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Stakeholder presentation given to board members and invitees on June 28, 2010.

To our Stakeholders,

Thank you so much for joining us this evening. Thank you also for your patience and support during the past few years as we grew and developed as an entity.
Your continued partnership over the next years is critical to our survival as an organization and our ability to provide services to the residents and businesses of the Northeast community. You can help in a number of ways: by volunteering at upcoming events, your business or organization sponsoring an event, or even by joining our board! I look forward to working closely together as we serve the residents and businesses of Minneapolis.

Sincerely, on behalf of the board of directors,

Jamie Schumacher
Executive Director

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  • NE CDC - Stakeholder Presentation

    1. 1. Northeast Community Development Corporation - Stakeholder Board Meeting - June 28, 2010
    2. 2. Our Mission The NE CDC works to promote the economic development of Northeast Minneapolis in a manner that furthers the interest of both residents and businesses. What the CDC has done What are we doing What will we be doing Most importantly - what we can be doing together!
    3. 3. The role of CDCs - Varies from region to region, economy to economy - Economic development - Neighborhood organizing - Small business services - Housing
    4. 4. Northeast - 13 neighborhood organizations - NEMAA, NE Mpls Chamber of Commerce - Arts District & vibrant commercial corridors NE CDC - Northeast-wide facilitation!
    5. 5. NE CDC - History Serving the Northeast community
    6. 6. NE Futures - Phase 1 = dialogue - Northeast-wide Canvasses - Engaged community discussions - Produced a Community Vision Statement*
    7. 7. Central Avenue - Active in Central Ave Special Services District - Small business consulting and startup help - Paint and Fix programs - Safety on Central - Community Garden - Window Merchandising - Central Avenue Plan
    8. 8. Jackson St. Artist Housing - Arts Action Plan* notes sustainable artist housing - Community supported, community driven - Next to a commercial corridor - A huge project to tackle, moving to a new phase
    9. 9. NE CDC - Present - January 2010 = organizational transition - Board and remaining staff reinvigorated - New leadership, new direction!
    10. 10. NE Futures - Phase II - Moving from talk to action - Building on research done in past phase - Great work being done @ City/Gov’t levels but what can people be doing to help? - NE Futures = engaging the community at an individual level
    11. 11. Business Services - Helping businesses start, grow and thrive La Gran Columbia, Sen Yai Sen Lek - Tiered rates - NPs, NEMAA & Chamber members - Finance, strategic planning, facilitation, & more - Continue business recruitment
    12. 12. Arts District - We are actively involved with the Arts Action Plan & Arts District Committee - Working to improve artists as a business - Sustainability of the area
    13. 13. Commercial Corridors - Central Avenue B.I.D. (Business Improvement District) Lake Street Council, University United, West Broadway Business and Area Coalition, St. Paul Area Redevelopment Corporation (SPARC on Rice St.) - Partner with other CDCs and nonprofits - Move outward to help additional corridors (Not just Central)
    14. 14. Jackson St. Artist Housing - Partnering with Artspace* - Moving from ownership to rental model - Continuing to work/communicate with lenders - Fulfilling the Arts Action Plan - Community asset
    15. 15. NE CDC itself - Working on board development - Rebuilding sustainable organizational structure - Communication/Outreach (website) - Diversification of revenue streams - Continuing/developing strategic plan
    16. 16. NE CDC - Future - Meeting the changing needs of the NE community - Learning from past projects - Creating a more sustainable structure - Facilitating partnerships
    17. 17. Additional Areas - Business incubation and development (Working with Chamber, other CDCs.) - Redevelopment (807 Broadway, Hollywood Theatre, Porky’s, 2301 California Silos.) - Community endeavors (NE Futures, Cross-neighborhood Facilitation, Northeast Credit Union.) - Regional growth (Working with additional CDCs - SPARC, UABA, WBAC, LADV, Redesign Inc.) - Addressing underserved areas of NE (Mid-City Industrial)
    18. 18. Fulfilling Our Mission ...working to promote the economic development of Northeast Minneapolis in a manner that furthers the interest of both residents and businesses by: - helping businesses by offering needed services - serving residents by helping Neighborhood Orgs and providing hands-on volunteer opportunities - facilitation, support, development and more!
    19. 19. Our Success - depends on you!
    20. 20. Thank you!