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Given the karmic nature of SEO, follow these link building tactics that not only help your rankings move up, but also make your company stand out as an expert while making your customers fall in love with you.

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  • Hi everyone! I’m going to cover something I feel very passionately about, which is Good Karma Link Building.
  • We can all agree, that SEO is very karmic in nature, if you do good, and put good out there, you do well in the search engines and with your customers. SEOmoz is the perfect example of this.
  • What helps me in SEO is my background in journalism and PR, where I was fortunate to produce an Emmy-nominated, multiple award winning show on public TV and also work with a broad range of clients who I helped feature on top media outlets like ABC news.
  • The site I work on is Pimsleur Approach .com, and we sell language learning courses. Our problem was that no one had heard of us, and we’re competing with the likes of Rosetta Stone, who have tremendous brand recognition, including being featured in a rap song for crying out loud. So short of kidnapping p.diddy and making him sing about us, which I’m pretty sure is against the law, and bad karma, I had to think creatively to get us high quality links.
  • We had to think slightly differently. I had to think, what would people want to see? What was their top motivation for learning a language and to stay on the path to fluency? What would showcase the wonderful-ness of our product and brand? And ultimately, what would get high quality links?
  • show screenshot of this:
  • screenshot of a vocab list with the audio button next to the words
  • Screenshots of grammar guides
  • Screenshot of articles:
  • It was hard work, yes, but surprisingly easier than you’d might think. There are a lot of starving writers and journalists across the globe, and we were able to harness their talent, using sites likes elance and odesk, to write this content for us. Feeding a starving journalist—more good karma points! We got articles written for around $50 each, and the quality was amazing, as long as we chose the right people.
  • Right from launch, the feedback was excellent. Visitors loved it! We got a lot of calls and emails from people saying they loved it and asking for more.
  • Good Karma Link Building

    1. 1. Good Karma Link Building with Purna Virji
    2. 2. SEO
    3. 3. I’m going to show you how to:• Stand out as an expert• Make your customers fall in love with you• Earn tons of relevant, high quality links Image via untrained eye/flickr
    4. 4. 20 second Background
    5. 5. The Pimsleur Approach
    6. 6.
    7. 7. The Solution
    8. 8. Reaction
    9. 9. Impact on SEO1. Stickiness of the Site Improved2. Link Builders Loved It3. Domain Authority Improvement4. Trust5. Rankings
    10. 10. Bad Karma SEO1. Article Spinning2. Spammy Press Releases3. Keyword Stuffed Articles
    11. 11. Good Karma Tips1. Think of Your Consumer2. Publish Link-Worthy Content3. Think of Google
    12. 12. Thank You! @PurnaVirji