A Piratical Legacy Chapter 25 Part 1 - Teenagers


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 25 Part 1 - Teenagers

  1. 1. Chapter 25.1 – TeenagersHello dear readers and welcome back to A Piratical Legacy, which follows the trials and tribulations of the Buccaneer family as they attempt torule Pirate Island for 10 generations. Of course, rule is a relative term. Id more call their leadership "flailing about aimlessly while not screwingthings up too badly."If you havent read the previous chapters, this one isnt going to make a whole lot of sense to you so I suggest backtracking and reading all 28ishuploads previous to this one first. Finished? Great! Now dive right in!
  2. 2. "Ready for another day of squeezing the poor, my darling husband?" Grace asked Lee in a seductive voice."Its at the top of my to-do list," Lee purred in agreement. "Ready to get that fourth business up to level ten, my sweet?""It shouldnt be a problem at all," Grace giggled. "I love you, Lee.""I love you too, babe."Grace Buccaneer, fifth generation heiress of the Buccaneer family, often greeted her husband this way when they woke up in the morning. Theywere a terribly romantic couple - in their opinion, at least.
  3. 3. And a morning of sappy greetings and discussions about how best toextort their fellow citizens of Pirate Island inevitably led to Grace "There would be if she would actually accept cubic zirconium indoing a better job than usual selling wedding supplies at the fourth of place of diamonds," Rhys muttered under his breath. "How was Iher eventual five businesses. supposed to know it was fake?""Mr. Fitzhugh, is it? Do you see marriage in your future?" "Pardon?""Well... I havent really given it that much thought," Rhys said with a "Oh, nevermind," Rhys said. "Yeah, Ill take one of the cakes. I thinkshrug. "The women I love tend to die a lot. Getting married just Im having a pity party tonight and I could use the comfort food."seems cruel." "Nadine will be happy to box it up for you," Grace said with a smile"But surely theres someone special in your life right now?" Grace as she moved on to the next vict-- customer.persisted.
  4. 4. "I dont believe weve met," Grace said, catching sight of the next to the cash register. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"perplexed customer. "Grace Buccaneer." "Abdicate in favor of the Toyonaga family," Octavia said under her"Octavia Toyonaga," the slender woman in the blue dress said, breath as she counted out the price of the bottle.offering her fingertips. "Charmed, Im sure." "What was that?""Can I help you with anything?" Grace asked. "I do recommend thatparticular wine, I might add. Its an excellent vintage." "I said, You must miss your family," Octavia said. "Working such long hours, I mean.""What?" Octavia said, looking up. It took her a moment to realizeGrace was talking to her. "Oh! Yes! Well, Ill take one." "How nice of you to take an interest," Grace said with a fake smile. "My family and I are fine, however. Do stop by again!"That was easy, Grace thought to herself as she led the Roman woman
  5. 5. That evening Grace finally received the final star she needed for her wedding business to reach level ten thanks to Samantha Ottomas."Bit late to be looking for wedding dresses," Grace commented, nodding her head at Samanthas prominent baby bump."What? Oh!" Samantha blushed. "This is my husbands baby. But hes a notorious playboy and romancer and Im probably going to have to leavehim one of these days. The dress is for my second wedding.""Good for you," Grace said awkwardly. She patted Samantha on the back. "Nice to see a woman who thinks ahead. But youre still really weird.""I know!" Samantha said gleefully."Dont feed the idiots," Brandi Letourneau complained as she walked past. Grace decided shed better heed that advice, closed up shop for theevening, and headed home.
  6. 6. When she got there, her son Coxinga (Zing) had company over. Toshiko Buccaneer, daughter of Graces favorite cousin Morgan, was playingvideo games while she waited for Zing to finish his homework."Lets play Splinter Cell!" Toshiko said enthusiastically. "I found out theres this downloadable level where you can get an acoustic grenadelauncher, Auntie Grace. Ive always wanted to try it out but I dont have Splinter Cell at home.""Sounds like fun!" Grace grinned. "I hardly ever get to play since Zing, Andrew, and Lee hog the machine so much.""Typical men," Toshiko snorted disgustedly. "I think its because they know the women in their lives are better at shooter and strategy games thanthey are.""I think youre right," Grace agreed.
  7. 7. "I heard that!" Zing called from the corner. Hed finished his realist, Toshi?"homework and was busy fixing the computer. "Mom, the networksdown again!" "R-e-a-l-i-s-t," Toshi said mechanically. "Why do you ask?""Kick the router," Grace advised. "That usually works." "Im writing an essay on why Professor Butters should let us lick frosty gateposts," Shih said. "Itll help us understand better why we"Only for a few minutes at a time," Ching Shih, Graces younger shouldnt do it, and as long as she has warm water nearby so we dontchild, said disgustedly. "And then it thinks its connected but it really have to rip our tongues off to get unstuck its perfectly safe."isnt, and everything times out, and if youre trying to uploadsomething it screws up." "I wonder if I could incorporate that into an anti-terrorist weapon," Toshiko mused. "Hmmm...""You sound a little bitter," Toshiko observed. "Probably not.""Not bitter," Shih insisted. "Im a realist, thats all. How do you spell
  8. 8. "Between you and Shih, this family is definitely weird," Zing said financial statements, and that to me says that things must be prettyonce hed finished fixing the computer. dire. Im going to be starting my own business soon to see if I can get the family out of the hole for good.""Youre the one who likes to pretend hes a dishonest vendor ofpreviously owned vehicles," Toshiko pointed out. "Youre such an optimist," Toshi laughed. "Red Hands?""Thats not weird, thats practicing my sales techniques," Zing "Why not?" Zing shrugged. "And yeah, I think Im probably the bestinsisted. "You cant tell anyone, Toshi, but Im pretty sure my parents thing thats ever happened to this family. Ill make sure theyre richare broke. Moms spent a lot of money on her businesses, and Dad before I leave it in Shihs hands. She can be the heir."entertains clients pretty much every day and I think he only chargessome of it to his corporate account. They wont let me see their "Youre too kind," Toshi laughed.
