A Piratical Legacy Chapter 35 Part 1 - Beyond the Storm


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 35 Part 1 - Beyond the Storm

  1. 1. Chapter 35 – Beyond the Storm Part 1A Piratical LegacyChapter 35: Beyond the StormPart 1Authors Note: This chapter takes place immediately following the events of Sim Spade and the Corsairs of the Lost Ship. You may wish to consultthat story as a reference. If you are new to this legacy, I suggest reading previous chapters or, at the very least, Chapter 16 and Chapter 34, bothof which are recap chapters.
  2. 2. The battered and beaten ship slid into the modest cove far more gracefully than her apparent damage suggested possible. Anchors slipped over theside and into the water, holding the vessel steady in the rushing tide. She couldnt hold position long for risk of getting beached, but nobodyexpected this to take very long.
  3. 3. A single member of the crew was lowered in the ships only boat and paddled swiftly to shore. Pulling the dinghy high on the beach, she crept upthe stairs towards the modest dwelling.
  4. 4. The back door was unlocked, and the presence of half-eaten food on the dining room table suggested the occupant was perhaps not the neatestperson in the world.
  5. 5. Ching Shih Buccaneer couldnt help but giggle in happy anticipation. Her longtime fiancé, Jim Reeves, had moved into the house after beingunceremoniously deported from Pirate Island. Where else was he to go? Hed already sold his home on Twikki Island and quit his job there,expecting to move permanently to Pirate Island.Now, nearly three years since the last time shed laid eyes on her lover, Ching Shih was quivering with happiness and excitement.At her laugh, Jims eyes fluttered open.
  6. 6. "Ching Shih!" he gasped, levering himself out of bed just in time to catch Shih when she flung herself into his arms.
  7. 7. "Im here to carry you off into the sunset," Ching Shih said breathlessly after more kisses than could be counted on both hands."You-youve got the Pearl?" Jim breathed, scarcely daring to hope."In the timber," Shih confirmed. "Come, my love. Lets away and get married, hmm?"Jims answer was not in words, but before long the two of them were pelting headlong down the beach, hand in hand.
  8. 8. As the ship caught the tide and began moving away from Twikki Island, Jim couldnt help but give his old homeland one last look. He would missthe tropical isle, but he looked forward to his future with his wife and son even more. After a moment, he turned away, content to face the futureinstead of the past.
  9. 9. Ching Shih was not alone on her pirate ship, though she was the captain. Shed "rescued", or perhaps "acquired" her ancestor Jack Buccaneers oldcrew and had offered them amnesty from the charge of mutiny in exchange for their sailing expertise. The five of them were extremely competentand found they enjoyed working for their new Captain.
  10. 10. Much of Ching Shihs time was spent in long hours lounging in the captains cabin with Jim, getting reacquainted after their long separation. Therest of her time was spent at the wheel, getting to know her new ship.
  11. 11. "Captain!" the first mate said, approaching the wheel."Mr. Whedonberry," Ching Shih nodded. "You have the wheel."
  12. 12. "Aye," the dashingly rogueish pirate winked with his good eye. "You know," he added conversationally, "we passed into international water aboutfive minutes ago.""Really?!?""Would this face lie? Anyway, I had Mr. Tegeneria check our bearings twice, and then I got Ms. Finch to check his calculation. Were in unclaimedterritory, free and clear.""Then, Mr. Whedonberry, you know what to do.""Already on it, Captain!"
  13. 13. It didnt take long to hastily erect the crude wedding arch, and almost before the crew and their single passenger had gathered to watch, Jim andChing Shih stood beneath it.
  14. 14. The vows had been a long time in coming, and on occasion both lovers had felt the day might never come.As the crew watched, they all had a sense of something wrong that had finally been righted. All was well with the universe once more.
  15. 15. "Yee-haw!" Liv Pseudo hollered at the top of her lungs as Jim andShih sealed their vows with an especially passionate kiss. "Bout time Jim blushed. "Not only that," he said roughly. "My son. I would likeyou did right by my cousin, Jim!" to meet my son."Ching Shih broke away from her new husband with a delighted Ching Shih felt a lump catch in her throat and she turned to the firstlaugh. "Thisll show those stuffy old politicians back home." mate. "Mr. Whedonberry, best speed and course for Pirate Island. My husband and I will be in my cabin, and were not to be disturbed save"Speaking of home," Jim said wistfully, looking towards the horizon. for flood, fire, or famine. Got it?""Could we perhaps hurry?" "Aye, Captain!""Eager to get back to your bedroom?" Liv teased.
