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Final copyfeb newsletter

  1. 1. Purdue University Student ChapterAssociation for Women in CommunicationsComCOComCommunicationsOffering communication studentsa welcoming place to grow,connect and succeed. 2011Upcoming Events 2/18 Company Visit to Burson- Marsteller-Chicago Letter from the President C Dear AWC members, 3/8 Meeting: The Art of Magazine Publishing With graduation coming up in three months, I have a lot on my mind. Like what would I’ve done different four years ago, knowing what I know 6:30 p.m. now? How am I going to pay student loans? What if I dont find a job? And I have to say; the most stressful thing in the above topics is finding a 3/18 AWC’s Sarig Scholarship job. Applications Due (Check The number one thing I’ve realized in the last three months is finding a job out Page Three) isn’t ONLY about perfecting your resume (although it REALLY helps), writing the cover letter, interning, joining student organizations and getting straight A’s, it’s about networking. 3/28 Meeting- Cover Letter & Resume Workshop I really hate this buzzword. I do. It comes up all the time at career centers, classes, and conferences and in conversation, but it’s true, you MUST 6:30 p.m. network. After you’ve written the resume and cover letter, and built an *All meetings are in UNIV 303 online presence (e.g. website, LinkedIn, Twitter), you need to start attending professional luncheons, regional and national conferences, career fairs, etc. Continued on P. 3 Mission Statement The Association for Women in Communications is a professional organization that champions theapply to hundreds of jobsacross all communications disciplines by You can advancement of women online, but know that almost every one recognizing excellence, promoting leadership and positioning its or it’s goingthe of those jobs is going to someone the HR employee knows, members at to someone who can be recommended byof the evolving communications era. forefront an employee of that company. You wouldn’t set your best friend up with a guy you didn’t know just based on his Facebook interests, would you? So why would you be hired based solely on the resume?
  2. 2. lorem ipsum dolor issue, date Attention Members! Do you have an online portfolio, website or blog that you would like us to showcase on our website? Let us know by emailing us at purdue.awc@gmail.comGaining Communication Skills While Makinga Difference AWC Members’ SpotlightNicole Kowalczk  Meg Fingert, Meghan Denny, Julie Smith, and Irene Wang,AWC Treasurer have all been accepted into the London Summer 2011 Internship Program.For those of you who have never heard about EPICS, let me bethe first to tell you what a great opportunity it is for students to  Alejandra Sierra is participating in the Maymester in Chinagain real world experience and network. Yes, the acronymEPICS is fooling, because the program is not just for engineers. Program. And Kara Cook will beIn fact EPICS teams are in need of students from all majors,meaning us Liberal Arts students can have part of the Purdue studying abroad in Madrid, experience as well!  Meredith Barack is currently interning for Artistic Media Radio,When I signed up for EPICS I joined the HAITI team, simply which includes 96.5 WAZY, 95.7because the course description caught my attention over others. The Rocket, and 95.3 Bob FM. InDuring the first lab meeting I decided I would get the most out of less than a month she has alreadythe experience by tailoring what role I took to align with my learned how to record, edit, andmajor. One project on our team was building a marketing plan produce radio commercials. She hasfor selling Haitian children’s crafts to raise money for schooling. also helped with the advertisingI decided to be our team’s Recruitment Chair as well, which sales team, and learned about broadcast radio as well.meant extra meetings, but worth being a part of deciding whatstrategies and public relations EPICS would use for recruiting.  Valerie Petrey was selected to be on the Purdue Marketing & Media Student Advisory Board and is giving aThere are other teams in the EPICS program that have places for presentation on social media during CLA Career WeekLiberal Arts majors, and it helps LA students by fulfilling three 2011.credits for the Social Ethics requirement of the CLA Core. Lastsemester, four students from Lorraine Kisselburgh’s COM 491  Nicole Kowalczk spent 10 days of her winter break inreceived the William P. Corcoran Award in recognition of their Baudin, Haiti. While there she talked with the Haitianwork with EPICS. No matter what team it is, I believe students workers and played with the kids. She was amazed by howin EPICS develop the broad set of skills needed to be successful much can be communicated with little use of words. Thisin the changing global workspace and world. experience allowed her to have a greater heart for those in poverty.  