  9. 9. After Toshiko went home, Zing headed out into the garden to use thewishing well. Hed been watching for a while and nobody else had "Errr... wishing for my first kiss," Zing called back.used it so he felt pretty safe in wishing for money. "Great!" Roche said approvingly. "Go get em, boy! Now, what was I"Every little bit can help the family," he said to himself as the doing again?"sparkling bag of simoleons landed at his feet. "Ill just slip this intomoms petty cash drawer and maybe save the wedding business from "Spraying for aphids," Zing said as he shoved the money into hisgoing under entirely." pockets and strode nonchalantly to the car that was waiting to take him to his part-time job."Whatre you doing over there?" Roche called from the other side ofthe yard where he was working in the garden. "Oh yeah..."
  10. 10. "Mind if we stop for a second on the way?" he asked the driver as he got in.The driver looked at her watch. "Sure, no problemo kid," she said agreeably. "Were a bit early.""Great!"
  11. 11. "Aphids... aphids..." Roche said to himself as he inspected his cucumber plants. "Stupid aphids. Wrecking my plants." He pulled out a container ofpesticides and started spraying.And spraying.And spraying!Even when he stopped, the pesticides were still swirling around him ominously. He coughed. "Err... maybe I used a little too much?"
  12. 12. When the cloud settled, Roche looked down at himself in dismay. "Im green! That will never do."He raced inside and called the gypsy matchmaker, who promised to drop off a bottle of antidote immediately."Better make that ten bottles," Roche said. "You never know... it could happen again!"
  13. 13. Within a few moments, the old voodoo lady had stopped by and delivered the potion. "Itll keep for years if you dont use it all," she said. "Youdont shortchange me like your ancestors used to, so I give you the good stuff.""Thanks," Roche said, eyeing the bright yellow solution cautiously. "And youre sure this stuff will work?""There is money-back guarantee if you haff problems," the lady assured him. "I be goingk now. Good luck, Mister Buccaneer."
  14. 14. Fortunately, the stuff worked like a charm, though Roches clothes didnt change back."Not exactly the height of fashion," he said, looking down at himself. "Still, I guess its better than being naked!" He made a mental note to get tothe store later that day.
  15. 15. "Grandpa, you turned green!" Ching Shih said excitedly when Roche tucked her in later that evening."Indeed I did, Shih," Roche said solemnly. "Too many pesticides.""Im gonna be green one day," Shih said sleepily. "Gnight, Grandpa.""Sleep tight, darling," Roche said with a smile as he smoothed the covers over his somnolent garnddaughter. "And I dont doubt you will be greenone day if you want to be. You can do anything you set your mind to doing."
  16. 16. A few doors down, another of Pirate Islands sixth generation of residents was practicing his piano skills. And singing loudly while he did so."Oh Ceiling Cat! Oh Ceiling Cat! I can has cheezburger? Kthxbai!"
  17. 17. "Gah! Shere Khan, its six in the morning!" Pierce Buccaneer and his wife Rani, uncle and aunt to the young lad, protested."I r fail?" Shere Khan asked sadly. "Teh lose?""Maybe practice without singing for a while," Pierce said. "And after Angoras party tonight Ill give you a hand with some of your tougherchords.""Gee, thanks Uncle Pierce!" Shere Khan said happily. "Between you and Toshi, Ill be the best musical cat in the world!""Just as long as you dont mix music with explosives," Pierce said, shuddering.
  18. 18. Angora, Shere Khans less musically-inclined cousin, preferred other "What curtains?"pursuits to that of making music. Specifically, she preferred cheating atchess while playing against her grandfather Benjamins fellow Steel Chefs. "The plaid ones.""I dont know how you keep winning," Skylar complained. "Your moves "Huh?" Skylar scratched his head as he stared at the empty wall. "Im justcome out of nowhere!" not seeing it.""Im naturally talented," Angora said modestly. "By the way, the space ship "Its gone now," Angora said.is still over there. You dont want to look away yet." "Oh." Skylar returned his attention to the chess board and threw up his hand"Are you sure?" the chef asked, craning his head. "I dont even see a with disgust. "Might as well end this one now," he said. "Youll have me inwindow on that wall." checkmate in four more moves. Youre just too good for me, Angora.""Its behind the curtains." "I practice a lot."
  19. 19. "Grandpas friends are dumb," Angora announced to Shere Khan once Skylar had left."Epic fail," Shere Khan said with disgust. Hed watched the entire exchange."I think its the bubbles," Angora added. "Remind me never to touch a bubble blower even when Im a teenager and want to, okay Khan? Im gonnastick to juice.""Juice FTW," Shere Khan said, and the cousins shook on it. "Your birthday is tomorrow night, right?""Yep!"
  20. 20. The next day Shere Khans parents helped get ready for their niecesbirthday party by scattering feathers all over the yard. As there were "You guys are Phail," Shere Khan said scornfully. "Youre making aseveral felines in the family, they felt it would be weird if there mess. Anyway, didnt you hear me? I got an A plus!"wasnt any evidence of dead birds to be found. At least, that was theexplanation they gave to Pierce when he questioned them on it. "Thats great!" Moll said, putting her pillow down and catching her breath. She gave Khan a hug. "Congratulations, dear!""Mom! Dad! I got an A plus!" Shere Khan announced as he ran offthe school bus. "Uhh... what are you doing?" "Thats better," Khan said. "Uhh... cleaning - youre doing it wrong. Angies party starts in less than an hour.""Bird massacre," Rajah explained. "Fine, fine," Rajah grumbled, but he stooped to clean up the mess"Very tragic," Moll added. anyway. "Im proud of you, son."
  21. 21. That night was the night of the biggest party Pirate Island had seen in quite some time. It seemed like every single one of Angoras relatives was onhand to watch her grow up into a teen, though Toshi was the only one under the age of twenty-five who could make it.
  22. 22. "So when can I start dating?" Angora asked cheerfully once shed popped up into teenagerhood. Her parents shared a concerned glance."Pleasure?""Just like Grandpa Benjamin," Angora grinned. "So... dates? Soon?""At least shes not Romance," Pierce said."Hey! I heard that!" De*, Angoras paternal grandmother, called out.====* simself of Fireflower314
  23. 23. "Youll do fine, my dear," De added once Angora had changed and fixed her hair. "You do the family proud!"
