Abhay deol - bling - purti chaturvedi


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Abhay deol - bling - purti chaturvedi

  1. 1. Brand „Abhay Deol‟ Prospective Brand Map
  2. 2. Background • An Indian film actor and producer • A member of Bollywood's Deol film dynasty; he is Dharmendra‟s nephew • 2005: He made his debut with the film Socha Na Tha • 2007: Manorama Six Feet Under, won the Best Film at the Mahindra Indo-American Arts Council Film Festival in New York City. He also won a Best Actor award for his role.
  3. 3. • 2008: Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! was a big hit and established him as a dependable mainstream actor. • 2009: Dev.D, directed by Anurag Kashyap, got immense critical acclaim and got him compared to Dilip Kumar and ShahRukh Khan. • He has also started producing films through his company Forbidden Films. • He has been called "the new face of Indian cinema" and is portrayed as the thinking woman's sex symbol in the media.
  4. 4. • He is tagged as the “Deol with a Difference” • Filmography: o Socha Na Tha o Ahista Ahista o Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. o Ek Chalis Ki Last Local o Manorama Six Feet Under o Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! o Dev.D o Meridian Lines • Forth Coming Projects: o Road o Basra …
  5. 5. Key Points • Maverick • Super talented • Multi-faceted • Pan India appeal • Intense • Well liked • Handsome
  6. 6. Brand Endorsements • Video Volunteers; an organization which is dedicated to create an alternative media at the grass root level. • Airtel • LG Mobiles • The Climate Project - India
  7. 7. Prospective Brand Map
  8. 8. bjectives • To create brand associations which compliment Abhay‟s image and personality. • To create associations which will increase the visibility and further enhance interest in the brand „Abhay‟.
  9. 9. Potential Brand Map 1. Aspirational: • Hometheatre: LG • Audio System: E.g. Senheiser, Bang and Olufsen, Bose • Credit Cards: Visa, American Express, Standard Chartered • Cars: Volkswagen Touareg [Pan India appeal] 2. Surrogate Marketing: • Alcohol/ Beer: Kingfisher, Fosters [The Dev D carry over effect]
  10. 10. 3. Looks/ Style: • Casual Wear: United Colours of Benetton [The association can be based on Abhay‟s „Maverick‟ and slightly rebellious personality; and UCB is known to have unconventional and rebellious ads and promotions] • Footwear – ID, Converse • Eyewear: Fastrack • Watches: Fastrack [It will compliment Abhay‟s youthful personality] 4. Gyms: Gold‟s Gym, Fitness First
  11. 11. 5. Social Causes: • Jaago Re [Since Abhay is known to be a Maverick and slightly radical, thus the association with Tata Tea‟s Jaago Re campaign would be ideal] 6. Food: • Chips: Bingo [Association can be created on the basis of Abhay‟s eccentric personality ] • Soft Drink: Nimbooz [Mass Appeal]
  12. 12. Why Abhay? • Stylish, impeccably dressed and good looking • Has a pan India appeal • Illustrious lineage • Female fan base • Has the potential to launch several brands • Multi-faceted
  13. 13. THANK YOU