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A quick slide deck about the development options for Google Glass and Android Wear

A quick slide deck about the development options for Google Glass and Android Wear

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  • 1. Android Wear and Glass Or how I got sucked into Googles ooh shiny trap
  • 2. Wearable Computing: The past
  • 3. Wearable Computing:The Present
  • 4. Introducing Wearable Google
  • 5. • Already in the wild • Invite only at the moment • Controversial • Glass Holes • Currently costs upwards of $1500 USD Google Glass • Heads up display • Camera - Records and takes photos • Works with both Android and iOS devices • On board storage
  • 6. • No hardware at the moment • Preview SDK Released • Envisioned as a general “wearable” OS • Initial release all about the notifications • Future releases introduce more functionality Android Wear
  • 7. So you want to see what you can do with the new shiny? First off a couple of things: 1) Without an actual Glass device you’re going to be limited to using the Mirror API 2) The Wear API is going to be a moving target Playing With Shiny New Toys
  • 8. • Cloud hosted apps • Available in Go, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python and .Net • Cards form the core of the Mirror API service • Act as containers for text, HTML, Video or Images • Mirror API can also be location aware • Playground is available for testing Google Glass: Mirror API
  • 9. • First iteration • Extension of current Android development setup • Requires an app to be installed on your Android device • Extends notifications, allows user to interact with phone via the Wear device • Emulators available for round and square form factors Android Wear: Notifications
  • 10. Glass: Developer Page - Android Wear: Developer Page - Where To Find Things