  24. 24. "So, do you think Ill give my parents a heart attack if I tell them I great grandfather... did it. Just buy the cheapest ones you can get offwant fifty first dates?" Angora asked her grandfather, Bart of the matchmaker."Buccaneer, after shed eaten her slice of cake. "But thats no fun," Angora insisted. "Half the time you get flaming"Dont advertise that to your elderly male relatives," Bart advised, bags of dog poo on your doorstep if you do it that way. I want tolooking pained. have good dates!""I dont mind at all!" Benjamin called from the kitchen table. "Not until youre thirty," Bart insisted. "Or away at college.""Err... there are exceptions to that, of course," Bart amended. "I "Aw, man..."suggest you do it the way my great-grandfather... your great-great-
  25. 25. "So what do you think of your niece and her aspiration choices?" De theyre eighteen or nineteen."asked Rose, Pierces younger sister and her youngest daughter. "And their families think theyre a handful now..." Andrew Thayer"I think Pierce and Rani are going to have their hands full!" Rose chuckled. "I have a feeling this generation of college kids is going togiggled. "Im soooo glad I dont have any kids yet." be a crazy one.""Im not," De snorted. "I want more grandbabies, Rose. Soon?" "How is your family doing over in Paris?" De asked solicitously. "Youre from that branch of the family tree, right?""College placeholder here," Rose shrugged. "Im not done til Zing orShih pledges the Greek house." "Great, and yes," Andrew nodded. "Im just in town visiting my parents and Pierce suggested I stop by for the party. I havent been"Well, it wont be that long now," De said. "Their teen years are home in ages!"whizzing by and I think theyre going to head to university when
  26. 26. The next day, Shere Khan was again the proud recipient of a top-level report card, which he eagerly shared with his father. "You really remind me of my grandparents, Eddie and Tosha," Rajah said. "My guess is knowledge.""Awesome!" Rajah said approvingly. "So todays your birthday, huh?Quite a coup, getting a top report card and turning into a teen on the "Yeah, I want to be just like Great-Grandpa," Khan said eagerly.same day." "Ive read all of his books! His research was absolutely amazing, dad. I mean, when he created us he basically created an entire superior"Yep. I pwn," Shere Khan agreed. species! FTW!""Have you given any thought to your aspiration?" Rajah prodded "Pretty impressive stuff," Rajah agreed. "But you are going to dategently. "Its a big choice, after all." and stuff, right?""Dad, youve known me my whole life," Shere Khan said. "What do "Dont worry," Khan said. "Ill be a closet Romance sim. Is can beyou think Im going to pick?" hugs tiem nao pls?"
  27. 27. "Grandpa, come on!" Khan insisted a few hours later. "The partys starting! You dont want to miss it, do you?""I guess Id better stop spying on the neighbors, then," Benjamin said. "Getting a bit too dark to see anything, for one thing.""But theres no cake," Khan said. "The cake is a lie.""Really?""No, I just made that up."
  28. 28. "I wish... errr... I can has cheezburger? And a bukkit? And a cookie that nobody eated but me? And hugs? And fud? And... and... andcheezburger?"
  29. 29. And the lolkitten grew up into a lolcat, and Ceiling Cat saw that it was good. And much cake was nommed."Sweet shirt!" Toshi said admiringly once Shere Khan had changed. "Addie Finch is definitely the hottest rock star ever! I cant believe UnclePierce actually knows her!""Well, he is in the music business too," Khan said. "Hey, why dont we do something tomorrow after school since were all old enough to take offwithout our parents now?""That sounds cool!" Toshi grinned. "Ill give Angora a call tomorrow, okay?""Awesome."
  30. 30. "Arrr! Dont be goin outside unless ye wish t regret it, mate!""De, darling, what have I told you about encouraging him?" Bart scolded his wife."He said he had something important to tell you," De shrugged. "Sometimes hes got important things to say.""Most of the time he just wants us to find him a bottle of rum," Bart pointed out."Arr! Im still here, ye scurvy antecedents," Captain Jack Bear complained."Yes, but youre plush. Its not like you can do anything if we ignore you," Bart said."Dont say I didnt warn ye," the bear smirked.
  31. 31. "Therell be no living with him after this," Bart muttered.
  32. 32. "So, Grandpa Jack warned your dad and he didnt listen, huh?" Kelly chuckled."Well, it was kind of dumb for dad to soak in the hot tub during a thunderstorm," Morgan said. "Really, Grandpa Jacks advice was common sense.Though I wonder how he knew it would storm?"
  33. 33. "Grandma, Angie, Khan, Hugo and I are going to the Youth Centre, "And you wont be sneaking out to play with explosives?"okay?" "Nope! Angie and I want to get cellphones but its nothing more"Have you finished your homework, Toshi?" De asked sternly. exciting than that, except maybe some espresso.""Not quite, but Angie is coming over before we go out so we can do "Wellll... I suppose its okay," De said after a few moments thought.the group part of the project. Please, Grandma? Mom and mom are at "Just remember its a school night. Curfew is ten."work but I know theyll be okay with it if you or Grandpa says yes." "Gotcha!"
  34. 34. "Okay, so the guys said theyll meet us there in an hour," Toshi said to Angora once her cousin arrived. "So we dont have much time to finish ourchemistry homework. I cant believe Grandpa wont let us study violent exothermic reactions except by computer simulation.""Grandpa knows you pretty well," Angora responded. "Plus all the other parents would be pretty upset if their kids lost a finger during the violentexothermic reaction experiment. Just face facts, Toshi... youre going to have to focus on the music end of things until youre in college.""I know, and it totally sucks," Toshi said, making a face. Then her face lit up and a devilish grin crossed her features. "First one to laugh has todance with Shere Khan when we go out later... last one to laugh gets to dance with Hugo.""What?"
