Edible Cell Presentation


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Edible Cell Presentation

  1. 1. Edible Plant Cell Model Carter Lellock
  2. 2. The function of the cell wall is to support and protect the body of the cell as well as the organelles inside.We used fruit by the footto represent the cell wallon our plant model becauseit is long and thin just like a cellwall. Carter Lellock
  3. 3. The function of thecytoplasm is to providesupport for the overall cell, ameans of transportationthroughout the cell, andabase for which theorganelles are supported on.We chose Cool Whip torepresent the cytoplasm onour model because just like thereal cytoplasm, it provided a basethat we could put the organelles on. Carter Lellock
  4. 4. The function of the mitochondria is to make APT energy for the cell. It takes in elements and chemicals and in turn produces energy that the cell uses for various function like creating ribosomes.We chose Sour Patch Watermelons torepresent our mitochondria because theyare the same basic shape and they evenhave a pattern that is similar to the surfacearea pattern in real mitochondria. Carter Lellock
  5. 5. The function of chloroplast is totake in sunlight, water, andcarbon dioxide and processthose into glucose, which issugar, and oxygen. This isknown as photosynthesisand is crucial for the plant cellas well as the plant that the cellmakes up. The glucose is usedas food while the oxygen is awaste.We chose Hershey Kisses for our Chloroplastbecause we were able to easily recreateits shape with them. Carter Lellock
  6. 6. Nucleus• We used the Lindor Chocolates for the nucleus because it has a filling that can be used as the nucleolus.• The function of the nucleus is to store all the genetic information of the organism. Casey Washburn
  7. 7. Nucleolus• We used the Lindor Chocolates for the nucleolus because the filling is used for Nucleolus.• The function of the nucleolus is to produce and arrange sub units. Casey Washburn
  8. 8. Vacuole• We used the Fruit Roll- Ups for the vacuole because when you form them into a circle it looks like a pouch.• The function of the vacuole is to store materials such as waste. Casey Washburn
  9. 9. Smooth E. R.• We used the Fruit By The Foot for the Smooth E. R. because when you scrunch up the Fruit By The Foot it looks like the Smooth E. R.• The Smooth E. R. is the transport system with in the cell and it doesn’t have ribosomes. Casey Washburn
  10. 10. Golgi Body Golgi Body The Golgi body groups lipids and proteins together into vesicles. It then ships those vesicles in and out of the cell.We picked fruit roll ups because we could form the wavy look of theGolgi body. Brandon Douthit
  11. 11. Rough E.R.• The rough E.R. has ribosomes on it. Its job is to make proteins that the cell needs.• We chose fruit by the foot and skittles because it was the best thing we could use to represent it. Rough E.R. Brandon Douthit
  12. 12. Ribosomes• The ribosomes get info from the nucleus to make proteins.• We used skittles to represent ribosomes because they are small and round like ribosomes. Ribosomes Brandon Douthit
  13. 13. Lysosomes• Lysosomes act as a garbage disposal. They get rid of all cellular waste.• We used skittles to represent lysosomes because they are in a different location then the ribosomes but look the same. Lysosomes Brandon Douthit
  14. 14. Chromatin We used Swedish Fish to represent chromatin because we could make them stringy like the DNA-type structures. The chromatin contains some DNA of the organism. Kylee Knox
  15. 15. Cell Membrane We decided to use cake as our cell membrane because it would be a good base structure to place everything in our cell on top of it. The cell membrane protects the cell from it’s outside environment. Kylee Knox
  16. 16. Cytoskeleton We used Swedish Fish as our cytoskeleton because it looked like the actual cytoskeleton in a cell. The cytoskeleton is what helps the cell’s structure stay in place and maintain it’s shape. Kylee Knox
  17. 17. NuclearMembrane We used Fruit By The Foot to represent the nuclear membrane of our cell because we could put it around the nucleus very easily. The nuclear membrane protects and provides a barrier for the nucleus. Kylee Knox
  18. 18. Thanks for watching!  Kylee Knox