  16. 16. "I hope our daughter comes home soon," Grace Buccaneer sighed. tub.""Shes been gone so long. Poor Balthier will hardly remember herwhen she gets back." "Twice," Lee said, waggling his eyebrows at her."Hes a resilient lad," Lee shrugged. "Hell cope--as long as she isnt "And I won both t--" Grace was interrupted by the sound of thegone much longer. But seeing as how hes down for a nap... might I garage door opening.interest you in a game of Monopoly?" He winked. "The boys are at school, and Gertie and Andrew wont be back from"Youre as randy as a college student," Grace giggled, taking her work for hours," Lee said. "Do you think its--"husbands hand and planting a kiss on it. He swooned dramatically inresponse. "Besides, I seem to recall we just played a game in the hot "It must be!"
  17. 17. Jim flew past Ching Shih into the house, but the generation six heiress had one more stop to make before she could say that everything had beenput right. Approaching the family cow plant, she patted its nose cautiously."Okay, Betsy," she said. "I do NOT want to be older than my husband any longer. So give me the goods!"
  18. 18. A few udderly strange squeezes later, Ching Shih was cautiously sniffing a glass full of pale, creamy liquid. She shrugged. "Bottoms up!"
  19. 19. Jim, meanwhile, had reached the top of the stairs. He was confronted by a small, blond-haired young man. For a moment, all he could do was stareand blink back tears.The little boy let out a wail. "Wan mama!"Jim crouched down and swept the lad into his arms. Balthier didnt struggle.
  20. 20. "Do not fret, little one," he said soothingly. Amazingly, Balthiers tears dried immediately and he cuddled himself against the strange man."Mama?""She is here--you will see her in a moment," Jim promised."Otay. Who you?""Oh, my sweet son," Jim said with a happy sigh. He cuddled the boy even closer. "I am your papa, and I promise that I will never leave you or yourmother alone again."Balthier sucked his thumb contentedly. He didnt know who Papa was, but hed said that Mama was home, and that was a good thing. And Papasjacket smelled like the ocean, and like Mama, and that was a good thing too.
  21. 21. Grace and Lee had rushed to get dressed when they realized their "Not half as much as my daughter missed you," Lee responded. "Dodaughter and her husband were home, and now Grace whisked right by her, son."Balthier off to change him. "I intend to, Mr. Buccaneer.""Welcome back," Lee said gruffly, sticking out a hand. "In that case, call me Lee.""It is good to be back," Jim responded happily, taking the extendedhand and pulling Lee into a familial embrace. "I have missed The family reunion was an ecstatic one that lasted long into the night.everyone so much." Before long, word had trickled out to the family and everyone stopped by to visit and welcome the prodigal family members home.
  22. 22. Life gradually settled into routine for Jim, Balthier, and Ching Shih. The handsome legacy spouse found his days filled. Mornings were spent withhis wife and son, doing family things. After lunch, Ching Shih would leave for work and Balthier would go down for his nap. This was when Jimhunted for a job in his dream career, athletics, though with little luck.When Balthier awoke, Jim would get him and they would play together. The toddler was already head-over-heels in love with his father andinsisted on having at least one of his parents in sight at all times."Do monster again, Papa! Roar!""As you wish," Jim grinned. "Here comes the... TICKLE MONSTER!""Eeeee! Again!"
  23. 23. Once playtime was over, Jim would feed his son a nutritious supper and then bundle him off to bed for the evening. Then it was time for thegrownups to have supper--this was either Lobster Thermador (if Andrew cooked) or Grilled Cheese (if Gertie cooked)."How goes the job hunt?" Grace would ask nearly every day.And every day Jims answer would be the same: "Fruitless."Until one bright, sunshiney winter day."Job hunt?" Grace asked rotely, though there was a twinkle in her eye."Success!" Jim grinned, pumping his fists in the air enthusiastically before taking a bite of his sandwich. "It is an entry-level position, but its astart."
  24. 24. "All must start somewhere," Andrew said sagely. "If Jim wished to enter the military, Andrew could perhaps pull some strings. But Jim is anathlete.""Im not looking forward to all the exercise," Jim grimaced. He was naturally on the lazy side. "Still, Ching Shih likes it."
  25. 25. "I can see why," Gertie said appreciatively from the other end of the table, and then yelped when Grace kicked her.Jim wisely decided to change the subject.
  26. 26. Shortly after dinner, Ching Shih would arrive home from work and then she and Jim would sit for their official portraits. Andrew was paintingChing Shih...
  27. 27. ... while Grace worked on one of Andrew. She occasionally bemoaned the fact that she could not sell the paintings, which were guaranteedmasterpieces. But she was only joking. Or at least half-joking.
  28. 28. As for the late evenings?Well, surely you can put two and two together and come up with four?Or, in this case... one and one together, and come up with three. That was the intent, anyway.
  29. 29. The morning of Jims first day on the job was typical for a winter day on Pirate Island. No snow, lots of sunshine, and birds in the sky.Jim woke up early and decided to start the day by stuffing his face at the refrigerator.
  30. 30. ... what?I promise this is not a gratuitous shot of a hot sim without his shirt.