  35. 35. "Made you laugh!" Toshi giggled as she tickled her cousin furiously. almost their whole lives but turned out to be completely unrelated,"Youre stuck with Shere Khan, my dear cousin... I get to have Hugo and everyone thought it was awesome."all to myself!" "Thats a story," Angora pointed out. "This is real life!""What? But hes practically related to us!" Angora said, making aface while trying to control her laughing. "Thats so gross, Toshi." "Cmon, you like him too," Toshi said. "I know you do... I read your diary.""Yeah, but have you seen how cute he is?" "What?!?""Hes pretty cute, but hes still your cousin," Angora said. "Are you girls going to get any of your homework done?" Bart called"Second or third cousin at least," Toshi insisted. "Plus, Im adopted from the dining room.so its not like theres any blood there anyway. His mom even wrote astory about people getting together who thought they were siblings With a sigh, the girls went upstairs and got to work.
  36. 36. Fortunately, the work wasnt terribly exhaustive and in less than an hour, Toshi and Angie were at the youth centre."Yes!" Toshi said, slipping a bill into the cell phone vending machine. "These phones are totally moddable, Angie. I already know how to rig oneto be used as a detonator when fighting the evil terrorists. But you gotta have the right ringtone installed or it wont work.""Are you for real, Toshi?" Angora asked, giving her cousin a look as she got her own phone. "Or do you just make this stuff up?""Some of its real, and some of its wishful thinking," Toshiko said. "But once were finished college Im sure Ill be able to do all of it. I am acertified genius, you know.""I admit youre pretty smart, but sometimes I think your dreams are a little crazy, Toshiko," Angora chuckled. She looked around the room. "Ooh,they got a photobooth! Lets take our pictures!"
  37. 37. "Not bad, Angora... not bad at all," Toshiko proclaimed once the machine had spit out two copies of the photos. "We are definitely the awesomestchicks on this island.""Yeah, but here come the guys," Angora said, pointing to where Hugo and Shere Khan were walking through the door. "Lets go upstairs!"
  38. 38. The music was blasting, the lights were doing a crazy dance over the "Why Toshiko, youre too generous," Angora laughed, clutching herdance floor... and Toshiko was daring her cousin to do something hands to her chest in mock excitement.that might not be the best idea. "What do you think theyre talking about?" Shere Khan asked Hugo"I totally dare you to flirt with Hugo," Toshiko giggled. from a few steps away. The music was loud enough that the guys couldnt hear the girls conversation -- which was probably a good"What? I thought you liked him!" Angora hissed. thing."Only kinda," Toshi shrugged. "I dont really want a boyfriend right "Who knows?" Hugo shrugged. "Girls are so weird, dude. Especiallynow. Too much danger of hormone explosions and stuff. So you can Toshiko."have him." "Her weirdness -- let me sho u it," Shere Khan agreed.
  39. 39. At that moment, Angora spun on her heel and sidled up to Hugo. helplessly."Hugo, I must say you look absolutely ravishing tonight," shemanaged to say, blushing furiously as she attempted to stroke his "Whatd I do?" Hugo asked the world at large. Angoras answer was acheek. blushing giggle, while Toshiko had to clutch the wall for support she was laughing so hard."Wha--?" Hugo caught Angoras hand and pushed it gently away."Err... Angie, have you and Toshiko been hitting the bubbles again?" "You guys are nuts," Shere Khan said, shaking his head. "And I eated your squirrels."Angora spun back around and collapsed against Toshiko in a fit ofgiggles. "Eww!""U r teh strange," Shere Khan proclaimed while Hugo looked at him "Figuratively speaking, I mean."
  40. 40. By this point the club had begun to fill up a bit, though there seemed to be more chaperones than high school students on the dance floor."Woot! You go, Mr. Spade!" Toshiko cheered as she watched one of the chaperones attempt to dance."You pwn!" Shere Khan added gleefully. "Full of win!"
  41. 41. The rest of the evening ended up being pretty fun despite the largenumbers of adults who felt like hanging out at a place geared towards "Youre all much weirder kids than my generation," Hugos Uncleteenagers. Nick proclaimed sadly."... and then Ceiling Cat opened my eyes, and I saw the truth," Shere "Youre a Jedi too?" Pascal Curious-Deity said enthusiastically. "ImKhan nodded enthusiastically. sorry, but I couldnt help overhearing your conversation. Im a Master in the Jedi Order myself and I didnt know there were any other"Dude, dont go trying to convert me to your strange religion," Hugo Force-users on the island!"said, shaking his finger mock-seriously. "Im a follower of the Jedi." "Whoa, extreme triple nerd overload alert!" Hugo said, shuddering."DO NOT WANT!" "Cmon, Khan, lets play kicky-bag."
  42. 42. "Kicky-bag FTW!"
  43. 43. "Much as Angie and I hate to interrupt your male bonding rituals, its almost ten and my parents are going to kill me if Im late getting home,"Toshiko said, breaking into the game. "Cmon, guys, lets jet. Hugo, you can walk me home if you like. Well, most of the way home. I live furtherthan you do.""Why dont we all just walk together?" Shere Khan asked. "We can drop Hugo off first, then you, and then Ang and I can go the rest of the way toour house.""... or we could do that," Toshiko said brightly. "Youre brilliant, Shere Khan.""My brilliance. Let me show you it.""Numbskull," Angora added under her breath as the four teens sauntered away.
  44. 44. Still, Toshiko was pretty happy with how the evening had gone and when she got home she wrote all about it in her blog... with the entry set tofemale friends only, since she spent most of the entry talking about her crush on Hugo.
  45. 45. "Im concerned," Orikes Pseudo said the next morning to her husband Will."About what?" Will asked solicitously."About our son!" Orikes said. "You know weve never seen him bring a girl home from school who isnt related to him. Or a boy, for that matter!Our son is a teenager! He should be dating like crazy!""Maybe hes just a late bloomer," Will shrugged. "Or maybe hes icked out by the fact that nine tenths of the girls on the island are distantly relatedto him.""I suppose that could be it," Orikes said. "Still. Moar date!""Now you sound like Shere Khan. I know whatll take your mind off worrying about our boy..."
  46. 46. "Youre right, dear... smacking you over the head with a pillow definitely has cheered me up!" Orikes giggled.
  47. 47. "Fishie!" Green Boolprop said gleefully from upstairs. "I can see you little fishie!"====This random slide brought to you by Sarahs nVidia graphics card, which apparently does support shaders since she can see the fish...
  48. 48. When Hugo got home from school that afternoon his parents were still pillow-fighting in the kitchen so he was able to slip upstairs without themnoticing. It only took two seconds to send a quick email and then he was back downstairs and waiting outside nervously.
  49. 49. He didnt have to wait very long before the Gypsy Matchmaker showed up."Just make sure shes completely unrelated to me," he said emphatically as he pressed the full price in simoleons into the older womans hand."Completely.""Maybe thatll be a bit tough," the woman said after a moments consideration. "Gonna haff to go outside the island. You get til midnight, okay?""Uhh... okay," Hugo shrugged."This girl from Singapore," the gypsy advised. "But I think you like."
  50. 50. "Whoa... that was trippy," a very pretty girl with an elaborate hairstyle said a few minutes later as she got up somewhat shakily from the groundwhere shed landed with a thud. She looked around nervously. "Oooh... this is one of those date things that I signed up for, isnt it?""Yeah, kinda," Hugo said, walking over to her. "Im Hugo Pseudo. Whats your name?""Lainey Barthelet," the girl said, shaking her head. She looked around. "Where am I, anyway?""Pirate Island," Hugo said. "Pretty much halfway around the world from Singapore. Speaking of that, your English is pretty awesome.""I learn it at school," Lainey said. "Pirate Island, hmm? Well, Hugo Pseudo of Pirate Island, how long is this date supposed to last?"
  51. 51. "The gypsy said until midnight, so we dont have much time," Hugo said. He took a deep breath. "Lainey, youre way hotter than any of the localgirls.""Why Hugo, how kind of you to say so," Lainey said, matching Hugos tone. Then she burst into giggles. "Hugo Pseudo, you dont have to usedorky pickup lines on me, okay? We both signed up for the gypsy thing. Obviously we both want to meet someone. Why dont we just try beingfriends first and see where things go from there?"
  52. 52. Things went pretty well from there, and by quarter to midnight, Hugo was pretty well smitten with his foreign girl. "What do you say to just a littleromance?" he suggested, checking his watch. "One dance, Lainey?""I suppose a dance couldnt hurt," Lainey agreed with a smile. Then her face turned stern. "But keep your hands where I can see them, HugoPseudo!""Deal," Hugo grinned.
  53. 53. As the clock chimed the first stroke of midnight, Hugo leaned forward to murmur in Laineys ear. "My email... its notelrond-at-pirateisland-dot-net," he said."Got it," Lainey grinned. "Ill keep in touch, Hugo Pseudo. You can count on it." She pressed something into his hand.Feeling emboldened by Laineys obvious interest, Hugo decided to go for it and leaned forward to press his lips to hers. But in the millisecondbefore he made contact, she vanished."Just like Cinderella," he said ruefully. Then he glanced down at the paper Lainey had given him. "Im sure well eventually see each other again,Lainey." And he dashed upstairs to save Laineys email address somewhere he wasnt likely to lose it.
  54. 54. "I saw what you were doing last night," Hugos younger sister Liv announced the next morning while they watched cartoons together."What?" Hugo gulped, his jaw dropping in surprise."You got a girlfriend from the matchmaker," Liv singsonged. "I saw it! And you were even gonna kiss her but you ran out of time, right?""Dont you dare tell anyone," Hugo hissed furiously at his sister. "Or Ill tell mom and dad that youve been sneaking bubbles again.""No way!" Liv said, startled. "Oh, fine Hugo. I wont say anything except when were alone. But I totally still get to tease you whenever its just thetwo of us.""Whatever," Hugo said grumpily.
  55. 55. "Too much coffee..." Ruby* yawned as she cleared the cup away. "Maybe if those dratted kids would actually act like normal kids I wouldnt be upall night being nervous."===* simself of Ah Rubyblue, writer of Goldilocks and the Nine Heirs
  56. 56. "I dont know what Rubys complaining about," Mini-Robin* said toMini-Toast* out in the yard. "Did you hear her complaining? Youd "I suppose thats a bonus," Toast said. "But what if I roll some dorkythink we were normal simkids instead of simselves who aged down aspiration when we grow up? I wanna be a Pleasure sim!"for fun." "What simmer would dare changing the aspiration of a simself?""Yeah, but now we gotta grow up into acne-land," Toast complained. Robin asked. "Anyway, the party guests are almost here.""All because we agreed to do that stupid quest for Professor Butters." "Sweet," Toast grinned."Well, if the Prof thinks something is up with Justinian and hisbrother it makes more sense for us to spy on them instead of the older ===simselves," Robin pointed out. "And you got Justinian. Im stuck with *simselves of Robinoli (omgrobinnn, writer of Its A Legacy,dorky Crassus." Darling) and EphemeralToast (writer of the Ugothlacy).
  57. 57. Nine-tenths of the simselves on the island and their spouses (if applicable) were soon waving noisemakers to encourage the two childifiedsimselves on their way to teendom."Glad its them and not me," I muttered in an aside to my husband.
  58. 58. "Well, I suppose if we have to be teenagers its a good thing were hot "I want to Be Friends With Justinian," Toast said. "Maybe this isteenagers," Robin said as she and Toast posed for the obligatory going to be easier than I thought it would."makeover shot. "Whatd you roll?" "Well, thatll have to wait until the adult simselves finish embarrasing"Popularity," Toast said. "I suppose thats not so bad. Right now Im themselves," Robin said. "Stupid simself parties."really wanting to Throw A Party... thats not so different from aPleasure sim. And my LTW is all glitchy and I want 50 1st Dates." "At least were in the clear.""I rolled Knowledge again," Robin said happily. "No change there!" "True that."
  59. 59. Not that the simselves did anything particularly cringe-worthy, other than Professor Butters* and her husband Flavius Marius blocking the onlydoor to the house for over an hour while they flirted on the landing.====*simself of ProfessorButters (loolooloo16play, writer of the Squeaky Clean Legacy). Flavius is from Blite27s (netsfn1427) Ten Caesars Legacy.
  60. 60. Some of the unattached simselves were a bit inclined to grumble at not having been paired up with a hot spare yet, but such is the life of a simself.They seem to be included in other peoples legacies either to get attention, or to be tormented. Its the rare simmer that will actually marry them offto a hot spare with no strings attached.
  61. 61. Marina* was the only simself who really acted out of character... she spent the entire party playing with a toy robot in the corner and firmlyresisted any efforts to get her to interact with others.===*simself of smoothiequeen87, writer of the now completed Fitzhugh Legacy as well as several other projects.
  62. 62. "Well, Flavius, that was a nice party," the Professor said the next day once things had settled down. "Of course, the girls arent in my class anymorebut I hope theyll do a good job of keeping an eye on Justinian. Do you think we should get the other simselves involved at this point?""I think we should let my Roman cousins see if they can handle things themselves," Flavius pointed out. "You havent really given them a chanceyet and I know they wont be happy with the zombie-making. Poor Sejanus. He was a good kid.""At least it was him and not you," the Professor said as she flipped through her newspaper. "I had this ... inkling... that something might happen inthe neighborhood involving Romans and zombies.""Good thing it didnt happen to me is right," Flavius nodded. "If it had, we wouldnt have had Lucretia or Erroneous.""Speaking of the kids, where are they anyway?" the Professor wondered. "Shouldnt we be bringing Erroneous to the birthday cake tonight?"
  63. 63. Lucretia was on the internet, chatting away with her Buccaneer buddies but she came when called to the living room.
  64. 64. "Happy birthday, Erroneous!" everyone cried as the Professor did the honours. "Youre the youngest kid on Pirate Island!"
  65. 65. Interludes aside, it was time for another birthday party on Pirate Island. At the Toyonaga household, all of Justinians relatives were invited to helpcelebrate his birthday... including Septimus and Octavia. Sejanus seemed very uncomfortable, but nobody could tell why, and Tara (Justiniansgrandmother) felt that the more of Justinians family surrounding him at such a time, the better. She only wished that her husband Scipio was stillalive to see it.
  66. 66. "I wish... hmm. What do I wish for, Grandma?" Justinian asked as he studied the brightly glowing candles."You cant tell anyone," Tara said gently. "Otherwise it wont come true.""Okay," Justinian said. He screwed up his eyes, took a deep breath, and blew out the candles. I wish my daddy could be normal again...
  67. 67. Only time will tell if its even possible for Justinians wish to come true--does recording it here mean that it wont happen?--but the generalconsensus is that Justinian grew up very well indeed and, in a fit of teenage rebellion, he flat-out refused to wear a toga. Still, the look suited hissomewhat volatile personality.
  68. 68. "A proper young Roman man should be wearing a toga," Octavia huffed when she caught sight of her great-nephew in his new clothing. "Honestly,I dont know what youths are coming to these days. When I was a teenager, my brothers were happy to parade around in their togas.""And how many of them still wear the toga?" Justinian pointed out nastily. "Lets see, theres my dad--but hes kind of undead--and theres UncleSeptimus. I think thats it, Aunt Octavia. Lets just face it. The rest of the family is getting with the times, okay?"
  69. 69. "Youre an ungrateful little brat with no appreciation for your heritage," Octavia spat. "And youll act like a proper Roman if you know whats goodfor you--understand?""I understand that youre a meddling busybody," Justinian said, crossing his arms and pouting in a way that only a teenager could. "What businessis it of yours if I want to dress a bit differently?""Just... dont go around wearing black lipstick, okay?" Octavia said, moderating her voice a little bit. Perhaps she realized that bringing Justinianaround to her way of thinking would require being on somewhat better terms with her. "I hope you had a happy birthday, my dear nephew.""Geez... I dont think you know whether youre coming up or going down," Justinian said disdainfully, and he wandered over to talk to his othergrandparents instead.
  70. 70. Young Crassus, meanwhile, was avoiding the family drama by playing Tub Pirates in the dog bath out on the lawn in the middle of a hailstorm.The boy had a sense for where the safest place on the lot would be.
  71. 71. As for Tara, she was indulging herself a bit with one of the other guests. Ever since Scipio had died, shed felt a bit lonely, and when her co-workerHercules swept her off her feet during the party she decided to run with it."Just... dont tell my wife, okay?" Hercules muttered as he disentangled himself from Taras arms when the party was over."Wait... wife?""Oh, never mind," Herc shrugged.Sometimes I think Hercules has a death wish. He should know by now that the island deity doesnt approve of adultery... especially when its herown son indulging in it.
  72. 72. The next day, Justinian got changed into some warmer clothes and headed to the youth centre to pick up a cell phone. As a newly mintedpopularity sim, he figured he would need one to keep in touch with the many friends he planned on having.
  73. 73. And he would need to be fit, too, if he wanted to attract the ladies or lads. While he wasnt a romancer, he did want to be popular so that he wouldhave his choice of girlfriend or boyfriend. He was a picky kind of guy. And while fitness didnt always lead directly to popularity (on PirateIsland), he also felt that an athletic career was where his talents lie, and he wanted to go to college and figured an athletic scholarship was his bestopportunity. He really did consider things from several angles before going ahead with them.
  74. 74. Speaking of college, Rose Buccaneer was nearing the end of her time there, though she thought she ought to stay around until the next generationof legacy kids was overrunning the place.
  75. 75. It wasnt so much that she minded staying and watching the place... it was more that shed had her life on hold for years by this point and she waseager to start a family with her boyfriend, Two Curtin, who lived on Pirate Island and wasnt getting any younger.
  76. 76. "Two, my love, Im just about finished here... will you promise to marry me once Im finally released?""Oh, Rose... nothing would make me happier!"They were really a sweet couple.
  77. 77. A few blocks away, in downtown Paris, it was time for yet another Grandpa Roche in the same place ever!"birthday party. This one was for the unnaturally conceived son ofSusanna Buccaneer--Grim Reaper, and her boytoy Gavin Biggs. "I know," Gavin said, "but your family all wants to spend your special day with you. Are you ready to be a teenager, Toby?""So is mom coming to my party?" Toby wanted to know as hedanced on his fathers feet. "Yeah!" Toby crowed. "Cause then I get to meet... girls. Lots of girls. More girls than even you ever dated, dad. So many girls I wont"Your mom, and all of your grandparents!" Gavin promised. know what to do with them all.""All of them?" Toby was astonished. "But I hardly ever see Grandma "Just like your parents," Gavin said fondly. "Im so proud of you,Irony and Grandpa Wedge. And I never see Grandma Marie and son."
