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The Pursuit of Safety
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The Pursuit of Safety


Published on

PUR3000 Class Campaign Project

PUR3000 Class Campaign Project

Published in: Automotive, Sports, Technology

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  • 1. The Pursuit of Safety Matt Schubert Andrea Diez de Onate Tiffany Miller Danielle DeJesus Alessandra Coche’
  • 2. Preview Videos
    • Engineering Amazing
    • Lexus LFA
  • 3. Engineering Safety/ Market Analysis
    • Lexus is engineering the future. Not only making our cars better and safer, but actually changing the future of automobiles.
    • -Whiplash diminishing seats
    • -Moves with human body in rear end collisions
    • -Dual chambered airbags to reduce minor injuries from deployment
    • -Renewable materials
    • -Aluminum-cast engines for cost/fuel efficiency
    • -Creating cars parts from castor oil, soybeans, corn,
    • sugar cane, bamboo and kanaf fiber.
    • Lexus previously held #1 luxury car title for 11 straight years, just recently relinquished to Mercedes-Benz.
  • 4. Target Market Analysis
    • Lexus, with the second-oldest customer (age 53, on average) among the 4 brands, also increased its percentage of buyers younger than 56 years old this year — 56.8 percent vs. 54.5 percent a year ago.
  • 5. Target Market Analysis
    • Lexus garnered the largest share of female buyers among the four premium brands (Mercedes, Audi, Cadillac) — 41.0 percent — but that percentage was slightly lower than last year’s 42.4 percent
  • 6. Target Market Analysis
    • Lexus posted the largest increase in average transaction price from last year. The average Lexus deal in the first 4 months of 2010 was $44,527, up $3,201, or 7.75 percent higher than a year ago.
  • 7. SWOT Analysis- Strengths
    • Internal Strengths: What we want to capitalize. (What we can control such as resources, money, brand building, assets, process; communication.)
    • Lexus is the luxury car leader in the American market and has been weathering the bumpy economy well. Profiting at $2.26 billion in 2010.
    • Lexus ranked #1 dealership service experience in America outscoring other luxury brands such as Cadillac, BMW, Acura, Jaguar, and Mercedes.
  • 8. SWOT Analysis- Strengths
    • It is a nationwide and now internationally known brand with over 180 dealerships in the US and dealerships in over 36 countries in Europe .
    • Lexus goal of being environmental friendly show in the work that they put into in their hybrid models .
    • Our cars always offer powerful, modern power machines with advance safety features.
  • 9. SWOT Analysis- Strengths
    • According to Lexus was the top leading car in design/style in 2010.
    • Lexus has the best quality control there is leaving no room for any mistakes.
    • Lexus always provides our customers with outstanding service during and after purchase.
    • Lexus is committed to making excellent technologic advances just for our customers.
  • 10. SWOT Analysis- Strengths
    • Lexus is a brand with very strong ethical values with a mission statement that states, “Lexus will win the race because: Lexus will do it right from the start. Lexus will have the finest dealer network in the industry. Lexus will treat each customer as we would a guest in our home.”
    • We promote luxury and lifestyle with our cars: You are the hero.
  • 11. SWOT Analysis- Weaknesses
    • External: (What we can’t control. Look at secondary data, that tells us about our environment, interests rates, industry data, competitive data, customer feedback, primary data, etc)
    • Lexus targets a selected audience due to the high priced luxury cars that not everyone can afford.
    • Lexus has a strong presence in the states with over 180 dealerships in the home market. It is often argued that they need to expand their cars to more international markets.
  • 12. SWOT Analysis- Weaknesses
    • There have been a few known problems in some of our hybrid models that needed to be recalled.
    • Owned by the car brand, Toyota, who has a reputation for not having very reliable and safe cars.
    • Lexus is dependent on the sales of units (cars.) With the slow car market, it could make a dent in the company.
  • 13. SWOT Analysis- Opportunities
    • Lexus has a reputation for manufacturing environmentally friendly vehicles that not only benefits our community but also the driver itself.
    • Since Lexus has come out with this new engineering system that is above and beyond any other safety features in cars, other auto brands can potentially buy the new engineering system.
    • Lexus is the best selling luxury automobile in the US since 2000.
    • Lexus’ customer feedback has always been relatively positive.
    • Lexus has been awarded best resale value in 2010 for luxury cars.
  • 14. SWOT Analysis- Opportunities
    • Becoming a Lexus owner opens more doors than ever before.
    • Lexus Owners receive a complimentary one-year Premier Online membership to Andrew Harper's elite travel service.
    • From coast to coast, Lexus owners can enjoy anextraordinary travel experience at top hotels
    • Discounts at different wineries.
    • Receive many different retail discounts as well.
  • 15. SWOT Analysis- Opportunities
    • Lexus sponsors many different professional golf athletes.
    • Lexus is very good when it comes to taking initiative to new technologies. With this new engineering system that will not only better the safety in their cars, but it can also open doors for other companies who are interested in buying this system as well.
    • Lexus has the opportunity to expand their market to other technology advancing countries.
    • Being Toyota’s luxury car brand separated from Toyota cars, it can open the door to potential new buyers.
  • 16. SWOT Analysis- Threats
    • Toyota had its recalls of 880,000 cars and since Lexus is affiliated with Toyota it could potentially harm the perception of how Lexus automobiles are made.
    • Lexus had a recall as well of one of their car models, their first small hybrid, HS250h in 2010.
    • With so much technology advancing who knows if there is going to be a substitute for cars in the future.
    • With the new engineering systems and safety features, this can lead to other car brands being “copy-cats” to this system.
    • With the new engineering systems and safety features, this can lead to other car brands being “copy-cats” to this system.
