Fundraising in the cloud


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Purple Vision's Keith Collins and Mark Campbell provide fresh thinking for Fundraising in the Cloud

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Fundraising in the cloud

  1. 1. And now for the weather forecast:fresh thinking in most parts, withfundraising in the cloud!Mark Campbell, Keith Collins@kthcollins66@narkyMark_nfp
  2. 2. • Independent consultants• 300+ clients since 2003• Experts in fundraising and nonprofit CRM• ASI, Blackbaud, Convio, Salesforce• fundraising | technology | change
  3. 3. Simplifying the CloudDoes the cloud matter?How can it help fundraisers?What tools are there?Is anyone else using them?How do I select what I need?Share our experience
  4. 4. What is cloud computing?“At the foundation of cloudcomputing is the broader conceptof infrastructure convergence. Thistype of data centre environmentallows enterprises to get theirapplications up and running faster,with easier manageability and lessmaintenance, and enables IT tomore rapidly adjust IT resources(such as servers, storage, andnetworking) to meet fluctuatingand unpredictable businessdemand”
  5. 5. I’m a fundraiser - why should I care? • Fundraisers in control, not IT! • Quicker to deploy • Less up-front cost and risk • Available everywhere • Closer to your supporters • Multi-channel fundraising • True 360 degree engagement
  6. 6. What the cloud isn’t…
  7. 7. Cloud Layers Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service
  8. 8. Software as a Service CRM Email Social Social Giving
  9. 9. Cloud CRM…you’re spoilt for choice!
  10. 10. Simplifying the Cloud Do I really need my database in the Cloud?
  11. 11. Your Requirement Cloud CRMShared office space, IT services – e.g. Can Mezzanine Poor IT support and ageing servers, PCs etc Access for local and home based staff Mobile access for key partnership fundraisers Integrated email campaigns and analysis Social CRM – monitoring, engagement and analysis Web self-service 
  12. 12. Cloud CRM – what changes• Free computing power!• Windows? Mac? …who cares!• Less technology to worry about• Collaborative, quicker development• Built to integrate• Access anywhere• Mobile and social friendly• Less upfront license costs• Supplier lock-in?• Quicker deployment?
  13. 13. Cloud CRM – challenges• Higher life-time costs• Supplier lock-in?• Quicker deployment?• Data migration• Complex business processes• Which horse to back?• Connectivity!
  14. 14. Cloud Email
  15. 15. Simplifying the Cloud Do I really need my bulk email tools in the Cloud?
  16. 16. Integration is Everything!• CRM integration – campaign building• CRM integration – analysis - open rates, click- throughs, bounce-backs etc• Unsubs – lack of complexity, 3rd party controls decisions on what can be sent• Some tools work well together..• Some don’t• MS Office in the cloud…less infrastructure, added extras!
  17. 17. Social
  18. 18. Building an online community
  19. 19. Simplifying the Cloud Social CRM Listen, Analyse, Engage, Integrate Real-life technology – ThankQ, Convio Common Ground, Salesforce…
  20. 20. Simplifying the Cloud KLM Example from the commercial world…
  21. 21. Social Giving
  22. 22. GamificationSimplifying the Cloud“The use of game design techniques, game thinkingand game mechanics to enhance non-game contexts.Typically gamification applies to non-gameapplications and processes, in order to encouragepeople to adopt them, or to influence how they areused.Gamification works by making technology moreengaging, by encouraging users to engage in desiredbehaviours, by showing a path to mastery andautonomy, by helping to solve problems and not beinga distraction, and by taking advantage of humanspsychological predisposition to engage in gaming”
  23. 23. Fundraising Gamification
  24. 24. Team rivalry in action…
  25. 25. Other Cloud Fundraising Tools
  26. 26. Simplifying the CloudCRM – Cloud or On-Premise?
  27. 27. The Elders Cloud CRM v On Premise? Cloud CRM On Premise CRMEasy access for peripatetic staff  xSocial media and Social CRM  xInternational events – onsite registration  xFace to face stakeholder dialogue and capture  xIntegrated email campaigns and analysis  £Transition to cloud-based IT – file storage,  xGoogle AppsExisting use of cloud-based tools – bulk email,  xevents – but need to integrate
  28. 28. Which cloud tools do you need?• Cloud and on-premise can work• It’s early days• Base decisions on your business needs• Some tools work well together• Some don’t• Don’t confuse cost and value• Which horse do you back?
  29. 29. Fundraising technology matrix
  30. 30. Business Need System A System B System C Contact management    Relationship management    Sophisticated direct marketing X x CRM Key partnership management    Recurring gifts – SO/DD x   Events    Gift Aid X   Bulk email  Multiple Constant Vertical choices Contact ResponseIntegrated Apps Social CRM  Radian 6 Radian 6 Social Giving X   Online events  Multiple   choice Self service x  
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