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  • 1. Happy Mother’s Day To: The Best Mom everFrom: The Best daughter ever, Alyssa
  • 2. This is to an amazing mom!!!Roses are red,Violets are blue,Flowers are pretty,And my mom is too!!!She is like my guide,Always shows me the way.And I just wanted to say………..Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!
  • 3. Quotes for my mom
  • 4. You’re a dependable source of comfort;Youre my cushion when I fall.You help in times of trouble;You support me whenever I call.I love you more than you know;You have my total respect.If I had my choice of mothers,Youd be the one Id select!
  • 5. Reasons why I love my mom• She has always been there for me• She is like a shining star, always guiding me• She is unique, the one, the only• She takes care of me• She has awesome fashion sense• She is an amazing chief• She helps me to be a betterperson• She’s the best mom in the world• And most of all, she loves me, for me
  • 6. I love you so much!!!! You will always be my Super Mom!!!!! You do heroic things everyday and I want to thank you for that.
  • 7. You are the best mom. You have raised your family so well. You deserve to be treated nicely and respectfully everyday. And I hope I will be a good mom like you are to us.
  • 8. I hope you loved my Mother’s Day present toyou!!! And I hope you have an amazing Mother’sDay!!!!!Love your favourite daughter, Alyssa And don’t forget……………………………….(next page)
  • 9. That I will always love you!!!!!!!!!!