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    Cell powerpoint Cell powerpoint Presentation Transcript

    • THE FISH CELL• The picture of the cell on this page shows all the different parts of a fish cell. By Nick
    • NUCLEUS• We used the Reese’s Cup™ to display the nucleus, as it has a membrane (chocolate covering) and an inside (Peanut butter) which acts as the nucleolus.• The nucleus commands the cell, telling the other organelles what to do. It also contains the DNA for the cell. By Ryan
    • NUCLEOLUS• For the nucleolus we used the peanut butter filling of a Reeses cup. We used this because the nucleolus is inside the nucleus.• The nucleolus helps build the building blocks of a cell.Cannot be seen By: Jacob
    • NUCLEAR MEMBRANE• We used the Chocolate covering in the Reese’s Cup as the nuclear membrane. We used the chocolate covering as the nuclear membrane because it acted as a membrane for the peanut butter(nucleolus) just like a real nuclear membrane.• The Function of the nuclear membrane is to cover and protect the nucleus. By Greg
    • CHROMOSOME• We used the grains peanut butter for the chromosomes, which could be found inside the cell.• The chromosomes are were hereditary is kept in the cell. By Nick
    • MITOCHONDRIA• We used frosting for the mitochondria because it can be used to make any shape.• The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, providing ATP (energy) for the cell. By Ryan
    • LYSOSOME• For the lysosomes we used purple skittles, we used skittles as lysosomes because skittles look similar to lysosomes.• The purpose of a lysosome in a cell is to break down materials. By: Jacob
    • ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM • We used Fruit Roll Ups as the endoplasmic reticulum because we could fold it into the same shape that E.R. takes. • The endoplasmic reticulum is responsible for the making and transportation of proteins within the cell. It also make lipids which are fats.By Greg
    • RIBOSOMES• We used M&Ms as our ribosomes in our cell. We used M&Ms as ribosomes because they represent what ribosomes look like in a cell.• The ribosomes make protein for the cell. By Nick
    • GOLGI APPARATUS• We used a fruit by the foot to display the golgi apparatus, as it looks similar to the organelle by the way we folded it.• The golgi apparatus packages things in the cell By: Ryan
    • CYTOSKELETON • For the cytoskeleton we used chocolate chips inside the cake. We used the chocolate chips because it supported the cake. • The cytoskeleton provides support in a cell.Found inside cake By: Jacob
    • VACUOLE• We had shaped icing into the shape of a vacuole.• Vacuoles in animal cells store food, water, waste, and mineralsBy Greg
    • CYTOPLASM• We used the frosting as the cytoplasm of the cake.• The cytoplasm helps hold all the organelles in place in the cell. By Nick
    • WHAT YOU LEARN• In this PowerPoint we learned about how all the different parts of a cell works. We also learned how they can be represented in our edible cell. By Greg