  • 17. Goal
    • To expand brand image to include Safety (environmental, driver safety) along with the Luxury image that is Lexus. Change the demographics attitude about the brand as well as raise brand awareness.
  • 18. Tactics/Strategy of the Campaign
    • Host a televised car show sponsored by the Lexus Pursuit of Safety campaign.
    • Promote the event via website and televised advertisements.
    • The car show will introduce the new and improved car Lexus is bringing to the nation in 2012.
  • 19. Tactics/Strategy of the Campaign
    • The car show will introduce the new features and technology that went into making the new classic car.
    • All proceeds from the car show will be donated to AAA a non-profit organization Lexus will be collaborating with.
  • 20. Tactics/Strategy of the Campaign
    • All brochure information will include the campaigns website.
    • Broadcast the car show via Lexus Pursuit of Safety campaign website.
    • This will give our target audience another channel to view the car show along with a chance to look into what exactly the Pursuit of safety campaign is all about.
  • 21. Tactics/Strategy of the Campaign
    • 2. Collaborate with the AAA organization in creating a Safety First convention to extend our campaigns reach.
    • Promote the convention via website, televised advertisements, ANRs (radio and local news channels)
    • Holding a convention in geographic areas where our target audience resides will give the campaign a better advantage on reaching the community with face to face meetings.
    • The convention will give the public a look into the technology used to build a better safer car for the world via televisions set up and face to face meeting with the technologies representative.
  • 22. Tactics/Strategy of the Campaign
    • The convention will also give our audience information on all aspects of safety and cars (Environmental, roadway safety, car buying safety)
    • We will give the community a chance to sign up for our safety news letter either via mail or email.
    • Hand out brochures about the convention. The brochure will direct the public to our website along with AAA website and explain the message of how important safety is to Lexus when it makes its cars for the public.
  • 23. Tactics/Strategy of the Campaign
    • Lexus will also have the new 2012 model on site so the public will have a chance to see the car.
    • We will have AAA write a review on our car and the cars technology and post it on their website and ours. (uncontrolled)
  • 24. Tactics/Strategy of the Campaign
    • 3. Collaborate with the Ritz-Carlton(AAA Five Diamond award winner) to target our demographic on a smaller scale.
    • Lexus will give a few of the new 2012 models to the Ritz-Carlton for its guest to check out and drive for the day.
  • 25. Tactics/Strategy of the Campaign
    • This feature will give our demographic a chance to experience the car and new safety features for themselves.
    • Inside each car will be a survey and information on the car and the cars technology, there will also be information directing the driver to our Pursuit of Safety website.
  • 26. Tactics/Strategy of the Campaign
    • 4. All owned media will be cohesive and include all of our collaborators.
    • Lexus will have a Pursuit of Safety Campaign website that will inform the public of Lexus effort to improve cars for the nation in the long run.
    • The website will have links to AAA and the Ritz-Carlton to give the public a chance to look into our collaborating efforts to improve the nation through safety awareness.
  • 27. Tactics/Strategy of the Campaign
    • The website will give a chance for the public to join or follow us on our social media sites, and give the public a chance to sign up for our safety news letter.
    • The Website will also give helpful tips on all kinds of safety and cars.
  • 28. Tactics/Strategy of the Campaign
    • 5. Employee/investor convention
    • Pull together all of our top Lexus employees (seller, managers)
    • Introduction of the car and car features to the employees and investors of the company
    • Convention will provide education to employees and investors about the innovative technology that Lexus is using in its new 2012 model along with future cars.
  • 29. Tactics/Strategy of the Campaign
    • Give employees a first look and test drive of the car.
    • During convention employees will have a chance to have first reactions video taped and posted on Lexus owned media sites.
    • Speeches made by heads of the company and inventors of this new technology used to build the car and a question answer segment.
  • 30. Objectives
    • Objective #1: To build Lexus’s credibility by promoting brand imagery through the Pursuit of Safety campaign by December 1 st .
  • 31. Objectives
    • Objective #2: To engage a younger audience between the ages 25-40 by incorporating AAA non-profit organization with the new Lexus cars to ensure safety by February 1 st .
  • 32. Objectives
    • Objective #3: Pursuit of Safety will hold a car show to business professionals and middle-aged people nationally, while promoting safety features of the new Lexus by March 1 st .
  • 33. Evaluation
    • The Pursuit of Safety will use Email tracking to keep track of our campaign as well as retrieving feedback from our customers.
      • As the customer views the Pursuit of Safety campaign website we will be able to track what they are viewing specifically from the link, the keywords used, and where they clicked using Google Analytics and Google Adwords.
  • 34. Evaluation
    • The Pursuit of Safety campaign will broadcast the car show off of our website and this will allow viewers to make comments, questions or concerns as they are viewing.
  • 35. Evaluation
    • Since we are promoting the car show via website, televised advertisements, ANRs including radio and local news channels, we would like these sources of media to share their thoughts before, during and after the convention. Everything is going to be recorded so we can review the feedback.
  • 36. Evaluation
    • Computing an AVE will be difficult considering this is being taken place nationally. After the convention is taken place, we will be able to compute the amount of media coverage including, radio, television networks, and television ads.
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