  31. 31. Okay, so maybe it was.Anyway, with Jim working the family settled into yet another routine. In this one, Gertie stayed home and babysat, much like she had for her nieceand nephews when they were smaller. On his rare days off of work, Andrew insisted on helping too, though that usually meant flinging someonearound with exuberant affection.
  32. 32. Jims hours were erratic, so he tried to spend as much time with his small son as possible.Sometimes that meant he didnt get dressed until nearly time to leave for work. Due to his nature as a Romance sim, that meant he spent most of histime wandering around the house in his underwear."Papa, why you go work?" Balthier demanded as Jim danced with him around the living room."Because I want to be a famous athlete," Jim said easily."Bu why?"
  33. 33. "So that women will flock to me," Jim grinned, tossing his son in the air and catching him easily. "And then your mother will drive them all greenwith envy. She thinks it is funny.""Grownups are stwange.""That is certain fact."
  34. 34. Jim thought over Balthiers question again later that night as he held his sleeping wife cuddled against him. Why did he want to be a famousathlete? Truth be told, he had no desire to be with any woman other than his wife.Then again, Ching Shih liked a fit man. That was reason enough to strive for athletic glory... was it not?Jim pressed his lips to his wifes forehead and smiled. It was more than enough.
  35. 35. "Come along, kitten," Coxinga Buccaneer said, picking up his daughter and changing her into her pajamas despite her protests. "Bed time!""No bed!" Sterling pouted. "Wanna play!""There will be plenty of time for playing in the morning," Zing chuckled. He caught sight of his husband, Shere Khan, standing in the doorway."You go to sleep and I promise it will be morning when you wake up."Sterling considered this for a moment before flashing a brilliant smile at her daddy. "Okay. Goonight, Daddy!" She planted a childish kiss onZings lips and then turned to Shere Khan. "Night night kiss, Papa!"Obediently, Shere Khan leaned in and kissed his daughter goodnight."Iz bed tiemz," he said affectionately. "Zzz."
  36. 36. The ritual complete, Sterling went to sleep without further complaint."Kitteh is big nao," Shere Khan said sadly as he looked down at his daughters sleeping form. "We can has moar?" He caressed his husbands cheektenderly.Zing blinked and then reached up to take his husbands hand in his own. "Err...""Is will not be spensive," Shere Khan pointed out. "We has a jobs.""Its just that Im really close to topping my career--" Zing pointed out."I can has kitteh in me," Shere Khan shrugged. "Theory is not a lie."
  37. 37. Its fairly safe to say that Zing didnt require much persuasion after that.
  38. 38. Sure enough, it was morning when Sterling woke up and she spent much of the day playing in the downstairs toilet while her Daddy trieddesperately to skill for his next promotion. Thus, it was a stinky toddler indeed that Zing had to chase down and clean up in time for the party.
  39. 39. Wait, did I just say party? Yes, I did! Even though it seems like just yesterday that Zing and Shere Khans little kitten was born, it was time for herbirthday party--and the whole family was invited.This time, Zing made sure he was the one to assist with the birthday cake.
  40. 40. Sterling grew up to be absolutely adorable. You can definitely see a lot of Shere Khan in her features.... okay, I can see a lot of Shere Khan in her features. Shes actually the spitting image of her great-grandfather, Ben (Blite27, Ten Caesars Legacy,currently on hiatus). Shere Khan shares those features, though theyre obscured by his tiger skintone.
  41. 41. To the surprise of the guests, Shere Khan whisked away the cake and put it in the dishwasher before any of them got a chance to try a piece."Caek is a lie," he moaned as he dashed down the hall in the direction of the bathroom. "No caek for me means NO CAEK FOR YOU!"
  42. 42. Even after the guests left (and dont let me get started on their bad behaviour--you should be glad you were spared the sight of it), he was stillfeeling unwell."You coming to bed?" Zing asked sleepily."Is feeling barfy," Shere Khan complained. "No fair!""Youre the one who wanted another kid," Zing said unsympathetically. But then he relented. "Come to bed, babe. Ill give you a back rub andbefore you know it, youll pop and feel all better.""Hugz tiem!" Shere Khan said happily.
  43. 43. "So what are your plans for the day?" Zing asked the next morning over breakfast."First day of school!" Sterling said excitedly."Caturday is early for sick kitteh," Shere Khan shrugged. "No can haz speriments wif da fud when Is best freinds wif John."
  44. 44. "Im going to tell all the other kids where babies come from," Sterling said proudly."Maybe thats something you should let their parents tell them, like we told you," Zing said hastily."But what if theyre getting a brother or sister too and their parents told them something make believe?" Sterling demanded. "All the cool kidsknow where babies really come from.""And they dont talk about it on the playground," Zing said, casting a glance at Shere Khan that practically screamed help!.It took some doing but eventually the two dads convinced their daughter. They hoped!
