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Medaka egg project by Jaelene Burkett

Medaka egg project by Jaelene Burkett






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    Medaka egg project by Jaelene Burkett Medaka egg project by Jaelene Burkett Presentation Transcript

    • Will his father find him?
      Does Nemo Survive?
    • What do Medaka eggs need?
      These fish need plenty of water at the right temperature.
      The medakas must have spring water in order to survive too.
      If they are placed in an area with other fish, they can die because the other fish will eat the medakas.
      These fish will eat flakes and freeze-dried food.
    • Day One
      Hello, I’m Nemo! I know I am not a clown fish, but my stupid owners like that name for a fish. Well, I was on stage 18(26 hours) the first day I am looked at. The light of the microscope was somewhat painful because they just left me under it for a long periods of time.
      I had a yolk sac, membrane, cytoplasm, filament, and an oil globule to start with.
    • Labeled Picture: Day one
    • Day Two
      Day two was just a normal day, but my eyes were starting to develop. The two circles in the picture are where my eyes will be.
      I still was not moving yet, but I have a heartbeat. It is under my body in the both this picture and the next one, though.
    • Labeled Picture: Day Two
    • Heart Beat: 68 beats/minute
    • Day Five
      I spent the weekend at the school. It was rather lonely because my owners didn’t take me out and visit with me.
      My body grew quite a lot. You can see my eyes better and my tail is starting to form there.
      I was so young then. Oh, the memories.
    • This is me…again
      My eyes have a space in between them instead of being morphed together.
      My tail was wrapped around me and the egg. I felt so cramped.
    • Labeled Picture: Day Five
    • Heartbeat: 129 beats/minute
    • Day Six
      I felt really good April 12. I started to curl around the egg even more for the room. In this picture, my owners discussed that I look like a reptile. I found this to be really funny.
      I am on stage 33 and this is 144 hours.
    • Labeled Picture: Day Six
    • Heartbeat: 144 beats/minute
    • Day Seven
      Heather wasn’t at school that day. It was just Jaelene, but she took care of me.
      I have grown considerably since the first day Heather and Jaelene examined me. My jaw has shown and my eyes are now a green tint and my tail is wrapped around the egg.
    • Pictures of Me!
    • Labeled Picture: Day Seven
    • Jaw Movement
    • Heartbeat: 144 beats/minute
    • Day Eight
      On April 14, I was almost hatched. I started to curl up even more and apply pressure to the egg. I wrapped around myself and made it nearly impossible for Jaelene to see.
      Heather was not there that day again. I was very upset and was worried. I didn’t want to be a child of a single parent.
    • I’m Nemo
      I had wrapped around the egg and curled up in preparation for hatching.
    • Heartbeat: 160 beats/minute
    • Labeled Picture: Day Eight
    • Day Nine
      I am finally free! It feels so good to swim around and not be crammed in my shell. I am fully developed now and am very healthy. I was the first medaka to hatch in Jaelene and Heather’s group.
      I am on stage 36 now and atleast 264 hours.
    • Labeled Picture: Day Nine
    • Me again…
      This is my caudal fin.
      My head and fins. I am swimming freely.
    • My old home
    • I am free!
    • Day Twelve
    • Thanks For Watching
    • Resources
      The JapeneseMedaka Carolina Biological Supply Company.
      Google Images to compare our fish to others and be able to label most things properly.
      Only Time by Enya
      Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift