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Awc newsletter feb. 2010


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Awc newsletter feb. 2010

  1. 1. !"#$"%&'()"*+(,"$-./$01(231(4*/*"5(6"%'78(9:";/$( <%-*/$(%0('*%&'(8*(*"#$"(87$+(8*+*""*=1( ( ( FEB. 23, 2010 New T-Shirt Design AWC PURDUE STUDENT CHAPTER Sarig Scholarship How to Enroll for Relay for Life Applications and Study AWC members are eligible to apply for the When: April 10-11, 2010 Abroad Information 6PM-6AM Sarig Scholarship! Where: Purdue Campus • If you have your money be sure to turn it in Fundraising Goal: $300 • All applications are due March 12, 2010 How to sign up: Go to or drop it off in the Com Office, BRNG 2114 • You can turn it into Kayla Gregory in STEW Relay for Life click Join by Friday at 5PM existing team, Search for •Y o u w i l l n e e d t w o l e t t e r s o f Association for Women in • Our Advisor Dr. Stacey Connaughton spoke Communications, and then recommendation, your most recent type in your personal info. about her Study Abroad Program last transcript, a sample of your written work, When entering there is $10 individual donation meeting; for more info speak with her and write a short 200 word essay required however, you do or enroll at Purdue Study Abroad not have to pay that now. • We have extra copies! Just click join now, pay later. Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About!
  2. 2. February March April Upcoming Events We have a lot of things in store for you this semester in AWC. 25 9 10 - 11 Ice Skating Chapter Meeting -Relay for Life From Philanthropies to Adopt-a- 6pm 6:30pm, BRNG 1222 6pm to 6am Sport, AWC wants to get Cost: $6 involved and keep you -BOILER BLAST connected to the Purdue community. We hope to help you on your journey into the professional world with skills such as resume building and interview tips. So stay tuned for what’s next with AWC and be a part of an organization that is catered to your needs! ? - FUNDRAISER! -Company visit to Event Planner or PR firm President Multimedia Coordinator Secretary Association for Sarah Wartman Kristina Nuzzo Nicole Kowalczyk Women in Vice President PR Director Staff Advisor Valerie Petrey Julie Smith Stacey Connaughton Communications VP of Membership Special Events Coordinators TBD Myriah DeBoer & Sara Reed Purdue Student Chapter Treasurer Newsletter Editor Kelly McGinness Jessi Green With a new issue every two weeks, Join the Newsletter AWC is looking for a dedicated committee Committee! that is willing to put in a little bit of their time, effort, and creativity to make the We are always looking for fun new newsletter new and exciting every time. If members who are interested in a position on you’re interested in learning more, or want the newsletter staff for the Association for to get started right away, please contact our Women in Communications. If you’ve got an Newsletter Editor, Jessi Green at: interest in journalism, want to take pictures jjgreen@purdue.edu. of events and meetings, or just want a way to get involved, the newsletter is waiting for you!