How to get beautiful skin naturally


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How to get beautiful skin naturally by using the best methods to gain best results. Use natural products that prove to work on our healh leaving us feeling great!

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How to get beautiful skin naturally

  1. 1. How to get beautiful skin naturallyNatural Beauty starts at home. Natural beauty starts with beautiful skin. Learn how to maintain yourskin in a healthy way and give it that luminescent glow that makes natural beauties so attractive.Diet and exercise are as important as using gentle and effective cleansers and moisturizers.StepsSTEAMING AND FREEZING TECHNIQUE* Steam your face over a pan of boiling water so your pores are extremely open.*Massage baking soda all over the face to get rid of Blackheads.* Or make a mask out of oatmeal and honey to remove old skin.* Rinse with cool water.* Steam face again using the same method.* Boil and brew up a cup of green tea* Add 3 slices of cucumber, juice of half a lemon, a splash of milk, a spoonful of vitamin E oil.* or create a paste out of fresh organic avocados a great moisturizer* or use Cold pressed oils of Apricot Kernel: Readily absorbed natural oil high in essential fatty acidsOleic and Linolenic acid as well as vitamins A and E.* Cold pressed oils of Rose Hip Seed: Superior natural oil high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 essentialfatty acids. Also high in vitamin C.* Cold pressed oils of Borage: Natures highest source of Gama-Linolenic Acid - the most essentialskin lipid for cellular regeneration. Clinically, borage oil has been shown to be a very effective agentfor treating skin disorders and for alleviating the inflammatory symptoms associated with thesedisorders.* Cold pressed oils of Aragan: One of nature’s rarest oils. Exceptionally high in vitamin E andantioxidant phenols.* Cold pressed oils of Kukui Nut: High in antioxidants. Rich natural source of vitamins E and C as wellas linolenic acid.* Germinated Sunflower Seed Extract: Contains effective antioxidants which protect against sun andenvironmental pollutants.* Germinated Grape Seed Extract: Germinated grape seed extract contains extremely high levels offree radical fighting antioxidants.* You want to be as conscious about what you put on your body, as you are about what you put intoyour body. Today it’s understood that medicine travels through the skin - as long as the moleculesare small enough. This is true for toxins and therefore also for moisturizers. Germinated Seed
  2. 2. Extract has molecules that are small enough to go through the skin. Instead of merely ingesting theoils and having your body transport the molecules to the skin you can apply the oils directly.*Mix any of these ingredients together or use Vegan Beauty products that are already prepared*Place in a bowl with a cup of water.*Alternatively use the ingredients at room temperature or after you steam the face.*They are ready for use! Tap into the skin to help cleanse the face!NUTRITIONNaturally eating a healthy diet that provides all the important nutrients are important for healthyskin. Staying away from toxins is also important. The best way to avoid toxicity in your body is to livea healthy lifestyle that includes a whole grain diet, walnuts, almonds, sun flower seeds, avocado.You will want to eat healthy and stay away from any refined carbohydrate foods like white bread,cookies. Drink a lot of tea and water to make sure you are keeping yourself hydrated.Whole grains provide a lot more anti-aging antioxidants and they also provide one of the keyelements of a healthy skin diet - fibre. Fibre helps to keep your body clean by absorbing toxins andpractically scrubbing your intestines clean. This greatly helps your metabolism and alleviates strainon the liver. Another reason why fibre is helpful is that is absorbs fluids and fills you up quickly. Youare clean on the inside, giving your body a chance to focus on making you beautiful by bringing thehealthy nutrients to your skin, rather than having to stay focused on removing toxins and debrisfrom your body.Nutrition is a major part of how your skin looks. View your body as a machine: the food you eat isyour fuel. You wouldnt put diesel fuel in a petrol car, and likewise you shouldnt be giving your bodythe wrong types of fuel.* Drink plenty of water and green/herbal teas.* Take a really good multivitamin supplement or a supplement specifically for good skin, hair andnails! Or even better eat a very healthy diet that includes Omega 3 and Omega 6 found in Almonds,Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds, Grape Seeds, make sure you have plenty of Vitamin C - Broccoli, CitrusFruit, Rosehips, Parsley,* Use natural, Vegan Skin Care products that contain germinated grapeseed extract - the moleculesare so small that the oil gets absorbed straight into the skin making it moist and plump. Even betteruse products from Aloe Vera which specialise in the skin field with amazing research results.* Eat plenty of Organic fruit and Organic vegetables (get a variety).
  3. 3. * Eat oily fish such as fresh and wild mackerel and wild salmon (to get glowing skin).ExerciseExercise is also a very important part of great natural beauty care for the skin. A brisk walk in natureprovides you with fresh air and oxygen. It soothes your mind while you improve your circulation allthroughout your body. Great circulation again assists your bodies effort to bring nutrients to eachcell in your body and it removes any debris. Great muscle tone also makes you look beautiful. Afterabout 30 to 40 minutes endorphin levels will rise and provide you with a good outlook on life.Enjoy feeling healthy, happy and beautiful! Take care of yourself and enjoy your natural beauty.Stress increases toxins in your body so you will want to live a stress-free life - if you cant due toresponsibilities, relationship issues, or financial stress - meditate and enjoy yoga. Meditation andYoga are known to lower stress and create feelings of bliss. It lowers the cortical levels in your body,which by the way is often named as the culprit of belly fat.Tips* The best cleansers for the face are honey and olive oil. They will moisturize your skin and leave itfeeling glowing and gorgeous.* Organic Calendula Flower Water: Imparts mildness, anti inflammatory and anti bacterialproperties. It also improves skin tone and elasticity.* Organic Comfrey Root Water: Contains high levels of allantoin which speeds up natural cellregeneration, fights acne and other skin conditions.* Organic Nettle Water: Natural astringent.* Organic Witch Hazel Water: Natural astringent.* Germinated Sunflower Seed Extract: Contains effective antioxidants which protect against sun andenvironmental pollutants.* Germinated Red Clover Seed Extract: Contains free radical fighting polyphenols which help healand protect the skin and hair. Has been found by the National Cancer Institute to contain 4 antitumor compounds.* Germinated Grape Seed Extract: Germinated grape seed extract contains extremely high levels offree radical fighting antioxidants.* Essential oil of Grapefruit: Fragrant natural essential oil from grapefruit skin.* Essential oil of Pomelo: Fragrant natural essential oil from pomelo skin.
  4. 4. * Loincera Japonica Flower Extract: Powerful natural preservative extracted from JapaneseHoneysuckle.*Things like natural live yogurt and mashed banana are great for applying to the skin.*Pure vitamin E oil (available in health food stores) is great for treating blemishes and intenselynourishing the skin. Mix a 50p sized amount with a small amount of olive oil and whilst in the bath,massage into the face.*Dont use any bottled products on your skin!! This cannot be stressed enough. Most products(even ones claiming to be extremely natural) have chemicals that you shouldnt put on your skin!!*Do most of your cleansing whilst in the bath, when your pores are open and your skin is slightlymoist. Do not use harsh cleansers or astringents on your skin, use natural honeys and oils to gentlymoisturize and cleanse the face!*Do not pull and tug at your skin! Avoid touching your skin when you are going about your dailyactivities. When you are cleansing your skin use gentle massaging movements.The skin is the largest organ of our bodies and we should try our best to maintain it in the bestmethod possible!Many people who have a concern for their skin try natural products which adapt to their skin to getbest results. We live in a time where we hardly have time to go through the rituals to get beautifulskin so we resort to natural based products. To find out more of a magical power plant that providesus with everything our bodies need is here at the best to you all!