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SEO & Social Media Presentation - Nikon
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SEO & Social Media Presentation - Nikon


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A presentation for photographers, giving them insight into a web presence for their photography business.

A presentation for photographers, giving them insight into a web presence for their photography business.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Search Engine Marketing An Insight into a successful web presence
  • 2. Education | Software | Consulting | Service
  • 3. Many Americans begin their purchasing experience by doing online research to compare prices, quality, and the reviews of other shoppers. Even if they end up making their purchase in a store, they start their fact-finding and decision-making on the internet.”
    SEPTEMBER 2010

  • 4. SEO vs Social vs Pay Per Click
  • 5. SEOvs Social vs Pay Per Click
    Receive unpaid traffic
    High quality traffic
    Sustainable results over a long period
    Cost effective
    Competitor analysis
    Use analytics to improve conversions
    Takes a while to see results
    No guarantee
  • 6. SEO vs Social vs Pay Per Click
    Cost effective
    Receive honest instant feedback from community
    Allows deeper engagement
    Online word of mouth
    It’s not how big your budget is, it’s how good your product is
    Can recruit new talent
    Tools quickly change
    Disgruntled customer can vent on your profile
    Takes a while to see results
    Takes time to develop relationships and authority
  • 7. SEO vs Social vs Pay Per Click
    Immediate results
    Change campaign focus instantly
    Measurable tracking
    Test landing pages
    Traffic is budget dependant
    When budget runs out traffic stops
    Can become costly if no conversions are made
  • 8.
  • 9. Domain Authority
  • 10. Content that appeals to Influencers
  • 11. The Flow of PageRank
  • 12. PageRank is split evenly between the links on a page
  • 13. search results
    I’ll never get into the top 10 for “cape town photographers”
    So what’s the plan of action?