  78. 78. It was definitely a big crowd that arrived to help celebrate Tobys birthday, and they were all enthusiastic.
  79. 79. "Look out ladies... here I come," Toby purred once hed changed. "I am da MAN!"
  80. 80. "So what aspiration did you choose?" Grandma Irony asked politely as she got to know her near-stranger grandson."Romance, of course!" Toby said happily. "There never really was any other option, Grandma. The ladies of Paris arent going to know what hitthem...""Oh... dear," Irony said.
  81. 81. "So dad, now that Im older, why dont you tell me all about it. How "Thats how your mom and I got together," Gavin winked.do you woo a girl anyway?" "Ew!" Toby shuddered. "Too much info, dad.""Just be yourself," Gavin advised. "And whatever you do, dont pushthem to do anything they dont want to. If you play things right, youll "Oh, and dont date the Grim Reaper or any other supernaturals,"have the girls all asking you out on dates and you wont have to lift a Gavin advised. "Some of them have odd ideas about pregnancy.finger." Once youre old enough to get into that sort of behavior, I mean.""Really?" "Not til college," Toby promised.
  82. 82. But just because he was waiting until college to indulge some behaviors didnt mean that Toby was planning to wait for all Romantic interactions.That very evening he headed to the local bowling alley to see what Paris had to offer in the way of teen girls.While he was there he met Ivy Rusewicz...
  83. 83. ... and he got along with her pretty well after some initial awkwardness."Of course youre the only girl I like," Toby grinned charmingly.
  84. 84. "Well, in that case.... lets dance!" Ivy giggled."Show me your moves, baby," Toby winked.
  85. 85. "Lets go bowl with my friend Candice Nott," Ivy suggested.Toby looked Ivy up and down. "Sounds like a great idea," he grinned.
  86. 86. "This is my friend Marylena Mazza," Candice said when a pretty "Does it bother you?" Toby asked.dark-haired girl wandered over to join them. "She goes to the sameschool as I do." "Not really," Marylena admitted."Its nice to meet you, Marylena," Toby said smoothly. "Hey, Im still here!" Candice complained. "Cut the flirting, loverboy.""Youre a Romance sim, arent you," Marylena giggled. "Yeah!" Ivy added."Who ever said that?" Toby asked. "But Im a lucky guy," Toby said with a somewhat sleazy leer. "Ive"I can smell one a mile off," Marylena laughed. "Cut the act, Biggs. I got three gorgeous dames who all want to spend time with me.know exactly what you are." Whats wrong with that?"
  87. 87. "You can only date one of us at a time, you know," Candice pointed out. "Id be mighty upset to find out that you were dating Ivy or Marylenabehind my back. So Im afraid were all going to have to be just friends with you, Toby Biggs.""Well... I suppose I can live with that," Toby said after a few moments of internal conflict. Maybe this was what his father meant by suggestingletting the girls come to him. "But you know where I am, doll, should you ever want anything more.""Yes we do," Candice giggled.
  88. 88. Feeling the need to escape from the girls who were now discussing him like he was a hunk of meat, Toby headed out to the patio to get a breath offresh air. While he was out there he ran into another pretty girl and he couldnt resist trying again."Toby Biggs," he said, sticking out his hand."Sierra Bradshaw," the girl responded a bit shyly. "I havent seen you around before.""I go to private school," Toby said. "All boys, which stinks, let me tell you.""You dont say..." Sierra appeared to be quite charmed by Toby.
  89. 89. Later on, after Toby had surreptitiously collected four female phone numbers, the DJ started playing some good music for once so all of the teensheaded out to the dance floor. Before long, things were really hopping!
  90. 90. "Say, Ivy, youre a pretty good dancer," Toby grinned, leaning in a bit closer than was strictly necessary."Youre not so bad yourself," Ivy grinned."Aw, man..." random downtownie teen was rather disgusted by the whole thing. "With that guy on the scene, none of the rest of us are ever gonnaget girlfriends. This sucks!"
  91. 91. "I hear you lit the bowling alley on fire last night as well," Don Thayer nodded as he strode past the engulfed microwave on his way to thedishwasher."Ha ha, very funny," Toby complained. "Will ya help me get this thing out, Uncle Don?""Geez, no need to panic," Don shrugged. He pulled out an extinguisher and coolly put out the flames. "Have you decided which one you like bestyet?"At that moment, the phone started ringing.
  92. 92. Toby just winked and ran downstairs to answer the phone in his room. "Yeah, this is Toby," he said. "Who do I have the pleasure of talking to? ...Yeah, I remember you from last night. ... A date? ... My place? ... Sounds terrific! Ill see you in a few minutes, doll!"
  93. 93. "You mean Im the only one whos called you?" Marylena asked doing on this date, anyway?"when she arrived a few minutes later. "Why dont we head to my room and hang out?" Toby suggested."So far, anyway," Toby shrugged. "Hanging out is all youd better be doing," Tobys Uncle Tycho"Youre honest," Marylena said approvingly. "I like that. Its funny, admonished from the sidewalk.though... the other ladies are more your type if Im reading youcorrectly." "I promise to leave the door open and everything," Toby said, shooting a glare at his uncle. "Cmon, Marylena, lets get away from"What... romance?" the grownups.""Exactly," Marylena nodded. She looked around. "So... what are we "Sounds like a great idea to me," Marylena grinned.
  94. 94. A few minutes later, Susanna stopped by for a visit as well. in his room right now--and dont worry, babe. Tys keeping half an ear on them.""Babe, youll be so proud of our kid," Gavin said, greeting his loverenthusiastically. "Good," Anna said. "Im not ready to be a grandmother yet.""Mmf!" Anna replied. She wiped her face. "Whats Toby gone and "Wanna really traumatize them?" Gavin grinned. "What say we headdone now?" down to my room, Anna?""Got his first girlfriend, thats what," Gavin grinned. "Theyre down "I like the way you think!"