  45. 45. Across the sea..."Well, that should be the last of your things," Toby said, setting Ophelias suitcase down on his bed. "Now we just have to unpack. Do you likehow I set up Laertes half of the nursery?""Its great," Ophelia said. "Exactly the same as Persephones half, only in blue.""Im so glad you agreed to move in," Toby said. "This will make things so much easier.""Easier?" Ophelia blinked. "How? Now well have to take extra care not to catch each other with another lover."
  46. 46. "Err," Toby swallowed. "About that. I--I wasnt planning on having any other lovers."Ophelia blinked. Whatever shed been expecting to hear, it wasnt that."Im not proposing marriage or anything," Toby said hurriedly. "Its just that... well... all the other women were just to pass time until you werefree.""Thats kind of sweet, in a really perverted and messed up kind of way," Ophelia said. "Not that I really do sweet, but I suppose its the thoughtthat counts and stuff. I dont have any other lovers right now either, come to think of it. Too busy with my career and Laertes."
  47. 47. "Id like to think I help take the edge off," Toby said with a raucous laugh."Well, maybe," Ophelia said coquettishly. "But Im still not promising I wont hook up with other guys sometimes.""As long as you come home when youre done," Toby said, ruthlessly slamming down any feelings of jealousy he might have. He didnt know whyhe was suddenly pushing for monogamy, but he didnt want to push too hard and scare Ophelia off entirely.Ophelia blinked. "Then again, maybe I wont find anyone else. If youre around when I need a good hoo."Toby growled. "How bout now?"Ophelia looked from her lover to their son. "Why dont you introduce Laertes to Persephone while I slip into something a little more...comfortable."
  48. 48. But as Toby slipped out of the room, wriggling toddler in his arms, Stalker Lyndsay and her husband Don marched in to greet the new householdmember."Eurgh! Youre still creepy!" Ophelia said in exasperation. "Its called clothes, Lyndsay!""I like to explore unrestrained reality," Lyndsay said airily, while Don shot Ophelia an apologetic look."Heres a tip: DONT!"Lyndsay just shrugged, attempted to give Ophelia a hug, and ambled out of the room, husband at her heels.Ophelia shut and locked the bedroom door and only opened it again when Toby came back.
  49. 49. "Who are you?" Persephone asked the blond lad her father had deposited onthe floor next to her. "Are you my brother?" she added in an accusatory "Whos Mommy?" Persephone blinked. This was a new title to her.voice. "Mommy is the most beautiful person in the world," Laertes said adoringly."Im Laertes," the boy said. "Whore you?" "And her hair is yellow like mine!""Persepone," the blue-skinned toddler said imperiously. "I think youre my "Thats not Mommy," Persephone said scornfully. "Thats just Opelia."brother. But Im older and that means Im the boss." "Nu-uh!""Daddys the boss," Laertes argued. "Uh huh!""He was my daddy first and so Im the boss when hes not here," Persephoneinformed her half-brother. "No way!""No, when Daddys not here then Mommys the boss," Laertes said. "Yes way! Cmon, lets go play."
  50. 50. The two children toddled into the nursery. live here too?""How come you dont have a Mommy?" Laertes asked as he stalked "I guess," Persephone shrugged, chewing on her crayon. She fixedhis blocks. Laertes with a penetrating stare. "Do you eat the green ones?""Cause Im special," Persephone replied. "Daddy says that its just Laertes blinked. "No!" he said quickly. "Only the purple ones!"me and him, but now theres you and Opelia, so he LIED." "Good. I like the green ones best, so if you like the purple ones then I"Daddy doesnt lie," Laertes said stubbornly. "Maybe he just meant dont have to share. Sharing is for sissies, and sissies get lectercuted."that it was you and him living here, but now Mommy and I have to
  51. 51. Several hours later, Toby and Ophelia emerged to dress their children in their best clothing, though the two of them looked slightly disheveled."Mommy, why are you wearing work clothes?" Laertes asked. "Do you have to go work now?""No," Ophelia said. She blushed. "Daddy just accidentally ripped my other outfit and everything else is still packed."Persephone was having a similar squirm-worthy conversation with her father."Why does Opelia do honk-honk noises whenever your door is locked?"
  52. 52. By unspoken agreement, both Toby and Ophelia finished what they were doing rather quickly and rushed into the games room.Tobys father, Gavin, had done well. Both cakes had candles lit and ready for the birthday babies.Of course, you will notice something missing. Namely, me. If youve read my previous chapter, youll know that Jack accidentally let slip the truthof Persephones parentage while we were discussing the family history. Its a bit embarrassing that I hadnt figured it out on my own, given the blueskin and all, but deities dont always pay close attention to such things. Anyway, much as I desired to meet my granddaughter, I deemed it couldwait until a less momentous occasion."Blow out the candles!" Gavin encouraged.Persephone and Laertes didnt have to be told twice.
