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Mklink.medaka Mklink.medaka Presentation Transcript

  • THE LIFE OF REGGIEMy Medaka Story by Michael Klingensmith
  • DAY 1 Once upon a time there was amedaka egg named Reggie. He has been born for about 33 hours which makes him in stage 20.Reggie has no heart beat now since he was just born and he is just waiting to hatch. He has filaments,oil globule, somites, forebrain, and ayolk sac. All of these structures will help reggie survive and hatch.When Reggie was put into my life Iwanted to take care of him so well and he was going to look just like me. Reggie needs fresh spring water to live and to hatch.
  • DAY 2 This is the second day for Reggie to hatch. As you can see that there were no newstructures that we were able to see on Reggie on thesecond day. This was the first day that he had a heart beat though. This made me veryhappy as a parent. Reggie wasnow in the stage 24 because he is beginning to circulating. Reggie still only needs freshspring water everyday to live.
  • DAY 3This is when Reggie is startingto get the majority of his body structures. He gets the bloodvessel, swim bladder, fin, heart, spleen, and colored blood in stage 29. Reggie got a dorsal fin and a heart for him to swim better when hehatches. The fresh water is still being used to help Reggie survive. Im getting excited because Reggie’s hatching day is almost her.
  • DAY 4The two new body structuresthat Reggie get in stage 30 are the optic cup and the chorion. The optic cups areReggie’s eyes and the chorion is the outer layer of the body Reggie. Reggie still uses the fresh water and is very close to the hatching stage. He is now going to be able to see when he swims.
  • DAY 5 On day five Reggie’s new structure is the cytoplasm inthe egg of Reggie. He is on the 34th stage.The cytoplasm holds all of the otherstructures in place so the body is properly developed at the hatching stage. Reggie’s brain and head are getting biggerand better developed. All of his structures are getting verystrong for him to hatch and he will hatch very soon.
  • DAY 6For day six he got his pectoralfin which is above his stomach that helps him swim better once he hatches. He is in the35th stage and the next one is the hatching stage so in the next couple of days he will hatch and be able to swim around and be free. In this stage you can clearly see the full body structures under a microscope and Reggie isthere, but he is under the egg.
  • DAY 7 These are two structures that were on Reggie int the 34th stage and you can see that he really didnt change that much, so he is still in the 35th stage. He will probably hatch the next day or in a couple of hours and I’m so excited. Thestructures here are the mouththat let him eat and the caudal fin that holds the fins well sohe can swim very fast and the way he wants too. Im excitedthat my son will be born soon.
  • FINAL DAYThis was a great day, when myboy Reggie was hatched. Stage36. He looks exactly like me. It took eight days for Reggie tohatch for him to get out of hisegg and see me. Reggie is nowin a community fish tank withall of his friends and is starting his own life. He crew up so fast just like it was yesterday, but i know he can handle himself on his own.
  • RESOURCES• -Theslide share Japanese Medaka mitotic images embryonic development.• -The medaka fish books given to us in class.