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How peer to peer fundraising can improve the performance of your events by up to 40%

How peer to peer fundraising can improve the performance of your events by up to 40%






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    How peer to peer fundraising can improve the performance of your events by up to 40% How peer to peer fundraising can improve the performance of your events by up to 40% Presentation Transcript

    • How Peer to Peer fundraising canimprove the performance of yourevents by up to 40%Steve Thomas, Purple VisionMargaret Hollings, Nightingale House Hospice
    • Agenda1. Introductions2. Background – Online and event fundraising – What is Peer to Peer?3. Blackbaud study4. Case study and discussion5. What next?
    • Question 1: What is online fundraising? • Website? • Email? • Donate here? • Just Giving? • Social media?
    • Question 2: What is Peer to Peer?
    • How is Peer to Peer helpful? • Community engagement • Recruitment • Campaigning • Membership • Service support • Fundraising – Supporter acquisition – Appeals – Events
    • How are your events performing?“With over one million people taking part in Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Milesand active fundraising up and down the country, Sport Relief 2012 was amassive success.We’d like to say an even more massive ‘thank you’ to every single personwho helped raise the staggering total of £62,519,216 so far. It’ll make anincredible difference to people across the UK and the world’s poorestcountries.”
    • The online effect• Peer to Peer Event Fundraising Benchmark Study 2011• 48 different organizations and 1,845 events in the United States and Canada
    • Understanding Fundraiser and Peer Donor Motivations to Grow your Peer to Peer event fundraisingInsights from a study of the City2Surf Fun Run – the worlds largest timed community run
    • City2Surf overview• The worlds largest timed event – 80,000 participants• 41 years old• Peer to Peer fundraising introduced in 2008• Fundraising not compulsory• over 600 charities to choose from• Growing at 30 – 40% year on year
    • Study overview • Online survey • 2 months post City2Surf • 207 runners • 240 donors • All of whom who had raised money for or donated to eleven different charities of differing sizes and categories.
    • Study overview - why did we do it? • $100 million raised through Blackbaud’s Peer2Peer fundraising technology (Everyday Hero and Heroix) since 2007. • In just 4 years events City2Surf and other major community events have become a significant fundraising opportunities thanks to the power of this technology. • Yet for all their success we don’t really understand why people fundraise and their motivations. • Therefore we don’t really understand how charities can optimise this giving channel • Or how to really optimise the giving experience
    • The emotional connection
    • And so the key issue is….Understanding these supporters are out therefundraising, recruiting and organising on your behalf• If there is a central idea behind this presentation it’s that we are letting some of the basic principles of fundraising fall away with our Peer to Peer fundraisers. – How would you arm a Peer to Peer fundraiser if they were a new employee or working for a third party organisation on your behalf? – How would you reward, acknowledge and cultivate a major donor?• Everything we know about fundraising applies in Peer to Peer. It’s just that we are influencers not the implementers
    • Study findings
    • INSIGHT: Fundraising is secondary • Generally the challenge or fun of the event is more important than the fundraising. • People participate first fundraise second • Nearly half will take part in another event for the same charity Increase your success by congratulating and acknowledging your fundraisers forTIP taking on the challenge. Transition from a trigger of not necessarily fundraising to being inspired by your cause.
    • INSIGHT: Fundraisers who e-mail more, raise more. • While Social Media is an important channel to use fundraisers who e-mail more will raise more – it’s about the direct ask versus the broadcast. • Significant censorship of who to ask. Fundraisers don’t want to obligate everyone to giving • US research shows that Social Media users tend to e-mail more as well. These people are your most sophisticated fundraisersTIP Increase your success by encouraging your fundraisers to make more direct asks.
    • INSIGHT: No prompting of ask amounts. Donors ‘guess’ how much to donate.• Fundraisers do not give donors any guidance ie $50 buys a shovel• Charities don’t tell fundraisers what to ask for and why.• Donors tell us their giving amounts are influenced by previous gifts.• Only half of all fundraisers donate to themselves Increase your success with strategies to set ‘social giving norms’ byTIP improving the first gift
    • INSIGHT: Limited story telling or elaboration.• Those people who included information about why they support the charity were are more likely to raise more money, yet around 60% only use the standard template provided by the charity.• An analysis of the EDH database shows people who updated blogs and photos raised on average $2000/page compared to the overall average of $500-$600 per pageTIP Review Fundraising pages and directly ask Fundraisers to add personal content
    • INSIGHT: Target setting is done in isolation and based on guesswork. ๏ Fundraisers tell us they are really guessing as to what they can raise. ๏ The average amount raised is influenced by the default target ๏ 60% met or exceeded their targetTIP Increase success by giving your fundraisers guidance on a target amount to raise.
    • INSIGHT: Most fundraisers don’t follow up initial requests.• Fundraisers can lose motivation early.• Donation flow actually increases in the last few days/weeks leading up to an event closure.• Many fundraisers feel that a lack of early response can be a symbol of failure.TIP Check that your fundraisers are following up their initial asks
    • INSIGHT: Donors are more willing to give again than fundraisers are willing to ask. • 65% of donors said they would give again if asked • 20% of fundraisers said they would ask the same people to donateTIP Provide tools for your fundraisers to ask people again or ask them yourself
    • INSIGHT: The power of teams and team captains • The psychology of teams is very powerful • The study showed an individual in a team raised more than an individual • One team leader is worth multiple fundraisers • Team value is growing greater than individuals across many Blackbaud supported eventsTIP Increase your success and your revenue with a team strategy
    • Summary• Peer2Peer fundraising uses the principles of good fundraising.• Develop strategies and tactics to make your supporters great fundraisers.• Understand the real value of team captains.• Teams = greater value, satisfaction, retention, engagement
    • Case Study
    • Midnight Walk 2011 www.ladiesmidnightwalk.co.uk• Using Heroix for the first time, we directed all online traffic to the page to register and converted 40% of our registrations to online.• 50% of these registrants were completely new supporters to us.• When the registrants got their confirmation email we added the button ‘start fundraising now’ which guided them through to creating their own Heroix fundraising page.• The main difference this made was to get significant money in the bank BEFORE the event had taken place. It increased from £300 in 2010 (with no online activity) to £13,000 in 2011.• It also guided more traffic online, which is much easier to administer.
    • Hospice Heroes www.everydayhero.co.uk/event/hospicehero• Nightingale House Hospice has seen an increase from £25,000 in 2010 to over £105,000 in 2011 – an increase of 402%.• We did this by combining all of our hospice challengers into a ‘Hospice Heroes’ campaign – inviting all challengers, whether they are walkers, runners, cyclists or climbers to set up a page using the link above. Many still prefer to use Justgiving and Virgin money giving but we give them the choice.• To compliment the efforts of those who took part in the campaign we also held a Hospice Heroes award ceremony in January and invited each and every hero to come and collect a medal. Just by doing this we have seen several ‘heroes’ come back to take on another challenge on behalf of the hospice. They also told their family and friends.
    • Other benefits• Offline events gain on average a 39% gift aid rate. Using Heroix gift aid stays at 79% consistently.• Once set up, fundraising peer to peer is simple and you know that your supporters are being looked after because you have specified what emails are to be sent to them, and their donors. You can even create a thank you video that can be sent to everybody who donates to a hospice page. Please see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3fdy52WTY0 for an example of what Nightingale House Hospice sends to donors. This gives confidence that each supporter, and their own donors are all looked after and can refer to the hospice website at any time to read more details about the charity.
    • More examplesCorporate events www.everydayhero.co.uk/event/lockupthebossSporting events www.flintshire10k.co.ukCommunity Events www.everydayhero.co.uk/halloweendogwalk2012In memory giving www.mytribute.co.uk
    • Online tools for peer to peer fundraising• Consumer branded – Just Giving – Virgin Money Giving – BT Donate• Charity branded – Heroix – Artez – Engaging Networks – TeamRaiser
    • Performance BenchmarkingOverall Teams Total funds raised Funds raised by teams Average donation Team pages created Pages created Single and multi-page teams Active pages Active single and multi-page Average funds raised per teams active page Average funds raised perIndividual active team page Funds raised individual Active individual pages Average funds raised per active page
    • Where next - Summary• Purple Vision Event Healthcheck• Benchmarking UK hospices – Pilot – Rollout• Development options – Immediate benefits – Test online tools – Database integration – Fundraiser Journey – Data analysis
    • For more information please contact: steve.thomas@purple-vision.commargaret.hollings@nightingalehouse.co.uk everydayhero.co.uk