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  • 1. {Beyond the Paradise} Ban Krutat
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. Target Market Demographic: Nuclear family • Parents between ages 35 and 45, with children between ages 5 and 15 • Earning an average of 150,000 to 300,000 Baht per month • Lives in the urban areas such as Bangkok
  • 4. Target Market Psychographics: nature-oriented relaxation seeker, with an urge of escaping from their busy, daily routines. Wanting to experience modern nature, the correlation of the modern ways of living with respect to the peacefulness and the beauty of the untouched, natural atmosphere.
  • 5. Target Market Behavioral: travel during the holiday or the weekend especially in the summer from March to May.
  • 6. Buying Motives • Get away from the busy urbanized areas • Price tag ; reasonable pricing
  • 7. Nature Demand • The demand exists all year round especially during March to May for our target customer. • Customer reserve accommodation online via internet agency or directly contact with sale staff of the accommodation.
  • 8. Communication Objectives • According to our survey, right now the awareness of target audience is 24% and knowledge is 15%. • Statement: “To raise the awareness to be 55% and provide key information of Ban Krut to the target audience in order to make them 35% of them gain more knowledge with in 6 months.”
  • 9. Communication Objectives Target Audience: • Young parent whose age is 35-45 years olds and live in Bangkok • Nature-oriented relaxation seeker
  • 10. Creative Strategy • Message Appeal  70% informational and 30% emotional appeal • Theme  Beyond the paradise at Ban Krut • Message will be base on Product feature.
  • 11. Media Objectives • The objective is to focus on the “unduplicated reach” because advertising objective is to create awareness and knowledge. • Moreover, our message about the modern nature style is quite unique and not complex. So we don’t need the frequency. They can remember and understand our advertising by 1 or 2 exposures. Media use: • Broadcast TVC and Radio spot • Social media  Google, Facebook, and Twitter • Print ads  Magazine
  • 12. Broadcast Media Radio Spot • Green Wave radio station • The environmental friendly concept • Radio website • The approximate cost is 75,000 THB per month • Advertise 3 months for this radio spot
  • 13. Broadcast Media Sponsor Television Program • Koo-Love-Ta-Lorn-Tour • Sunday has the maximum number of audiences • The total budget is approximately 30,000 baht
  • 14. Broadcast Media Sponsor television Program • Suek-Nam-Pueng-Prajun program • Offers vouchers to television program • The total budget is approximately • 300,000 baht.
  • 15. Social Media • An option to help customers finding more information about Ban Krut (on our site) • Steps: Creating website  creating a FB-Page  making connections between the Ban Krut Site and LIPS FP-Page  finally we start the Google Campaign • How do we make people searching for Ban Krut ?  Google Adwords Analysis tool (statistical methods)
  • 16. Creative Strategy Creative design: Other medium of communication • Creating the website by using HTML • Integrating the Social Plugins • Creating a Facebook-Page and linking it to the website • Linking the LIPS FB-Page together with the Ban Krut FB-Page
  • 17. Creative Strategy Creative design: Other medium of communication
  • 18. Print Ads • Why LIPS magazine? - fastest selling fashion magazine on shelf - top 3 fashion magazine in Thailand - middle man to ship magazine - expert at creativity - social media such as Facebook - e-magazine on iPad
  • 19. Print Ads • Full project - cover page - fashion set - Ban Krut famous place and food review - interview with famous people - celeb’s voice - Spa
  • 20. Cover
  • 21. For Him & Her Tips
  • 22. Fashion Set
  • 23. Get More Life ( )
  • 24. Celeb Voice
  • 25. Food
  • 26. Decor
  • 27. Packaging and Cover • Most important and most expensive • Different from competitor • Eye catching • Create want
  • 28. Cost Efficiency Absolute Cost Circulation & Rating Relative Cost LIPS Magazine 1,500,000THB 70,000 25,000THB Suek-Nam- Pueng-Prajun 300,000THB 4% 75,000THB Koo-Love-Ta- Lorn-Tour 30,000THB 5% 6,000THB Green Wave 75,000THB (per month) 1.5% 50,000THB
  • 29. Budget Activities Budget Estimated Effect Estimated Cost per Exposure Magazine 1,500,000 THB 210,000 exposure 7.14THB TVC 330,000 THB 76,950 exposure 4.28THB Radio 225,000 THB 38,475 exposure 5.84THB Social media 30,060 THB 3,078 exposure 9.76THB Total 2,085,060THB 328,503 exposure
  • 30. Objective and Estimated Results  Objective: • In 2552, 5.7 million people live in Bangkok and 15 % is target • audience or 855,000people • Create awareness 265,050 people • Create knowledge 171,000 people  Estimated effect 328,503 exposure (excluding word of mouth effect)
  • 31. Media Schedule • The high season is March to May • advertise before high season period and during high season period. • Advertising period  December 2012 to May 2013 • Use pulsing strategy by highly spend the budget during February and March which is the most effective
  • 32. Time Frame (Pulsing Strategy) *Magazine will start from middle of February until middle of March **Television program will broadcast only 1 times in February and March.
  • 33. Evaluation Strategy Before and after campaign:  Survey and questionnaire • Measure the awareness, knowledge • Total income of Baan Krut tourist business  Each media strategy should be evaluated by survey • To see where consumers received information from
  • 34. Evaluation Strategy Pre-test website: the number of people we will reach can be looked up in the Google Analysis tool which determines the estimated clicks to a website using certain keywords by the help of statistical methods. Post-test: Google offers a product named Google Analytics that generates detailed statistics about the visitor to a website.
  • 35. Summary • The intense competition in tourism heighten • Number of tourists rise rapidly • Participants need to stand out to capture the population
  • 36. Summary • Baan Krut represents the combination of what Mother Nature has to offer and the modern touch of Thailand. • This adequate combination comes with the peacefulness and tranquility, in lower price.