Lauren Hausermann spent eight days of her winter break in Honduras. There she worked in a medical clinic and interacted with children at an orphanage. The experience allowed her to see how different health care is around the world and how good we have it here in the United States. 2
  3. 3. lorem ipsum dolor issue, dateThe Emma Bowen Foundation Recruiting is Underway for2011-2012Taylor Adams Industry NewsAWC Multi Media DirectorThe trick to getting internships is knowing where to look and not be afraid to lookoutside the realm of the most common searches. I am currently the Marketing & Paid or Unpaid, Time toPromotions intern for Comcast Spotlight, which is the ad sales division of Comcast. Evaluate PR’s Use of InternsI came across this opportunity with a company called The Emma Bowen Foundation.This foundation has helped hundreds of minority students studying media, connect To Call or Not to Call? Thatwith the internships of their dreams. One of the many GREAT things about the is the Question.internships they offer is that you have them until you graduate from college.In addition however much money you make, will be matched by the company you are Twitter ‘Investigative’interning for use as a scholarship. They even fly you out to New York City for fourdays to attend the Media Network Convention and network with reps from companies Journalism 101: The Syllabussuch as: NBC, CNN and The Today Show! This applies to minorities that are juniorsin high school through freshmen in college who are planning to, or are majoring in a You’re Only Human, and somedia related field. I also encourage you all to check out their website and review theapplication as they are currently recruiting new interns, but act swiftly as the are Interviewersapplication is lengthy and the deadline to apply is February 28, 2011. Purdue CLA Career Week Letter from the President continued… (Lots of stuff for COM Go out there and meet professionals in your field. AWC is a great place to start because we bring the connections to you, but it’s not enough. majors) Think about where you’d like to intern or work. Now, Google all the professional AWC’s PRSA’s, SPJ’s and AAF’s in that area. Figure out when their networking events are. Sign up, put on a suit, take business cards (not resumes) and network. Remember, networking isn’t about asking for a job, it’s about making the connection and building the relationship. When a job opportunity comes up, they will think of you. AWC Member of the Month…. Attend any networking events you can, and career fairs (even if they’re at another college). If you don’t want to stay in Indiana, the Hannah Kimberly professionals may know someone who could help you. The next two Major: Communication & BIG events coming up are CLA’s Career Week and the Big Ten Expo in Indianapolis, so test the waters locally. Psychology Year: Junior Good luck, Hometown: Saint John, Valerie Petrey President IN Plans for the future: After I receive my Sarig Scholarship Bachelor’s degree I plan to  Offered by the Lafayette Chapter every spring. continue on and get my  Must have two samples, two letters of recommendation, write Master’s degree in a 200-word statement and provide a recent transcript. Psychology. Fun fact: I have three first names.  You must be an official member, and be an incoming junior or senior in fall 2011.  It’s worth $500. For an application, email us! 3
  4. 4. President Special Events Coordinator Valerie Petrey Irene Wang @valeriepetrey @irenew0201 Multi-Media Director Vice President Taylor Adams Myriah DeBoer @T_TayJ @myriahdeboer Newsletter Editor Lauren Hausermann Treasurer @Lelyse14 Nicole Kowalczyk Alumni Relations Director @NicoleKowal Megan Fingert @MeganFingert Marketing Director Secretary Julie Smith @Julie_Smith55 Alejandra Sierra @ alesierra2424 Purdue AWC, Beering, COM Office 2114 100 N. University Street West Lafayette, IN 47907 Join us: Association for Women in Communications-Purdue University Like us: Association for Women in Communications Tweet us: purdueAWCInterested in writing or taking photos for the newsletter? Email Lauren Hausermann Interested