Awc newsletter december 2009


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Awc newsletter december 2009

  1. 1. DEC. 1, 2009 AWC AWC Members help out the little kids at the annual Boo At the Zoo Philanthropy! Letter from the we assembled our very own city’s event planners. There float. Boo at the Zoo was a are two big opportunities that President fun experience where we got will be available for PURDUE AWC will be wrapping to help little kids and stay members. Applications for the STUDENT up its fall semester this week. connected with the Sarig Scholarship will handed CHAPTER I hope you can all join us this community. We conducted a out as well as exec Friday for our Christmas Party Bake Sale to help us raise applications for the AWC throws a party! at Myriah’s apartment at money. Most importantly, we 2010-2011 school year. AWC 7:30 and then to All Fired conducted meetings with will continue to have guest We’ve had a great semester and we want to Up! where we will be making guest speakers to help you all speakers at meetings to help celebrate! AWC is throwing a Christmas party for all pottery. It should be a great lear n more about your you build your resumes, time, and I look forward to desired field and help you improve your portfolios, and it’s members on December 4th starting at 7:30pm. seeing and getting to know develop skills that can land help you land a summer We’ll have Puccini’s pizza at Myriah’s, our Special all of you more. you a job/internship in the internship. Also, we will plan I am very proud of our future. some fun social activities for Event Coordinator (directions will be given later), accomplishments this We h a ve s o m u c h the spring semester. and then head to All Fired Up! at 9:00pm for semester. We successfully planned for next semester, I have had so much fun increased our membership and I hope ever yone taking over this organization “Midnight Madness.” Decorate some pottery and from last year and look to continues to be a part of the and getting to know all of socialize with your favorite communication girls! gain even more members next upcoming events. AWC will you. I am excited for next semester. For the first time in be participating in Relay for semester’s activities. It should recent hist or y AWC Life as well as Go Red for be a great semester. I want to A look inside: participated in homecoming Women. We will be wish everyone luck on their activities including window resc heduling our tr ip to finals and more importantly a Meet the new Exec Members 2 decorating and the Chicago to meet one of the safe and happy holiday. homecoming parade where Hope to see you next Events Recap 3 semester! Spring Preview 3 Member of the month for October/ Boiler up! Sarah Wartman November: Irene Wang Chicago Trip Update 3 President Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About!
  2. 2. Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About: Meet the new exec board members! Full Name: Myriah DeBoer Hometown: St. John, IN Major: Mass Communication Birthday: November 19, 1988 Favorite quote: "Well behaved women rarely make history." -Laurel Ulrich Thatcher An interesting/Unique fun fact: I am a HUGE Elvis Presley fan! Full Name: Julie Smith Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN Major: Communication - PR with double minor in French and Political Science Birthday: May 20, 1990 Favorite quote: "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." -Maria Robinson An interesting/Unique fun fact: I have climbed the highest mountain peak in the Bighorn Mountain range in Wyoming. Full Name: Nicole Kowalczyk Hometown: Glen Ellyn, IL Major: Communication with a minor in Art and Design Birthday: December 10, 1989 Favorite quote: "Life is short, but there is always time enough for courtesy." -Ralph Waldo Emerson An interesting/Unique fun fact: I'm a twin, my favorite cereal is coco puffs, I play water polo at Purdue, and I love the show Arrested Development. Full Name: Sara Reed Hometown: Jeffersonville,IN Major: Communication and Hospitality and Tourism Management Birthday: September 9, 1989 Favorite quote: “Say what you want and do what you feel because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.” -Dr. Suess An interesting/Unique fun fact: I went sky diving this summer!
  3. 3. Recent News Spring Preview: What’s in store for AWC With the semester winding down, AWC is gearing up for next semester. Our spring callouts will be here before you know it, not to mention our first chapter meeting and upcoming philanthropies. Here’s a look at what AWC has in store for the Under the starry night, there was a upcoming months as well as some Boo At The Zoo: Halloween party for children in Neverland in Columbian opportunities for our members to Helpers Step into Action Park. Although it was quite tiring standing for get involved! nearly three hours, the smiles on the On Wednesday, October 28th, children’s faces made it worth it. We were seventeen AWC members met at the parking surprised that so many kids came with their January 21st and 28th: Spring lot of Ross Ade Stadium dressed up as families that day, and they really enjoyed the callout dates. (Members do not pumpkins, cowgirls, ghosts and ghouls to participate in the annual Boo at the Zoo at night. have to attend callouts). Please There were about 600 volunteers for the spread the word and tell your Columbia Park. Boo at the Zoo. Compared to this number, The program started at 6:20pm. friends who are interested in what we did was so little, but we actually Volunteers were divided into different groups brought a fantastic night for the kids. Trick-or- joining next semester. for different games. Giving out prizes for the Treat, candies, fairy dust…all this will be kept fishing for pumpkins game, volleyball games in our memories with AWC members. We are Some special events we have and dressing up as the characters in the glad that so many members came to be planned are: Relay for Life, Go Disney stories, we travelled back to our volunteers. It was a blast. Rock on AWC! childhood with these little kids. Red for Women, a trip to Chicago Irene Wang, Member to visit a city planner, and a company visit to Indy. Bake Sale Recap We’d like to thank all of you who helped There will be applications for bake and man the table for AWC’s fall the Sarig Scholarship next semester bake sale! semester. This scholarship is Stationed just inside the Beering lobby on Wednesday, November 11th, AWC set up awarded annually to a member of shop and sold cookies, puppy chow, rice the AWC Purdue student chapter crispy treats, muffins, as well as other tasty by the Lafayette Professional treats. With one day’s work we were able to Chapter in memory of founding raise a good amount of money, and it was all member Frances Sarig.  thanks to your dedication to the organization. (as well as some hungry Purdue Students!) Exec interviews will take place Chicago Trip postponed at the end of next semester. If until spring semester being a part of our board is in For those of you who were planning on your plans, make sure to stay as going on the field trip to Chicago: involved as you can! Due to low numbers, the trip to Chicago to visit the city planner has been postponed We look forward to seeing you until next semester. Stayed tuned for more ladies at the Christmas party and information on when it will be rescheduled and thanks for showing interest in the trip. back here next semester with all We apologize for the inconvenience of this your friends! change.
  4. 4. President Multimedia Coordinator Secretary Association for Sarah Wartman Kristina Nuzzo Nicole Kowalczyk Women in Vice President PR Director Staff Advisor Valerie Petrey Julie Smith Stacey Connaughton Communications VP of Membership Special Events Coordinators Veronica Appleton Myriah DeBoer & Sara Reed Purdue Student Chapter Treasurer Newsletter Editor Kelly McGinness Jessi Green With a new issue every two weeks, Join the Newsletter AWC is looking for a dedicated committee Committee! that is willing to put in a little bit of their time, effort, and creativity to make the We are always looking for fun new newsletter new and exciting every time. If members who are interested in a position on you’re interested in learning more, or want the newsletter staff for the Association for to get started right away, please contact our Women in Communications. If you’ve got an Newsletter Editor, Jessi Green at: interest in journalism, want to take pictures of events and meetings, or just want a way to get involved, the newsletter is waiting for you! AWC PURDUE AWC, ROOM 2114 100 N. UNIVERSITY ST. WEST LAFAYETTE, IN 47907