventrella
    • Is it legal or illegal ? How fair it is ? At the end of it all, how will I feel about myself?
    • Does your character match your decisions? Do you follow – Practice what you preach
    • Be careful in all your actions. Examine implications if your actions are taped, recorded and reported
    • Keep your word. What is your commitment level
    • Develop and sustain integrity – courage/self-discipline and control/honesty/morality/kindness/fairness/ generosity/inner mind to be strong to make you incorruptible.
  • 10. Thank You