  95. 95. "Whoa, its kinda hot in here even with the door open," Toby said, fanning "That sounds awesome," Marylena said. "I"m pretty good with cars myself.himself furiously. Now that he finally had a girl all to himself, he wasnt Maybe I could help you work on it or something."exactly sure what he should be doing. "Id like that," Toby said. He paused for a second and a disgusted look came"Chill, Toby," Marylena chuckled. "Im not looking to become your over his face. "Oh man... mom must be over."girlfriend or anything. I just think youre cute. What say we hang out and seewhat happens?" "Why do you say that?" Marylena asked. Then she heard it too. "Is that... barking?""I guess thats a good idea," Toby admitted. "Hang on," Toby said. "Ill turn on my stereo.""Cool room," Marylena said admiringly. "Good idea.""I love cars," Toby said. "Once I move out for college Im going to buy anold beater and restore it myself." Before long, a few hours had passed and Marylena was consulting her watch.
  96. 96. "I have to go," she said regretfully. "But Ive had a really good time, said with a wink, and she strode out of the room. "Catch ya later,Toby. Youre way more normal than I thought you would be after the Toby."way you were acting last night." "Later," Toby said breathlessly. He ran after you. "Maybe tomorrow"Was I a total jerk?" he blushed. "Sorry... I like girls but Im a bit night?"clueless still." "Well see," Marylena smiled. "I had fun, Toby. Despite the barking.""Well, maybe this will help," Marylena said, and leaning in, kissedhim gently on the lips. "Ugh, dont remind me," Toby said. "Can I at least see you out the door?""Whoa," Toby said once they pulled apart. "I wasnt expecting that." "Sure.""Call me again when youve got that car or something," Marylena
  97. 97. Toby was still watching Marylenas retreatingbackside when his mother caught up with him. "Us? How?" "I understand plenty now," Toby said. "And no guy wants to hear his parents getting it on while"Howd it go?" she asked slyly. "Barking!!!" hes trying to kiss his first girlfriend. Trust me.""Oh, hey mom," Toby said absently, brushing "Err... sorry," Anna had the grace to blush. "Well, you may have a point there," Annahis fingers against his lips for what was "Guess we must have gotten a bit carried conceded. "But other than that, how did it go?"probably the fiftieth time. away." "Pretty good," Toby admitted. "But tomorrow I"That well, huh?" Anna grinned knowingly. "Ill say," Toby complained. "Geez, mom, way think Im going to invite Ivy over.""Whats her name, kiddo?" to ensure that Im traumatized for life!" "Youre incorrigible.""Marylena," Toby said. "And shes pretty sweet, "Youll understand once youre in college,"but you and dad almost ruined it, mom!" Anna grinned. "I know."
  98. 98. Some things defy description. This is one of them.
  99. 99. But after wooing Vidcund in the photobooth downstairs, Marie decided to see if there were any other gents worthy of her time and worthy ofhelping her achieve her goal of twenty woohoos. It wasnt long before she ran across Orpheus Deity.Recognizing another romancer, Marie moved in for the kill.
  100. 100. And it wasnt that many hours later when she achieved that sweet, sweet state of perma-platness.
  101. 101. With that out of the way, Marie made a quick phone call."Nick, could you stop by for a moment? Indulge your mother?"
  102. 102. "What is it you wanted to talk to me about?" Nick asked once he and Marie had settled on the couch."Well... I may not look it, but Im getting pretty old," Marie said. "I dont know that I have that many years left in me, son, and Im certainly startingto feel my age.""Aww... youre going to live a long time still, ma," Nick said.
  103. 103. "Well, I certainly hope so," Marie said, "but theres no guarantee. Nick, I want you to take over my business."
  104. 104. "The pet store?" Nicks eyes just about popped out of his head. "I... dont know what to say!""Just say yes," Marie smiled. "And its yours.""Well... yes, in that case!""Wonderful," Marie said. "If youd like, I can show you around in the morning and introduce you to the staff.""Thatd be terrific," Nick said."How about I invite everyone else over and we celebrate with a good old family party?" Marie suggested.
  105. 105. Nick agreed that would be a fabulous party. Anna was in town and even brought Toby with her.The group did agree that Maries place was a bit too small for mass smustling, though.
  106. 106. For some reason, Vidcund chose that awkward moment to come by."Get rid of him, will you?" Marie asked Grace. "This is a family day, not a boyfriend day.""Eww," Grace muttered as she took in Vidcunds appearance. "Your wish is my command, mother."
  107. 107. "So youve given Nick the store?" Grace asked when dessert was served."I thought he was the best choice," Marie nodded. "He and Green really do like animals. Speaking of businesses, hows yours coming along?""Pretty well," Grace said. "Im still trying to think up what the next one should be, but for now Im just stockpiling the cash with the other four.""Why dont you ask Zing to help you?" Marie suggested. "He takes after you and Lee in that area.""You know," Grace said, "thats a terrific idea. Thanks mom!""Just doing my job," Marie grinned.
  108. 108. It was a time for birthdays, and my husband and I were happy to celebrate our youngest daughters ascent to teenaged wasteland."Make a wish, Athena," I suggested."But dont tell us what it is," Chris chimed in."I wasnt born yesterday," Athena said witheringly.
  109. 109. She turned out pretty well, but youll have to wait until part 2 to see her picture because its pretty spoilertastic. In the meantime, while Athena wasgetting changed and fixing her hair, my husband and I headed outside to take care of a few things."You shouldnt pet the wolves," I admonished him."What harm could it do?" he asked."Well, his eyes are glowing..." I trailed off.
  110. 110. "Ow! He bit me!""Told you so."
  111. 111. "Something feels really... strange."
  112. 112. "OOOOOoooooooOOOOOO!"Men. They never listen. At least with his custom skintone he wouldnt be shedding everywhere."And the hairs kinda cute like that," I added approvingly as I gave it a closer look."Can I nibble on you?" he asked, obviously trying to sound seductive."I dont do hairballs," I shuddered. "Sorry, dear, youll have to do the freak thing by yourself."
  113. 113. "Somehow I doubt that, Sarah..."Well? Dont stop now--onward to part 2!