  53. 53. Consensus is: ADORABLE.
  54. 54. Precocious, too.When bedtime rolled around, Persephone ran into Lyndsay on her way to the washroom."How come you always use Daddys washroom?" she demanded. "And how come you always wear your underwear stead of clothes? Thatscreepy, lady."Lyndsay blinked, realized Persephone was still staring at her, and fled the room.
  55. 55. The next morning, I decided it was finally time to pay a visit to the Biggs-Smith household."Toby," I said neutrally by way of greeting."Wondered when you were going to stop by," he said casually. "You want to see her?"
  56. 56. "You dont have a problem with it?" I blinked. off. "Freaky-deaky?""Nope," Toby said. "I know Athena said she wants nothing to do "My moms the Grim Reaper and my dads part alien," Tobywith our daughter, but thats her loss. I dont see why you cant have shrugged. "Then theres your side of the family. I dont know whatone. Id like it if my child could know both sets of her grandparents. the blue skin means, but I dont know anyone else who has it."Both sides are pretty freaky-deaky, so some sense of normality in theface of oddness is probably a good thing." "Were deities," I said.I hadnt been expecting him to acquiesce so easily--it threw me a bit "Gnarly. Persephones upstairs, if you want to see her."
  57. 57. It didnt take me very long to find my granddaughter."Hi!" I said brightly. "Im your grandma!""Oh," the demonic pixie-child said, blinking at me. "How come youre not old? Grandpa Biggs is old, but Anna isnt.""She gets you to call her Anna?""Anna says that Grandma makes her feel old, and she doesnt ever want to feel old because shes never going to grow up, just like Peter Pan. Shemakes people dead for fun. Its so cool.""I can do some pretty cool stuff too," I said.
  58. 58. The look she gave me was singularly unimpressed. I chuckled. "You cant electrocute me, Persephone. Im a goddess,"Like what?" and Im much more powerful than you are.""Well, I can make people get old--" She stared up at me. "For now.""They do that anyway, if you give them long enough." I blinked at her and moved the conversation to safer topics, eventually convincing the girl that I was, in fact, her grandmother."Hush, child. Its rude to interrupt." After promising that I would phone later, and refusing to make a pony appear out of thin air, I left. I had one more errand to run before"Everyone lets me interrupt, cause I lectrocute them if they dont." leaving Paris for Pirate Island.
  59. 59. Laertes didnt seem to think very highly of his sisters revelation that she was a goddess."So?" he shrugged. "You still eat green crayons.""Greens bettern purple, puny mortal."
  60. 60. I often say that life settles into routines for my sims, but its true. Toby and Ophelia adjusted surprisingly well to the joint parenting of their twochildren. They were also surprisingly good parents, and both kids did well in school and in their budding social lives.
  61. 61. A few months after Ophelia and Laertes moved in, tragedy struck the household for the first time. Sadly, nobody even noticed that Lyndsay haddied, underwear and all.
  62. 62. It was only when they found her urn upstairs in the bathroom that they realized what had happened.It sounds awful to say it, but Toby and Ophelia were secretly relieved.
  63. 63. Don, though, had really loved his wife and it didnt take long for sadness and depression to hit him.
  64. 64. The very next day, Gavins twin brother Tycho was also taken by the Grim Reaper.All in all, it was a rough week for the family. It was also a rough week for me--Tycho is the first sim of generation five to die.
  65. 65. That night, Toby found himself lying awake long after Ophelia had fallen asleep. He missed his Uncle Tycho a lot--theyd always been close. Butwhat haunted him even more was the look of loss in Dons eyes. Toby couldnt bear the thought of losing Ophelia like that some day.He sighed and tried to sleep, but rest eluded him. He pulled his lover close, and clung to her all through the night.
  66. 66. Mortality was the furthest thing from the collective mind of this group of young people. Just down the street from Tobys Parisian townhouse liesAcadémie Le Tour, the institute of higher learning traditionally attended by all the young adults of Pirate Island.This class is the second-last class of generation six, and is made up of (L-R): Caryl Curious, Rakshasi Thayer, Borusa Buccaneer, TommyOttomas, Spandrell Buccaneer, and Hades Deity.
  67. 67. Rakshasi, like all good Knowledge sims, dove into her studies right from the start. She was determined to break the academic records set by herbrother, Shere Khan, and his sister-in-law, Ching Shih.
  68. 68. Other students, like Borusa, had other things on their mind. Borusa has only ever had one topic of thought in his life: girls. He likes girls a lot. Hewants to pursue an athletic career, but mostly so he can get lots of girls. And that meant he didnt have any time to waste on trivial things such asstudying and homework. Thats what Influence is for.
  69. 69. If there was one thing Borusa was good at, it was convincing others that they ought to take a break from their studies, too."I told you, Borusa," Rakshasi said teasingly. "Ive only got a few minutes. I should really get back to my term paper--""Aww, dont be a spoilsport, Shasi," Borusa said charmingly. "Weve been good friends for so long, it would be wrong not to take some picturestogether.""Just pictures, right?"Borusa pouted. "How about a kiss or two? Ive always thought you were the cutest girl on Pirate Island."
  70. 70. Rakshasi snorted, but she followed Borusa into the photo booth anyway. "Thats what you said to Tina back in high school.""What?" Borusa asked. "Who told you that?""Tina!"He grinned. "Okay, so I like girls. You know this already. So what do you say about that kiss?"Rakshasi shrugged. "Im always up for trying new things. Its part of being a knowledge sim."
  71. 71. A short time later, the two of them were still arguing (or perhapsflirting) as they made their way back into the common room. "No commitment," Borusa agreed. "Just a bit of fun between two consenting adults.""Just so were clear," Rakshasi said quickly. "Just because we, ah..." "Exactly.""Made sweet, sweet hoo?" "Never going to happen again.""Right," Rakshasi blushed beneath her fur. "That doesnt mean weretogether. At all." Rakshasi stared at him. "Hey, I didnt say that."
  72. 72. "Mmmph!" Borusa replied."You know, for people who arent dating, they sure kiss a lot," Tommy Ottomas observed to Caryl.
  73. 73. "Hey, I hear you and my brother are back together," Borusa said to Hades Deity a little while later, doing a manly chest-pound to prove hismasculinity."Hmm?" Hades blinked, staring appreciatively at Borusas lack of nose. He liked noses, but they werent essential."Dude, just because Spandrell and I are twins doesnt mean we play that way.""Right," Hades said. "Ill keep that in mind."
  74. 74. Gratuitous shot of Borusa being cute. He is cute! Cute, I say!
  75. 75. "So, you and Hades are a pretty established couple, right?" Tommy asked Spandrell over a bowl of macaroni in the cafeteria."I guess so," Spandrell shrugged, looking around and exchanging a grin with his boyfriend."Thats cool," Tommy said, though there was a note of disappointment in his voice which he didnt try to hide. "I just thought Id ask. You know,just in case. Both of you are pretty cute. I wouldnt mind getting a piece.""Er, thanks," Spandrell blushed. "Maybe we should just be friends, though. Probably less complicated that way. You know, living in the samedorm and all."
  76. 76. While Spandrell tried to deal with getting hit on by amorous Romance sims, another amorous Romance sim dealt with getting into the familyGreek house. Placeholder Erroneus had graduated and moved back to Pirate Island after moving in another placeholder, Venkat Ternyk. Borusamade friends with him fairly quickly and had no problem joining."Do you have a lot of toga parties?" he asked eagerly."I guess," Venkat shrugged. "Havent really done much since Erroneus graduated.""When you have these toga parties, do you invite over lots of girls?"Venkats face lit up. "Ooh yeah, you should see some of the honeys who want to pledge. Its a Romance sims dream come true."
  77. 77. Venkat left, and Borusa and Rakshasi both approached the pool table."Up for a game?" Borusa asked, winking."Only if its billiards youre referring to," Shasi said coolly."What, is my brothers famous mojo striking out?" Spandrell grinned, finger-gunning the pair as he walked by on his way to the arcade."No!" "Yes!" Borusa and Rakshasi spoke in unison.
  78. 78. "Whatd I do?" Borusa asked, grinning winsomely at Rakshasi as she lined up a shot."Nothing," the tiger-girl shrugged. "I just dont feel like getting involved with anyone right now.""Im not proposing or anything."
  79. 79. "Exactly," Rakshasi said, breaking. She stood back and watched as three of the striped balls sunk into various pockets. She lined up her next shot."I dont think Im up for the casual kiss, cuddle, and hoo type of relationship."
  80. 80. Borusa shrugged. "Friends, then?""With NO benefits," Rakshasi clarified. "Not that it wasnt fun, mind. Its just that ... well ... I dont see a future with you, Borusa. And I wouldntmind getting into a long-term relationship. You know, the monogamous kind. Id never ask that kind of commitment of you."Borusa blinked. "Err... thanks? I think?""Youre welcome," Rakshasi chuckled. She frowned as her shot missed. "Cmon, Buccaneer. Just cause Im not sleeping with you doesnt mean Icant kick your ass at pool. Its your shot."
  81. 81. "Rumor has it Rakshasi totally shot you down," Arianna Curtin smirked at Borusa in the hall the next day."And?" Borus shrugged. "No sense in denying it. But we were hardly a couple. Whats it to you?"
  82. 82. "Just that Ive been dying to ask you out since you got here," Arianna purred. "What do you say, Buccaneer? Do we have a date?"Borusa blinked. This whole Romance thing was a lot easier now that he was in college than it had ever been back on Pirate Island."Tell you what," he said smoothly after glancing at his watch. "Ive got class in ten minutes, but what say we go for coffee sometime soon.""Ill hold you to that!"
