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  • 1. The Wonderful Life of Reggie the Medaka. By Dakota Lellock
  • 2. Reggie is a Japanese Medakafish. A fish that is good forlearning the growth of anembryo in the setting of aclassroom. We took care ofReggie for a week until he grewinto a young hatchling. Takingpictures of him along the way.He is now swimming freely in asmall container with fellowMedakas.
  • 3. Day 1: On April 7 our examinations of young Reggie’s life we snagged a picture that includes the oil globule, filaments, somites, forebrain, and yolk sac. Reggie is on stage 20 about 33 hours into his development cycle. Reggie is so far into his hatching for being day 1 because of the time it took when the egg was brought to us.
  • 4. Day 2: In this poor quality picture of Reggie not development can be seen. Although when looked for several seconds we saw that Reggie’s somites would twitch involuntarily.
  • 5. Day 3: Today much development can be seen in Reggie. It looks like he is taking a small nap. But a closer look shows that his heart is now visible with pink blood inside of it and a spleen, blood vessel, swim bladder, and dorsal fin have developed over a short weekend break.
  • 6. Day 4: On this day you have a much better view of a part of the embryo that has been there all along the chorion. The chorion is the outermost sac that surrounds the embryo.
  • 7. Day 5: Today Reggie seems to be more and more alive. The blood in Reggie is more visible throughout the embryo. It will not be long until he hatches.
  • 8. Day 6: I honestly can not tell what is going on in Reggie’s egg today. I think it is just a bad shot but when turned we could not find anything better. We should have tried harder. It could mean a lot if we would have found a better view.
  • 9. Day 7: Reggie’s blood is really visible in this picture along with his optic lens and yolk sac. Other than that no major development can be seen.
  • 10. Day 8: Hooray! Reggie hatched. He seems to be really energetic as he swims rapidly back and forth under the microscope. His mouth, jaw and dorsal fin are really visible in this picture. This picture of him has to be my favorite because he is finally hatched and we have made it through without a death.