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This is a practical knowledge test paper for FMCG Sales professionals. Can be used to select

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FMCG Sales Quotient by Abdul Gafoor (

  1. 1. PROFESSIONAL QUOTIENT- SALES & Marketing Right person for Right job in Right time at Right place Please read the case carefully and analyse the case as per the answer sheet. M/s. A.B. Marketing is a stockiest for Unilever in Mumbai. The stocks dispatch frequency from C&FA (depot) to M/s. A.B. Marketing is weekly. The total beats available are 6. ‘A’ class outlets contributes 20%, ‘B’ outlets contribute 31.93% and ‘C’ & ’D’ class of outlets contributes balance each 29.72% and 70.48% respectively. Total outlets available in six beats are 310. M/s. A.B. Marketing has launched the OMO Super detergent powder. The placement norms of the product is ‘A’ class 24 pieces, ‘B’ class 6 pieces, ‘C’ class 3 pieces and ‘D’ class 3 pieces in every second outlet. The launch and after the sales trend is like this, launch week 2000 pieces, second week 2900, third week 3000 pieces and fourth week 560 pieces. At the end of the fourth week only 63.38% target achieved. The top 4 outlets sales and Stock Position figures of OMO as follows: Store Launch Week Sales 2nd Week Sales Stock At The End Of Stock At The End Of Name The 2nd Week The 4th Week A 18 14 16 2 B 24 21 18 4 C 29 36 12 8 D 36 14 14 2 TOTAL 107 85 60 16 M/s. A.B. Marketing has given two successive trade discounts of 8.33% and 8.33% during the launch of product. M/s. A.B. Marketing has got 6 salesmen. The total year callage and productivity of 6 salesmen as follows: Total calls available 14880. Total calls made 14865. Total productive calls 10405. Total secondary sales of the year Rs. 24.38 lakhs. Total brands sold for the year 11873 and range sold was 35620. M/s. A.B. Marketing total invoices value from C&FA to him Rs. 19.76 lakhs for the total year. The closing stock value at the end of the year Rs. 2.0 lakhs. M/s. A.B. Marketing investment for the year as follows. Average stock 2 weeks, Average market credit 8 days, unpaid stocks (cheque billing) Rs. 0.11 lakhs. Due to Company Rs. 0.13 lakhs and due from the Company are one-day secondary sales. Expenses 2.1% of Gross Profit. M/s. A.B. Marketing operated different local promotions to achieve the target. The promotions as follows. First two month 24+1 scheme, next two months 6+1 scheme, next two months 10+1, next three months 16.66% and last three months 3+1 scheme. After all the promotions from Head Office and local promotions, the cumulative secondary sales achievements were like this: February end 18%, April end 26%, August end 78%, November end 83% and the yearend December cumulative achievement was 91%. Mr. Rambo, sales officer was handling the M/s. A.B. Marketing since one year. He always feels that the capital town is the only requirement to appoint a new stockiest. Mr. Rambo supposes to send daily sales report, weekly sales log, Fortnightly sales log, monthly sales report, secondary sales, callage and productivity, Monthly claims monitor and stockiest wise budget v/s expenditure to regional sales office, in time. But always he got confused himself. What report sent and what not.
  2. 2. Mr. Rambo took this territory charge from Mr. Sambo one year back. Mr. Sambo was the best Sales Officer and was continuously achieved monthly targets of all 10 stockiest of his territory. He strictly followed reporting, working procedure and communication to stockiest and to RSO. Mr. Rambo working procedure is as follows: Sales officers’ monthly meeting with RSM will be held on 2nd of every month. In regional meeting RSM fixes targets, promotional schemes of the month. Mr. Rambo is very hard working; he spends two days in head quarters after the regional meeting and starts his touring one by one town. He will be back to headquarters before two days of sales closing. His days work after the regional sales meeting as follows: He visits the town, informs primary & secondary targets and promotional schemes to stockiest, works the market 50 calls per day, operates the schemes and in the second day evening after market-work he closes the stock and sales statement. __________________________x_______________________________x__________________________ > 90 marks : A+ -- Excellent > 70 marks : A -- Very Good 50-70 marks : B -- Good 30-50 marks : C -- Fair < 30 marks : D -- Poor Designed by S. A. Gafoor
  3. 3. Time: 60 Minutes ANSWER SHEET Name Position applied Q.1. Find the outlets classification number. A B C D TOTAL Q.2. Find the launch quantity of Second Product. A B C D TOTAL Q.3. What is the total launch target of second product? Q.4. Find the offtake. Store Name Offtake At the End Of Second Offtake In Next Two Total Four Weeks Week Weeks Offtake A B C D TOTAL Q.5. Two successive trade discounts of 8.33% and after 8.33% are equivalent to a single discount of.
  4. 4. Q.7 Average Calls Made Per Salesman Average Productive Calls Per Salesman Average Secondary Sales Per Salesman Average Secondary Sales Per Week Average Secondary Sales Per Week Per Salesman Average Brands Sold Per Salesman Average Range Sold Per Salesman Q.8. What Is M/s. A.B. Marketing’s (Stockist) Margin? Q.9 Gross Profit Gross Margin No. Of Rotations Investment In Stocks In Rupees Investment In Market Credit In Rupees Net Investment In Rupees Expenses In Rupees Net Margin Net Profit Return On Investment Q. 10. Calculate the different promotions percentages. Scheme % 24+1 6+1 10+1 3+1
  5. 5. Q.11. Calculate the actual monthly Secondary trend to achieve 100% target end of the year. (Time- lapse v/s target achieved comparison). Monthly Achieved Should Be Achieved Monthly February 18% April 26% August 18% November 83% December 91% Q.12. Criteria you follow to appoint a stockist. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Q.13. Prepare a reports submission check list format and a Separate format for Budget v/s expenditure, (A separate blank sheet enclosed for this). Q.14. what went wrong? Why Mr. Rambo has not achieved the targets. Is his working procedure is correct or not? Please analyse the case.