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Econ final project
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Econ final project



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  • 1. Econ Final Project
    Cindy Sakai
    Ashley Li
  • 2. Ashley
    Occupation: Art Director
    Initial Income: $55,000
    FICA: $ 3,107.50
    Post-Tax: $ 45,650
    Total: $42,542.50
    Occupation: Graphic Designer
    Initial Income: $45,000
    FICA: $2,542.50
    Post-Tax: $35,650
    Total: $33,107.50
    Income Info
  • 3. HousingVine Street Lofts
    101 Second Avenue
    City: Des Moines, Iowa
    Zip code: 50309
    Housing CostsLease terms: 1 year
    Deposit: $400
    Living Cost: $7872 annually
    Renter's Insurance Cost: $207 annually
    Size: 968 square feet
    1 story apartment
    Underground parking garage
    2 bathrooms
    2 bedrooms
    2 baths
  • 4. Ashley
    2011 Jeep Wrangler
    $ 299 per month/ $ 3588 per year
    Price of gas per gallon : $3.53
    Estimated 10 gallon usage: $35.30 per week
    Estimated gas cost per year: $1694.40 per year
    Car Insurance: $95.67 per month/ $1148.04 per year
    Total Transportation Cost: $6430.44
    2008 Toyota Camry
    Lease: $199 per month/$1999 due at signing
    Price of gas per gallon: $3.53
    Estimated gas 10 gallon usage: $35.30per week
    Estimated gas cost per year: $1694.40
    Car Insurance: $77.81 per month/$933.70 per year
    Total Transportation Cost: $7015.15
  • 5. (Calculated on Annual Basis)
    Electricity: $1800
    Water: $660
    Gas: $920
    Phone, Internet, Cable : monthly fee $81.00, one time charge: $69.00
  • 6. Ashley
    Savings Account at Wells Fargo: $3,254.25
    .10 (APY)
    Checking Account at Wells Fargo: $1,000
  • 7. Ashley
    Wellmark Blue Basics 5000 Insurance Plan$79.05 per month
    $948.60 per year
    WellmarkBlue Basics 5000 Insurance Plan$79.05 per month
    $948.60 per year
  • 8. Ashley
    Clothes: $870
    Exotic Fishkeeping: $450
    Movies: $120
    2 Pet Rats: $125
    Clothes: $1,500
    Movies: $150
    Gym Membership: $37.95 per month/$455.40 per year
    Magazine Subscriptions: $82 per year
    Extracurricular Activities
  • 9. Ashley
    Food: $5,000
    Household Furniture: $400 (split the cost)
    TV: $400 (Samsung 42" Plasma TV, split the cost)
    Household Supplies: $250
    Food: $2,500
    Household Furniture: $400 (split the cost)
    TV: $400 (Samsung 42" Plasma TV, split the cost)
    Household Supplies: $250
    Food & Other
  • 10. Taxation
    -Wages, Salaries, Tips: $55,000
    -Adjusted Gross Income: $55,000
    -Taxable Income: $45,650
    -FICA: $3,107.50
    - Iowa State Income Tax: $4,356
    -Total: $39,948.50
  • 11. Taxation (cont.)
    -Wages, Salaries, Tips: $45,000
    -Adjusted Gross Income: $45,000
    -Taxable Income: $35,650
    -FICA: $2,542.50
    - Iowa State Income Tax: $3,564
    -Total: $34,093
  • 12.   Ashley: Through this project, I have learned about money management and planning. Before, it was a topic always in the back of my mind; I imagined that the majority of people budgeting their money as they went along -- I realized how risky and impractical that would be in reality! I learned how to estimate my future utilities, housing, insurance, and other costs. In doing so, I realized how the necessary expenses such as government and utility taxes comprise of such a large portion of a person’s total expenses. I had also previously not thought of the matter of insurance. Before this assignment, even though I come across advertisements for insurance quite often, I had not realized how many different categories of insurance are truly available! It is not before these necessities are taken out of your income can you allocate money freely to things you have total control over, such as housing, food and recreation. Some aspects were completely new to me; as strange as it sounds, I never really understood the concept of leasing a car prior to this exercise. In my mind, I believed one could only either buy or rent a vehicle. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I gained real life experience from filling out a 1040ez bill, which was something I had not previously done before. After this assignment, I feel better prepared to live on my own after college.
  • 13. Cindy: In completing this project, I learned many useful skills which will help me greatly as I leave home for college and enter the real world. Perhaps the most important thing I took from this project was how to do my own taxes. I had always heard from others that filling out tax forms was quite difficult, but I was surprised at how simple it was. However, I was shocked to see how much my disposable income dropped from my starting income after subtracting federal income taxes, FICA, and state income taxes.
    I also learned from my parents how to budget money for food – something I never thought twice about before but will have to start doing when I move out of my college dorm and into an apartment. Food is something that I tend to take for granted since it is provided for me by my parents. Especially money for eating out. But when I had my own income, I had to decide how best to allocate my money and how much to spend on food per year.
    Before, I had no idea what insurance companies were talking about when they mentioned premiums and deductibles – now I do, and I also know how expensive all three types of insurance are and how important it is to make a place for them in your budget.
    Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the project, for me personally, was finding our apartment. But at the same time, my partner and I had to weigh the many pros and cons associated with cost – the number of bathrooms, parking, utilities, and location. I learned that the prettiest apartments are generally the most expensive, and the cheapest apartments are generally the ugliest. So as much as I wanted to live in the beautiful apartment building with great amenities and services, we simply could not afford it. We had to balance price with looks and amenities, and ended up finding a nice, moderately–priced apartment in downtown Des Moines.
    Lastly, I learned that fun really does come last. We could not start on our extracurricular activities until after we had finished budgeting everything else. As a teenager, I tend to focus first on fun and later on more serious matters.
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