  • 14. search results
    On-site optimisation
  • search results
    Google Adwords keyword research tool
  • 19. search results
    Content ideas
    Pay attention to Google Analytics
    What keywords are currently being used?
    Twitter Trends:
  • 20. Twitter Trends
  • 21. search results
    Hunt for incoming links
    Competitor Analysis
    Photo community websites
    Enter competitions / awards (build authority)
    ‘How to’ articles published on 3rd party websites
    Travel companies??
    Event companies??
    Catering companies??
  • 22. Importance of Social media
    Engage with community
    Targeted ads i.e. Target those who are listed as “engaged”
    Power of word of mouth i.e. Tagging photos
    Affects search rankings
    Google + ??
  • 23. Signals of “Community” and “Authenticity”
    Often exist only online
    Rarely have significant social accounts
    Frequently use email forms only
    Stay “under the radar”
    Search is often 90%+ of traffic
    Have little-no branded search demand
    Ignore the offline world
    Have real people working at a physical address
    Have authentic, followed social accounts
    Display obvious, robust contact information
    Register with government/civic organizations
    Receive traffic from diverse sources
    Generate branded search query volume
    Run offline marketing/advertising campaigns
  • 24. Formula to successful web marketing
    Two types of websites
    High traffic and Low traffic
    High traffic = 5000 plus
    Low traffic = 1000 and less
  • 25. Formula to successful web marketing
    What do you do with 1000 or less visitors ??
    Produce quality content
    Comment on other (high authority) blogs
    Write on other (high authority) blogs
    Run a Pay Per Click campaign to produce sales
    Re-invest sales into content marketing and SEO
  • 26. Formula to successful web marketing
    What can you do with 5000 plus visitors ??
    Conversion marketing
    Forum (user generated content)
    Bloggers contribution
    Push visitors to social media profiles – engage
    Objective = monetize your website
  • 27. Formula to successful web marketing
    Understand your visitors
    Brand vs non-brand
    Search vs referral vs direct
    Percentage of new vs returning
    Bounce rate
  • 28. Measure conversions
    Industry standard is 1.5%
    Anything above this is good
    1000 visitors = 15 leads
    15 leads = .... sales
  • 29. SEO plugins (Wordpress)
    Yoast SEO Plugin
    SEO Friendly Images
    W3 Total Cache
  • 30. Software that is available
    Domain Authority
    Competitor Analysis
    Project SEO
    Project Management
    Competitor Analysis
    Majestic SEO
    Competitor Analysis
    Google Analytics
    Conversion tracking
    Website Data
    Social media management
  • 31. Do this stuff, it really works !
    Research/White Papers
    Blogs + Blogging
    Comment Marketing
    Social Networks
    Online Video
    INBOUND MARKETING!(Find Your Audience Organically on the Web)
    Document Sharing
    Social Bookmarking
    Word of Mouth
    Direct/Referring Links
    Q+A Sites
    Type-In Traffic
  • 32. Budget...
    DIY = time
    Outsource = money
  • 33. Budget...
    Do it myself
    Education (website & seo)
    Content...... Do I have the time write?
    Link building....... Communications or PR
    Weekly time spent = 5 to 10hrs
    Software fees +-R1000
  • 34. Budget...
    Outsourced (SEO, Social Media, PPC)
    Small company = R3000, R3000, R4000
    Agency = R10 000, R10 000, R10 000
  • 35. Budget...
    In house
    Internship (cover travel costs)
    Consulting = From R1000 + (depending on size and amount of websites)
  • 36. Job types
    Research & Reporting (Competitor analysis, link profiling, keywords)
    Communications / PR specialist (link and relationship building)
    Writer / Content  creator
    Conversion marketing (two sides of the coin: design or analytical)
    On-site optimiser
    Creative manager (campaign ideas for link building)
    Programmer (ensuring technical mark-up and optimised code)
  • 37. Case studies
  • 38. Travel Industry: Client 1
    • Client came to us with no on-site optimisation on website
    • 39. We optimised website
    • 40. Within 2 months of optimisation, website traffic began to increase
    • 41. After 4 months, search engine traffic increased 300%
  • Travel Industry: Client 2
    • Client came to us for on-site optimisation consultation and link building research
    • 42. We optimised website
    • 43. Within 2 months of optimisation, website traffic began to increase
    • 44. After 6 months, search engine traffic increased 1000%
  • Online Dating Industry
    Organic Traffic
    • Client came to us with no on-site optimisation on website or link building
    • 45. We optimised website and implemented a link building strategy
    • 46. Within 5 months, traffic increased by 300% and 360% over 11 months
  • Online Dating Industry
    Paid Traffic
    • Client managed a high cost Google Adwords campaign and was not seeing return on investment
    • 47. Once #1 positions were achieved in Google Organic Search there was no need to use Google Adwords anymore
    • 48. Client stopped Google Adwords campaign after 4 months
  • Online Dating Industry
    Bounce rate
    • Bounce rate was high (23%)on website when we began optimisation process
    • 49. We implemented a design change and immediately the bounce rate dropped to 11%
  • Home Improvement Industry
    • Client came to us to assist in getting their website more targeted traffic
    • 50. Website had no on-site optimisation done to it
    • 51. We optimised the entire website and within 5 months traffic began to increase
    • 52. After 9 months traffic had increased 500%
  • Home Improvement Industry
    • Client came to us to assist in getting their website more targeted traffic
    • 53. We marketed products on various online shopping platforms
    • 54. After 7 months referral traffic had increased 500%
  • What questions to ask an SEO and/or social media consultant/company
    Which is more likely to have a positive impact on a page's search engine rankings and why - 10 links from 1 website or 1 link each from 10 different websites?
    Name at least 3 elements critical to ranking well in Google Local/Maps/Places search.
    Describe the concept of topic modeling and how modern search engines might use it to improve the quality of their results.
    Describe the distribution of search query demand and what is meant by the "fat head" and "long tail.“
    Show me case studies
  • 55. Q&A
    Neil Pursey
    Cell: 084 627 0619
    Twitter: @webgrowthsa