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twenty years gone pp

twenty years gone pp



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    odyssey odyssey Presentation Transcript

    • Twenty Years Gone
    • Exposition
      • Setting: Odysseus arrives in Ithaca, the home he had long toiled to reached.
      • Cause of conflict: Odysseus has been told by Athena that suitors are courting his wife. So he seeks out his son and together they plot to defeat the suitors
    • Characters
      • Odysseus: A strong and courageous warrior, renowned for his cunning
          • “ If the make fun of me in my own courtyard, let your ribs cage up your springing heart, no matter what I suffer, no matter if the pull me by the heels or practice shots at me, to drive me out”
      • Telemachus: Odysseus’s son
      • Athena: Goddess who assists Odysseus and Telemachus
      • Eumaems: The loyal shepherd
      • 1. When Odysseus sets foot on Ithaca he has already been informed by Athena that suitors have arisen to take over his wife and kingdom.
      • 2. Athena transforms him into a beggar so that he may remain unnoticed on the island.
      • Then he searches out his son, Telemachus, and Athena transforms him into a younger man.
      • 3. Telemachus is amazed and at first thinks Odysseus is a God, but then he explains that he is his father
      • 4. They embrace each other and Odysseus begins to formulate a plot to eliminate the suitors.
      • 5. Telemachus tells his father that there are far to many men for just the two of them to dispatch of but Odysseus’s plan is cunning
      • 6. Odysseus tells his son to hide all of the weapons except for a few for them. And he tells him not to run to Odysseus’ aide if he is taunted or harassed.
    • Tone
      • In this passage, Homer feels Odysseus is brave and cunning.
      • He feels Telemachus is intelligent and helpful.
      • And Homer feels that Athena is also helpful and wise.
    • Literary Devices
      • Epithet: “Odysseus, master of landways and seaways…”
      • Simile: …as keen and fluttering as those of a great taloned hawk…”
      • Personification: “Here where the fire’s hot breath came…”
    • Conclusion/Theme
      • Odysseus comes up with a plan to get rid of the suitors.
      • He tells Telemachus to hide all the weapons except for a few for them.
      • And he tells him when him not to run to Odysseus’ aide if he is taunted or harassed.
    • CREDITS!!!
      • Jennifer Farrell: Editor-in-Chief/Real O.G.
      • Marly Razzano: Slide design/bagel girl
      • Sam Levine: Slide content 1,3,5&6/make-up artist
      • Tracy Releigh: Slide content 2,4&7/wardrobe
      • ITS OVER!!!