  83. 83. While Borusa pursued various females, including Arianna, through the coffee shops and computer labs of campus, Spandrell finally got around topledging Arravast House."I would have thought youd be the first to join," Venkat said once the application procedure had been completed. "Being Popularity and all.""Too busy making friends," Spandrell shrugged. "Speaking of which... Best Friends?""Maybe after you move in," Venkat shrugged. "Now, theres just one last bit of formality to get out of the way..."
  84. 84. "Go new Arravast Member! Yeah! Spandrell! You rule!""Was that strictly necessary?""Its in the Greek House constitution, man."
  85. 85. "Its nice seeing a man who knows how to clean," Caryl smirked."Yeah, dont pretend like youre not checking me out," Borusa grinned, wiggling his posterior."Eww!" Caryl shuddered. "Thats wrong on so many levels, Borusa. Lest you forget, youre technically my uncle."
  86. 86. "Yeah, but youre adopted," Borusa said. "So the fact that one of your Caryl shrugged and tossed the cup in Borusas general direction. Hemoms is a half-alien like myself doesnt even come into it." caught it effortlessly, put it in the dishwasher, and then snagged a cup of hot chocolate."It should," Caryl said disgustedly. "We totally show up as Family inour relationship panels." "All joking aside," he added, sitting down where Caryl had been sitting, "how come youre not dating anyone yet, Caryl?""Pity." "My high school boyfriend is still in high school," Caryl shrugged."Youre such a skank, Borusa." "James Ottomas, remember? I wouldnt mind seeing if hes interested in getting back together when he comes to university after next year.""Am not," Borusa shrugged. "Hey, toss me your cup if youre donewith it. Ill put it in the dishwasher." "I see."
  87. 87. Borusa sipped his hot chocolate thoughtfully while Caryl reached over to grab her homework off of the table. She didnt get very far, though,because just then one of the dorms many ghosts decided to spook her."Aw, man," Borusa complained as Caryl attempted to walk away with her bladder--and dignity--intact. "Now my hot chocolates gone all cold."
  88. 88. The end of first year drew nigh and some of the students decided to deal with the stress of examinations by pulling a few pranks.My son sets such a good example for his fellow students."Burny doom!"
  89. 89. And then he complains the loudest when he gets wet."Soggy doom!"Sometimes I dont think hes all there.
  90. 90. Borusa and Spandrell moved in to Arravast House at the start of their second year of university. With Venkat, who had since had a makeover, therewere three residents of the Greek House.
  91. 91. The very first thing Spandrell did when they moved in was make friends with the house mascot, Fuzzbutt the Womrat. Fuzzbutt is a foundingmember of Arravast House. In all the years theyve had a womrat cage, hes never died--a record I intend to keep until the end of the legacy, ifpossible!
  92. 92. As for Borusa? He invited over a girl.
  93. 93. Her name is Lainey Kosmokos, and she really liked Borusa.This first date ended short of Woohoo, though not for lack of trying on Borusas part. At least he got a Make Out and a few gropes out of it.
  94. 94. It wasnt long until it seemed Borusa and Spandrell had always lived at Arravast. Generally, Spandrell could be found chatting on the computer oron his cell phone, while Borusa and Venkat rotated between the hot tub, their bedrooms, or the couches with one of their dates.
  95. 95. Occasionally, Borusa would stake out the front sidewalk to try to meet other female students. His ready wit and inventory full of charm meant thathe was often successful.Camryn Corsillo, at least, seemed to appreciate the rose Borusa produced from nowhere.
  96. 96. Lets just say she really, really appreciated it.
  97. 97. Care of the household pets thus fell upon Spandrell, since his housemates were too busy wooing women.Fish were one species he wasnt so good at caring for, but he never let on to Venkat. Venkat was fond of the creatures and would have beenhorrified to know that the betta was actually Mr. Fishyface the Fifth.
  98. 98. The toga parties were frequent occurrences as well. Both Venkat and Borusa utilized them as a means to meet new women, and Spandrell certainlydidnt complain about the opportunity to make new friends.Venkat was a bit too conservative to attempt dating one of his professors, though--he left that strictly to Borusa.
  99. 99. Borusa retorted that he was dating Venkats professor rather than his own, so it was okay.Prof. Chloe Taylor certainly didnt have any influence over Borusas grades. Perhaps thats how she justified the relationship in her own mind. Thenagain, maybe she knew that one encounter didnt exactly constitute a relationship, and it was unlikely Borusa would ever call her again.
  100. 100. One wonders how discreet Prof. Chloe was attempting to be, considering she and Borusa ended up with quite the audience. At least the cheerleaderwasnt among them.
  101. 101. It didnt take Borusa very long to move on from Prof. Chloe. Demi Ngai was a foreign exchange student.
