AWC January 2011 Newsletter


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AWC January 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. JANUARY 2011 PURDUE UNIVERSITY Association for Women in Communications OFFERING A WELCOMING PLACE TO GROW, CONNECT AND SUCCEED.Letter fromthe President Happy Spring semester everyone! Asyou all know, I will be serving as yourPresident until this May. FormerPresident Sarah Wartman is finishingher last semester in Chicago. Iʼmexcited to tell you that Myriah DeBoeris now our Vice President, Irene Wanghas moved into the Special Eventsrole, and we have two new, bright andenergetic e-board members: MeganFingert as our Alumni RelationsDirector, and Alejandra Sierra as ourSecretary. Upcoming Events My goals for this semester are toreconnect with past AWC alumni tooffer better networking opportunitiesfor you, continue to hold professional • Jan 19: Call Outs • Feb. 15: So You Want to Bemeetings and exciting events, and on TV? Hosted by Jennyencourage and help each of you to find • Jan. 24: Cover Letter & Anchondo, FOX 59your professional persona! AWC is Resume Workshop, hostedmore than a club, itʼs a place to meet by VP of Sease, Gerig & • Feb. 25: Bowl for Kidsʼnew friends, professionals and build Associates Sake Philanthropyyour portfolio. Iʼm looking forward to a GREAT • Feb. 1: Professional • March 8: The Art ofsemester! Questions? Please contact Etiquette: From Dinner to Magazine Publishing,me at See you the Thank You Card hosted by Kara Bishop,all soon! Lafayette Magazine • *Meetings are in BRNG 2291 @ 6:30 Valerie Petrey, President “Nothing great Call Outs Are you interested in pursuing a in this world career in PR, Advertising,National AWC: can be Journalism, Media, Org. COM, Human Resources or anything accomplished between? Come check us out!Lafayette AWC: When: Jan. 19, without Where: BRNG 2291Purdue AWC: PASSION.” Time: 6:30 FREE FOOD
  2. 2. Spring SemesterOverview AROUND CAMPUS ••• At the beginning of the school yearAWC members told us they wantedmeetings that actually helped them.Meetings that involved professionalsboth in and outside of Purdue. So wegave it to them (Read more in the Holiday Partynewsletter to find out who came lastsemester)! This semester weʼre goingto continue to do the same thing! Weʼllcover areas we didnʼt get to in the fall,like HR, Broadcast Journalism, Melanie Woods from theMagazine Publishing, Media, Indiana Secretary ofAdvertising and much more! Donʼt State’s Communications Office speaking at anforget, AWC is all about embracing new October Meeting.communications media,webinars, etc, so youʼll always be in the Intern Queenknow, if you attend our events. We already have three professionals 3/8 weʼll host Kara Bishop- Creative meetings :) Furthermore weʼll belined up! Shelley Triol will conduct a Marketing Specialist for the J&C and participating in Bowl for Kidsʼ Sake, havecover letter and resume workshop on founder and Creative Director of fundraisers and several socials.1/24. As VP of Sease, Gerig & Lafayette Magazine.Associates and a former news anchor, So if you have a friend who doesnʼtsheʼs seen it all. On 2/15 we will host Oh yeah did we mention weʼre going on know about AWC, invite them to the callmorning reporter Jenny Anchondo from a company visit? Weʼre currently out or bring ʻem to the first meeting!FOX 59- Indianapolis! Sheʼll tell you how planning something really awesome, andto get your start on TV and give pitching weʼll announce it at one of our first Best,tips to the up and coming PR pros. On AWC Executive Board MEET AWC’S NEWEST EXEC MEMBERS Megan Fingert Alejandra Sierra Major: Public Relations Major: Organizational Communication. and Rhetorical Double minors: Psychology and Advocacy Organizational Leadership & Supervision Year: Junior Year: Senior Hometown: Camarillo, Hometown: Panama (Latin America) CA Hobbies: traveling, watching TV shows, Hobbies: writing, listen to music, hang out with cooking, ballet, guitar, friends singing, painting Fun Fact: I did river rafting in the Future Plans: Himalayas (India) corporate PR and/or Future Plans: Find a cool job as a publicity   Corporate Communication Manager and then once I gain experience, focus on non-profits.
  3. 3. WHO TO Industry News FOLLOW • Top 25 Grammar & Language Mistakes ON Writing “then” when you mean “than.” The first is a description of time—“I wrote the sales letter and then #TWITTER I wrote the advertisement”—while the other is used @CondeNastJobs when making a comparison—“I am more sick of this picky client than you are!” (Click to read the rest at @Helpaprproout @MTVNetworksJobs •Top Nine Sites to Bookmark for Your Career Search Approximately 84% of employees in North America plan to look for new jobs in @mashablejobs 2011, according to a recent survey by global talent management firm Right @BMGGlobalNews Management. Put them alongside those who are un- @BLASTmediaPR employed, and you have a whole lot of people search- NUMBERS ing for work. (Read more at The percent of new @AWCConnect AWC members • The Future of Human Resources & Social 66 @Ed2010News Media Some argue that human resources professionals are @PRSAjobcenter late-adopters when it comes to anything technology related, including social media. (Read more at Number of times Purdue AWC appeared in the press in 2010 Poll Results Favorite meeting of Fall ’10 • Need to Know: PR Employment is expected to rise 24 percent by 2018, making P.R. one of the fastest-growing 4 Semester? The amount of new professions. (Read more at followers AWC has on How to Work a Ca Twitter & Facebook reer Fair 323 20 %Tre n d y M i n d s P R & Attention Members:Advertising 40% Do you have an online portfolio, websiteWorking in Governm entCommunications or blog that you would like us to showcase on our 40%Creating a Linked website? Let us know by emailing us at In &Building a Website 60%!Hospitality & To urismCommunications 20%Choosing the R ightCOM Classes 40%
  4. 4. President Special Events Valerie Petrey Coordinator @valeriepetrey Irene Wang @irenew0201 Vice President Myriah DeBoer Multi-Media Director @myriahdeboer Taylor Adams @T_TayJ Treasurer Nicole Kowalczyk Newsletter Editor @NicoleKowal Lauren Hausermann @Lelyse14 Public Relations Director Secretary Julie Smith Alejandra Sierra @Julie_Smith55 @alesierra2424 Alumni Relations Advisor Director Dr. Stacey Connaughton Megan Fingert @MeganFingert Join us: Association for Women in Communications-Purdue University Like us: Association for Women in Communications Tweet us: @purdueAWCThe Association for Women in Communications is a professional organization that champions the advancement of women across all communications disciplines by recognizing excellence, promoting leadership and positioning its members at the forefront of the evolving communications era. Interested in writing or taking photos for the newsletter? Email Lauren Hausermann at you have any questions, comments or concerns, please donʼt hesitate to contact us at!