  102. 102. Borusa was happy to give her a few French lessons.
  103. 103. "So, when do you think our next party should be?" Venkat asked slapping and the drama," Spandrell pointed out. "I would be boredSpandrell one afternoon. out of my skull. Maybe you would have fun, though.""Oh, I dunno," Spandrell shrugged. "Its getting pretty close to exam "Its only fun when I can defuse the fight by convincing one of themtime. I dont know if anybody would come out." shed be better off with me.""I bet Borusa could convince people," Venkat said. "Yeah... good luck with that.""Yeah, but theyd all be his ex-girlfriends, with the kissing and the "Party was a stupid idea anyway. Kicky-bag?"
  104. 104. "Kicky-bag."
  105. 105. Partying might have been a stupid idea, but Venkat and Borusa were up for the plan of double-dating--Borusa with Venkats ex-girlfriend, ElleShibata, and Venkat with Borusas ex-girlfriend, Demi Ngai.Things got a little awkward when Elle slapped the spit out of Venkat, so Ill spare you the details.
  106. 106. Borusa suggested that he and Elle move their date indoors to give Venkat and Demi a little privacy, and between his Smooth Talking and Ellesattempt to make Venkat jealous, it was perhaps inevitable that they would end up in the bedroom.
  107. 107. Venkat and Borusa werent content with just romancing dormies, either. No playable college student was safe from their ardour, least of all DelilahOFeefe.
  108. 108. Though this may perhaps take double-dating a little too far.Venkat stepped out to use the washroom, and Borusa stepped right in to pick up the slack.On free will. I was amused by this.
  109. 109. "You guys, thats just sick and wrong," Spandrell complained, watching both boys vie for the attentions of fair Delilah."Why?" Borusa asked."Sloppy seconds are gross," Spandrell shuddered."Um, Im in the room," Delilah pointed out. "I would say your chances of getting anywhere near enough action to qualify one of you for sloppyseconds is precisely nil."
  110. 110. Borusas heart was easily soothed, though.
  111. 111. Very easily soothed.
  112. 112. "Do you think maybe we should start spacing out our dates a little more?" Venkat asked as second year drew to a close. "I mean, weve had threegirls leave early in a row now. Maybe we need a new strategy.""A new strategy might be a good idea," Borusa agreed. "How about we dont ask out the same girl in the same week? I think they figure out wereworking off of the same list that way.""Yeah, how about we take the list and start at opposite ends?"
  113. 113. "That works for me," Borusa said."I just have this feeling that if they knew there was a list, theyd get homicidal," Venkat mused."Well theres a simple answer to that," Borusa snorted. "Dont tell them theres a list!""Were kind of pigs, arent we.""Were just guys with needs, and we know women who dont mind accommodating them."
  114. 114. I told her I was coming to visit, and what does she do? She blows me off. So I drop by anyway. And I find out the real reason she blew me off."Quality" time with her husband. I dont begrudge any person a date with their spouse, but when your mother wants to visit and your mother is anall-knowing, all-powerful deity, you dont blow her off. Not even for your husband.A short while later, Athena strode out of her bedroom.Snap.Time froze. Well, for everyone except the two of us.
  115. 115. "What are you doing here?" Athena demanded shrilly once she realized what had happened."I told you I needed to speak to you.""And I told you that I have nothing to say to you!"
  116. 116. "Im your mother, Athena. You cant avoid me forever. Especially not when I have the power of the universe at my fingertips.""Okay, fine," Athena grumbled. "So what do you want? Whats this about?""Why so hostile?" I said coolly. "Something to hide, daughter dearest? Something big? Something small? Something the size of a child?"
  117. 117. "What business is it of yours?" head would still be spinning. I erased his memory of it. And his parents, too.""Its absolutely none of my business if youre going to sleep around,though its hardly fair to Mitch. It is my business that you dont trust "I really wish you hadnt said that," I sighed. "I was willing to forgiveme enough to tell me the truth." you for not telling me about Persephone. It is your body, and your life. But using your deific power to mess with your husbands mind?"Theres nothing to tell," Athena said angrily. "I got pregnant. I And your in-laws? That goes against everything Ive ever taughtcouldnt keep the baby, because of Mitch. I gave her over to Toby. you."End of story." "Well," she smirked, "every pantheon needs one evil deity, right?""Does Mitch know?" I shook my head. "Not this one.""Do you think Im stupid? He would have dropped me so fast my
  118. 118. I stood up and strode into the middle of the room. Athena stood stock still, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open.I blinked back tears and squared my shoulders. Crooked my pinky finger.
  119. 119. The magical energy coursed over Athenas body as we slid back into real time.She collapsed to the floor, whimpering.
  120. 120. Im so sorry, daughter. But you gave me no choice.
  121. 121. You are my daughter no longer.Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon!