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Brand generosity kindle edition slide_shares_pdf


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In order to build strong brand resonance (Keller's Brand Equity Model), a brand has to accomplish its holistic mission on growing both 'HEAD' and 'HEART' sides of the brand. …

In order to build strong brand resonance (Keller's Brand Equity Model), a brand has to accomplish its holistic mission on growing both 'HEAD' and 'HEART' sides of the brand.
We must shape how customers think (HEAD) and feel (HEART) about your product. A long term engagement or meaningful relationship mus be the orientation if we want to build the right type of experiences around your brand, so that customers have specific, positive thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions, and perceptions about it.
Head side also represents the logical judgment of customers toward brand performance. Unfortunately achieving good score on head side doesn't mean that the brands will automatically gaining the brand resonance and win the market share. The emotional bank account between brand and customers also must create positive balance as result.
Fact says that "95% of customers purchase decision driven by Subconscious Mind" – Gerald Zaltman (Harvard Business School). That's mean heart side or unconscious part of customers mind play very important role on customers decision on purchasing goods or services. Brand with huge deposit on emotional bank account will gain more advantages rather than the brand which focus only on head side. Customers are bombarded with thousands of brands everyday, and they have to pick one or several of them in an instant time. Only brands with the strong emotional connection resonance the Amygdala and always come up as the first choice.
Just like us, the customers are being picky on with whom they will build their emotional relationship. They will prioritize someone who benefit them rather than others who make so many emotional withdrawals. Any type of relationship, whether it is between family members, people we work with, friends, or customers we serve, takes a lot of work to maintain and build upon. And much of the cement that improves our relationships is developing trust, compassion, and acceptance of the other.
Generosity is a code that acceptable by any kind of people. In this book we will find practical ideas that bring the brand generosity spirit as part of its brand messages delivery strategies. It works effectively to open up a conversation between brands and customers with stay becoming lovable brand.

Published in: Marketing

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  • 1. Brand Generosity
  • 2. Brand Generosity by Saiful Islam @saifulism ISBN 9781301856145 Kindle Edition, License Notes Copyright ©2013 by Saiful Islam All rights reserved
  • 3. Introduction In order to build strong brand resonance (Keller's Brand Equity Model), a brand has to accomplish its holistic mission on growing both 'HEAD' and 'HEART' sides of the brand. We must shape how customers think (HEAD) and feel (HEART) about your product. A long term engagement or meaningful relationship mus be the orientation if we want to build the right type of experiences around your brand, so that customers have specific, positive thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions, and perceptions about it. Head side also represents the logical judgment of customers toward brand performance. Unfortunately achieving good score on head side doesn't mean that the brands will automatically gaining the brand resonance and win the market share. The emotional bank account between brand and customers also must create positive balance as result. Fact says that "95% of customers purchase decision driven by Subconscious Mind" – Gerald Zaltman (Harvard Business School). That's mean heart side or unconscious part of customers mind play very important role on customers decision on purchasing goods or services.
  • 4. Brand with huge deposit on emotional bank account will gain more advantages rather than the brand which focus only on head side. Customers are bombarded with thousands of brands everyday, and they have to pick one or several of them in an instant time. Only brands with the strong emotional connection resonance the Amygdala and always come up as the first choice. Just like us, the customers are being picky on with whom they will build their emotional relationship. They will prioritize someone who benefit them rather than others who make so many emotional withdrawals. Any type of relationship, whether it is between family members, people we work with, friends, or customers we serve, takes a lot of work to maintain and build upon. And much of the cement that improves our relationships is developing trust, compassion, and acceptance of the other. Generosity is a code that acceptable by any kind of people. In this book we will find practical ideas that bring the brand generosity spirit as part of its brand messages delivery strategies. It works effectively to open up a conversation between brands and customers with stay becoming lovable brand.
  • 5. Table of Contents Chapter 1: The Brand Generosity, the Greatest Branding Trick Ever Chapter 2: The Art of Mastering Customer’s Mind and Emotion Chapter 3: Emotional Branding As an Important Pillar in the Marketing World Chapter 4: Digital Lifestyle Invasion is the Right Momentum in Shifting the Branding Paradigm Chapter 5: Shifting Branding Paradigm from "PUSH MEDIA" to "PULL MEDIA" Chapter 6: Trick #1 Subliminal Advertising Chapter 7: Implementation of Subliminal Advertising in Various Advertising Media Chapter 8: The “Unintended Syndication” of Subliminal Advertising Chapter 9: Trick #2 Brand Utility: ‘A Highway to Build Trust on Customers’ Chapter 10: Designing Brand Utility Type Suitable for Common Society Chapter 11: Brand Utility Advantages
  • 6. Chapter 12: FREEMIUM Quality is the Main Factor of Brand Utility Success Story Chapter 13: Understanding the Six Brain Facts for Mastering Brand Utility Chapter 14: Trick #3 Anchor Branding: “Manipulating the Emotional Connection” Chapter 15: The Five Stages of Anchor Branding Techniques (A-B-C-D-E) Chapter 16: Above All Content is Still a King Chapter 17: Conclusions About the Author Bibliography Table of Figures
  • 7. Chapter 1 Brand Generosity, the Greatest Branding Tick Ever "Usual Suspect”: The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist... We never realize that so many great brands have shaped and controlled our mind and perception. They just can easily playing our emotions then lead customer behavior. I’m not going to debate these strategies is good or evil, but one thing for sure that these three branding methods are awesome. Subliminal Advertising, Brand Utility and their combination Anchor Branding did a pretty good job on exploit the Brand Generosity. There are so many people that refuse to believe
  • 8. that those techniques have ability to modifies behavior invisibly, channels basic value systems, manages human motives, playing their emotions with major purpose shaping customer’s mind and perception. The brand messages are being bombarded at customers continuously throughout the day, through books, movies, magazines, television, radio, gaming, music and others medium without irritating the consumers. And we feel there is nothing wrong with that and it is like we loosing something if not engaging with them. That is the key of awesomeness of those techniques, using the Mask of Generosity. While we are being mesmerized with the generosity and kindness of the brands, they can deliver the brand messages to our mind freely and remain unnoticeable. And these paralyze our critical thinking and consciousness, slow but sure these tricks work on change behavior of consumers. Then how can something that we don't notice affect customer behavior? Well, unheeded doesn't mean unseen. Simply let us first understand how our perception works. As we know, our
  • 9. mind consists of two interacting parts: conscious and subconscious. The subconscious part of mind operates below the level of conscious awareness; it controls reflexes, automatic functions and handles the processing and storing of incoming information. Sub consciousness is able to process 20,000 bits of information simultaneously, while consciousness can deal only with 7 ± 2 bits of information at the same time. Subliminal Advertising, Brand Utility and Anchor Branding play on the Subconscious Mind zone with their great engaging concept. And throughout this book we will accompany you understand the tricks, the awesome and loveable Devil Tricks. Back to top
  • 10. Chapter 2 The Art of Mastering Customer’s Mind and Emotion “Civilization Might Have Changed, Marketing Technique Might Also Evolved But Not For Emotion” Marketing world is a very dynamically growing space with no exceptions towards branding strategy which has become an alteration engine. Different era therefore different system used. Branding Strategy involved quite many disciplines of knowledge towards its practice. Starting from the Marketing disciplinary itself, neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, anthropology, art and design, mathematics, physics and many others.
  • 11. That don’t stop just there, the growth of media and technology alter the face of today’s branding techniques. The most noticeable transformation primarily is the Branding Strategy which evolved through the development of interactive media used by customers. Humungous revolutions also happened in the digital world that drives telecommunications gadget becoming more sophisticated at affordable prices. Smartphone that flooded various classes, from premium to the “wannabe smart gadget” has also becoming the master mind behind it. The existence of this smart gadget immensely influences the customer interaction model, either between them or as an already existed new interactive media. Although the interactive media has immensely changed, one thing that has not completely change is the human’s emotion. Back then when people smile and do good things will make us feel comfortable, those things are also still applied till today. The rules are also applied when people being cynical to us, hurt
  • 12. our feeling or betrayal will make us mad and try to avoid that person. In definition, emotion is an intense feeling showed to a certain person or something. The word emotion is a derivative from a French word “emouvoir” which means happiness, from Greeks word it is “emovere” which consist of e- which means “beyond” and movere which means move. In Biology, all emotions came from our nervous limbic system which is at about the size of a walnut and it is located behind brain stem. Thus, it can be used as one of happiness indicator of a person. A human will tend to feel happy if his or her limbic system is not in an active condition. In other words, if there is a depressed individual or receiving negative information stimuli will definitely make the system active.
  • 13. Figure 1: The Amygdala in Our Brain The same stimulus can have various respond towards different person. Experience and personality of a person will shift the point of view of a person toward a stimulus. Charles Darwin in his book “The Expression of the Emotions on Man and Animals” stated that emotion developed over time to help human solved problems. The development of emotions is immensely affected by varieties of events experienced by human and how he/she address to the matters.
  • 14. Figure 2: Charles Darwin: The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals This goes the same towards the relations between customer and brand. Brand is a stimulus which can be addressed variously by customers depending on all kinds of events experienced by customer towards it. If brand always gives what it has promised to the customers (brand promise), and even exceeds beyond customer
  • 15. expectation then it will create a positive respond and experience toward them. If a person already feels a lot of positive experience towards a certain brand, automatically he/she will feel comfortable and will easily trust the brand. The real form of a commitment is the existence of loyal utilization towards the brand in the future or either as a future intention. That doesn’t stop just there, when the emotional connection between the brand and customers is strong, in other words used by teens is the presence of "chemistry" between the two existed, customers will be eager to share their stories and experiences about the "harmony" and all good things about a certain brand towards family, friends or relationships. If there are rumors saying something skewed about the brand, loyal customers will not hesitate to defend it vigorously, even though we never paid them for to do such thing just like a man who courageously defended his loved one and dismissed any gossips that descend on his soul mate. Strong emotions have
  • 16. already established a firm connection between the brand and customers where it effectively resulting Brand Advocacy. Opposite situation can also occur and this happened when quality of goods and services is beyond from what is expected by the customer, so you should never ever expect customers to have loyalty to the brand. It may be that by remembering our brand will only evoke negative emotions. Every time we see Brand advertising plastered on billboards or on the streets they would immediately recall a "disgrace" story to the person next to us about the brand. If we keep on disappointing them often, no matter how many beautiful memory that ever lived inside their mind, what they will only remember is the bad experience they ever had towards the brand. That’s the interesting part of human’s emotions, no matter until when it will tend to have resolute character. It will only build a relationship with people that made them only feel "comfortable". As if there was never an apology once he or she
  • 17. is hurt. Apology could have gone out from our mouths but the name and all the bad memories will be hard to be forgotten. This could be the reason why the art of emotional relationship between a brand and a customer, or better known as "Emotional Branding" is one of the most important techniques without putting aside other marketing elements. It is not about the name or a brand which is important but positive reputation of the name becoming significantly substantial. This matter is directly correlated on consumer beliefs. When we refer to the name of a brand, and able to evoke positive emotions towards customers, they will become crucial assets that decided the brand’s triumphant. If companies like Coca-Cola, KFC or Mc Donald worldwide were crushed, they will not take a long time to be back on their feet. They will not be completely empty even though they are ruined physically. Because people still want and missed the positive moments with them. The case will unlikely be different when a brand has a rough emotional connection with its customers, no matter how
  • 18. sophisticated the technologies they have, how genius the people behind the R & D department, and how wide its distribution network even if it reaches the north or south pole, if all the customers just remember emotions and negative experiences from the brand, without anyone burning or knocking down the brand, it will collapsed by itself. So that's what makes a strong reason why "Emotional Branding" became one of the branding strategies which is acknowledged for its effectiveness. Back to top
  • 19. Chapter 3 Emotional Branding As an Important Pillar in the Marketing World Noticeable difference between Emotional Branding with marketing technique and even traditional brand communication is the approach methods which is tend to be more people focused than product focused. It was Jack Trout who inspired this method of approach with his book "Positioning" published in 1969. In 1981 he gathered Al Ries to publish a book called "Positioning - The Battle in Your Mind," which then became many guide books around the world and best sellers.
  • 20. Preexisting “Positioning” concepts were perfected in that book which later becomes a "Positioning Statements" where the more detailed development was explained in the Crossing The Chasm book. The Framework of "positioning statement" includes identification of these elements: For Whom (target customer), Who (statement of the need or opportunity), The (product name) is a (product category), That (statement of key benefit - that is, compelling reason to buy), Unlike (primary competitive alternative) Our product (statement of primary differentiation). Figure 3: Marc Gobe, the actor behind the rising concept of Emotional Branding
  • 21. Although Emotional Branding terminology itself already exist in 1980’s, it becomes popular after Marc Gobe stressed out the importance of it through the book “Emotional Branding: A new paradigm for connecting brands to people” in 2011. “Shocking Fact: 95% of customers purchase decision driven by Subconscious Mind – Gerald Zaltman (HBS)” My love towards emotional branding is actually triggered by the research result conducted by Gerald Zaltman, a renowned professor from Harvard Business School in one of his most famous publication "How Customers Think, Essentials Insight into the Mind of the Market". One of his phenomenal statements and attract the marketing world attention are as follows: "Traditional market research over-relies on consciousness - in other words, on Rationality, economic logic, and verbalization. However, in consumers' purchasing choices, 95 percent of the decision-making process takes place below the conscious level. " In other words, instead of using conscious mind 95% of the consumer's decision to purchase was based on his/her
  • 22. subconscious mind. The results arouse curiosity from many levels both of businesspeople, marketers and as well as scientists from various disciplines. Many disciplines from various knowledge including Neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, anthropology have been deployed in order to search for better understanding on the mechanism of human mind, both conscious and subconscious. It was the design of subconscious which played a big role toward the development of human being, including emotions. How one has reacted towards a certain stimulus is a reflection on how subconscious mind map has been developed inside his/her brain. That is why science that digs up a better understanding of human subconscious has become extremely important. It was uncountable on how many billions of dollars had been spent for a well known R&D companies in the world and scientist from many disciplinary just to uncover the secret of human’s subconscious mind. But, for marketers, they only have one objective and that is how to read mind and human’s
  • 23. behavior where then they can formulate an effective branding strategy that could connect the brand and costumer in one positive emotion response. The mission is to become predominant inside customer’s mind (mind share) where action to buy or purchase is reflected through the market share and they are committed purchasing goods in the future (future intention). Tentative research has been showing that subconscious mind can’t be shaped instantly by just being dependable in one way communication method like what has been taught in classic branding strategy of above the line marketing campaign as of today. Daily ritual is needed consistently in building a strong emotion relationship which actively involved customer in a longevity engagement or engagement in a very long period of time to implant the meaning of a brand. In a specific manner that study neuroscience of the brain it is called myellinazation or a way to form myelin case within dendrites bond as a sign that a memory has been strongly developed until at level of behavioral conduct. Branding is a
  • 24. way in creating dendrite towards customers and interconnected them until they are strengthened by myelin case which is called engagement. If it’s converted in our terminology is that branding is a way to make costumer define the brand meaning rightly according to the gut feeling they experienced at the level of behavioral engagement. It can be said that Branding Strategy will only works well if we follow the rules on how customers think and behave, how they are thinking, their minds designs (both Conscious Mind and Unconscious Mind) as well as up to the context of how their behavioral actions are formed. Customer insight knowledge is a visible study which can be answered by several studies that I have mentioned before. Simple experiment conducted by Ivan Pavlov on stimulus- response conditioning formula, and Kurt Lewin’s Behavioral Equation is a powerful direction towards shaping consumer’s subconscious mind and behavior. Added with the "Survival of the fittest" from Charles Darwin will explain how the human
  • 25. ability able to adapt to the conditions in which he/she lived. Environment or context is instrumental played a role not only at the level psychologist nor at physiologist level in shaping human behavior pattern. Figure 4: Ivan Pavlov achieved Nobel Prize through an experiment that studied the "digestive system" of his beloved dog. Old marketing paradigm mostly just focusing on doing "probing" or an attempt to gain customer insights and images of human daily behavior patterns formed by the environment. After getting an overview of the customer there is an attempt
  • 26. to insert a brand in different ways so that it becomes an important part in customer behavior patterns. When the "niche market" has experienced saturation or weary in the interstice of human beings daily behavior with "Brand" stuffed by the marketer, they begin to start thinking no matter what on how to insert Brand. Henceforth, a technique that is very much contradictory and against the current was found, and that is by manipulating an environment to direct customer in forming new behavioral pattern according to what marketer desire. This is called conditioning or to condition the occurrence of something to expect certain behavioral patterns. It was like when everyone is running towards Zig, the revolutionary marketer will drive or change direction to Zag. It means that there is more niche market which can be entered with the existence of new behavioral pattern. On the other hand, big companies still just rely on their massive marketing budget, which resulted in excessive ads and showing off brand endorsers against one another. The main
  • 27. characteristic of lacking creativity is when marketing communication budget is more dominated by spending on paid media advertising such as television or newspapers, whereas customers already live a digital lifestyle. The societies have already chosen rapid mobile lifestyle where they carry gadgets that get smarter and gadgets prices which are getting cheaper. Figure 5: The dead of old school advertising illustration Out of date advertising techniques or conservatives have already been left behind due to the distrust of costumers (degree of trust degradation) in the developed countries. More precisely for paid placement advertising in the media.
  • 28. Advertising that is obvious in selling goods was increasingly shunned and rejected by public. There are times that it is still seen or heard when it was interestingly executed. This is good for "grabbing people attention", but if you hope that customer still ‘engaged’ by its long persuasive messages conveyed, it rather seems to be impossible. Attractive ads in their presentation and able to touch emotional part of consumers definitely are many, but who can really maintain feelings of that consumers to still have a passionate desire to goods or services that we offer becomes the difficult part. Else, the numbers of customers which can be driven up to the level of purchasing action can be counted with fingers. It is quite natural, because the mass media typically used are inherently simplex or only offer a one-way communication. On the one hand we want to get people familiar with the product, and also at the same time we seem to forbid people to "ask" interactively to us about it. Actually we are not forbidding, but the media does not allow the customer asked back due to the
  • 29. character or model of the media that only allows unidirectional interaction. As an alternative to anticipate media questions, advertisers typically think short by bombarding excessive ads materials so that consumers do not need to wonder anymore with the products. The fact shown that consumers are becoming increasingly confused by the amount of information received. There is actually another alternative that can be done where the producers or advertisers create ads with longer duration can still deliver the message queued sequentially to customers and easier to understand. Still, there will be payable consequences for by advertisers to pay for the extra stretchy ads slots. Imagine if 1 slot of ads through TV broadcast during prime time reaches $30,000 /spot at around 15-30 seconds, how many more tens of millions will we dug out of our pockets to pay for overage slots. Audiences might not see the ads due to the habit of zipping and zapping their channel on ads time.
  • 30. Surely this is a dilemma faced by advertisers over two things which are enough for them to squeeze the juice out of their brains. If the ad is too short then the information delivered is unclear and ineffective, it means that they have gone into another advertising spending vain. When the Ad is lengthened the message conveyed is effective, but advertisers will giddy up due to the ample amounts of cost for additional ad slots. Sometimes advice from the wise man appears as a guide on how to advertise. "Less is more" or the art to convey message as simple as possible but still meaningful is really something that is holistic and highly idealistic. It could be that out of a thousand ads only one ad that has the ability to be as powerful like the art to convey message. “High Level Ads” is generated from people who are very genius in advertising, just like a masterpiece that does not appear very often. They are people who are able to combine the two concepts at once between idealism and pragmatism. Practitioners and marketer advertising geniuses like James
  • 31. Vicary did not came up every day. A person who gives just a little touches on the ad but can increase sales up to a few tens of percent. Instead of thinking of being a genius, it would be wise if we re- focus and devote our energy to think about branding strategies that can accomplish our goal, which can perform a more effective customer engagement, shaping on a positive customer perception with a more efficient budget. When we finally get to understand the function and character of the ads media for our brand, but we still remained adamant that he will succeed in our goal, when we actually know very well, that in reality ads media of mass media clearly not support the strategy. It is strange that we are still doing the same thing over and over but still keep on hoping there will be different results for it. Albert Einstein once said, "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." Roughly it means very unlikely that we are able to solve a problem if we are still struggling on earlier
  • 32. perspective at the first time current problem arise. It means we need a view from a different perspective on the matter to find the solution of existing problems. If we still assume that branding through paid media to be able to perform super multi tasking that attract public attention, maintaining an engagement and at the same time also shaped customer perception is a thought that is not very realistic. And it is very bizarre if for example we already know that's not realistic, but we keep on doing the same thing. There are at least four essential elements that must be carried by communication media so that it can be effective. The marketer and advertiser usually called it AIDA model. AIDA itself stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. This model also briefly describes how the stages of the sales process starting from grabbing Attention up to occurrence of an Action in the form of customer’s purchase decision. Explanations of the four models are as follows: Attract for Attention: This is the first stage and the most vital in the AIDA model utilization. In this phase, an ad must be able to
  • 33. attract customer’s attention so that customer developed curiosity to be able to go to the next phase. This phase served as a phase "Amygdala Love It". Amygdala (Corpus Amygdaleum) is a set of neurons which looks like almonds shape located in the brain’s medial temporal lobe. This section is part of the limbic system, which plays an important role in the process of emotion. Something stunning, surprising or unusual will be responded by this section. If by the phase of Attracting Attention an ad failed to resonant Amygdala, then most likely there will not be a continuous phase to produce the process of creating interest. Create Interest: This phase is the phase of giving information in such a way as to be a tempting offer for customer. This means that information also invites customers to know more about the offer given. However, this phase is more likely to only provide information of interest, and does not have enough power to convert to a purchase. Kindle Desire: at this stage that the marketer has to be able to link the interest which has been built with the need and wants
  • 34. of the customer. The goal is to convince the customer that he/she has a perception that her "need and wants" can be met by using the product or service and it is better than what is offered by competitors. Take Action: based only upon to the fact that customer has been convinced of the benefits of a product and also have the desire to buy means a sudden purchasing decision will automatically pop up. Still, the phase to direct potential buyer to do placing order is needed. This phase is also called as closing the sale. We can imagine when those four tasks have to be run by an ad when communication type of the media is only relevant for just the first phase. The highest part it can reach is up to the second phase which is creating interest. It is impossible if you put a burden in an ad which is given a short amount of time to convince customers in a short slot of TV ads. Moreover, it is used to lead customer into purchasing action. It is very absurd and still is far to be called effective.
  • 35. In addition, the level degree of trust from customer through ad media is lowering. It is true that creativity needs to be leveled up not only just base from ad agency who become the ad’s executor, but also from the initiator level alias the advertiser aka the brand’s owner who has the urgency for the product and service offered. In reality, there are many advertisers who think that once the ad job is done then their duties to lead customers to the extent of purchase is has been done. Not sure whether they haven’t thought about it or simply their creativity has becomingly dull. Creativity inadequacy in a big corporate is clearly shown from their marketing expense composition budget. If the budget’s growth allocated for paid media becoming increasingly high, it is guaranteed that the enterprise branding system and creativity almost dying. They are supposed to have already widened their perspective on branding concept itself and find another smarter alternative. If you keep on depending and relying with old advertising media that usually only suck us the same marketing budget
  • 36. means that the company is not willing to learn. Because advertising media trend will become cheaper even approaching zero cost if we could harness the growing momentum of the netizens as well as smart-gadget mania. By growing a single cell of a brain, the uprising momentum can become an alternative to create a fresh ad media and accommodate every branding strategy. The most important thing is that AIDA can be completely covered through it. As a matter of fact it doesn’t stop just there, if we could be the master from that new media, not only that we can save ad budget but also we could generate new revenue from the media which we have create. The continuing development of the digital age provides the opportunity for every business to create their own ads media without being too dependable on the mass media. We can also say on this jargon as the wisdom on the problems of existing advertising. After heavily thinking on new ad media which can cover all our needs hence it drives the idea to create a new ad media which
  • 37. has the potential to increase our revenue, everything is derived from the prefix "Shifting Paradigm" or changing our paradigm. Back to top
  • 38. Chapter 4 Digital Lifestyle Invasion is the Right Momentum in Shifting the Branding Paradigm Extraordinary invasion of digital media has become a valid clue on where branding’s "shotgun" should be pointed. Operating System (OS) of Apple named iOS and Android fronted by Google already dominates the market. The most noticeable sign market share’s figure of iOS and Android Operating System which are increasingly dominating the American market where both displaced popular OS such as RIM Blackberry. Americans themselves are known to be very functional, in a way that they use gadgets only for the telecommunication
  • 39. purposes and often only utilize its basic service such as for calling and SMS (Short Messaging System). This is contrast to the wild Asia Pacific region which tends to go crazy over trend and seemed to not want in missing the latest technological developments just for lifestyle. The Android OS Too Dominant Recent data from Nielsen shows that Android is the most glorious operating system per share in last year June 2012 report with 51.8%. Standing next is the iOS operating system with 34.3% share, followed by RIM Blackberry whom its share is declining at 8.1% and other operating systems claim their share at only 5.9%. Android which is open source is indeed the most exuberant compared to iOS on the last 3 months.
  • 40. Figure 6: Smartphone OS Share research by Nielsen (2012) The development of the Android OS which is an open source cannot be separated from many manufacturers inside who are supporting it. In stark contrast to the iOS whom only supported by Apple, while Android is supported by several well known manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola and others. RIM Blackberry’s share is increasingly eaten by the Android open source platform aggressiveness.
  • 41. Figure 7: Smartphone manufacturer share by OS, research by Nielsen (2012) All the momentum for change has given a crystal clear cue that the Branding strategy should be transformed with a new branding strategy, that is if you do not want to be stuck in a branding presumption which merely just acting as a routine to spend marketing budget without a clear purpose. In line with the invasion of gadgets which are getting cheaper and the flood of digital applications and the growing digital
  • 42. lifestyle, company should have patronized branding to reduce the value of advertising spent on non-digital media and invest it in digital media invest which has a more rational investment and also has powerful effect in branding customer’s subconscious mind, considering that conventional advertising can no longer completely depended and relied to build emotional connection. In the United States alone known who the citizens are known very conservative towards the development of telecommunication gadgets have changed drastically. If the other day they were content with the out dated cell phone models that can only be used for voice and sms, now they have a tendency to follow technology’s development. More than 54% of mobile phones in America today are smart phones. If the functional current typical Americans customers have been behaving like that, I believe Indonesians who are famous for craziness in following trend whom also accustomed to gadget for lifestyle will certainly have greater effects.
  • 43. Advertising is an obsolete song started to be abandoned by customer As I review earlier, that the increasing of advertising budget of a company shouldn’t be treated and addressed negatively. There are times when you need to allocate more on campaign post due to the consequence of company’s increasing customers. Company believes that the advertising campaign through mass media is a means to "interact" with customers that they have gained, as well as increasing the new targeted customer’s awareness. There are many companies or marketing consultant who think that the brand exposure uphill by increasing the number of ad spots (bombardier) in various media is a powerful way to maintain customer awareness towards the brand. It is true that the Spartan marketing campaign through mass media will give the "mere exposure effect" on the customer. But in reality the level of customer awareness also dropped significantly when an advertisement withdrawn from the orbits (media).
  • 44. When suddenly our ads becoming popular in a period of time and dominating the Gross Rating Point (GRP) on television, public awareness will increase very significantly. But a month after the ad pulled out of the media, awareness will also drop drastically. If at the next ad company failed to link towards the successful first ad there might be a chance that the second ad won’t be as successful as the first one. It means that the awareness that we’ve developed seemed futile. But that is the reality of advertisement world, if at this moment or period you gain a tremendous massive success; it can’t be guaranteed that on the next period it can live up through its glory. Managing customer weariness can be difficult, due to the design of human’s brain which can easily get bored when it keeps on receiving the same monotonous information. Regardless of the side effects that can easily weary, "Exposure effect" is quite effective to increase customer awareness and keep them "engaged" with our Brand. But if communications are too monotonous without any variation in a long time, weariness will still come. But still "exposure effect" becomes
  • 45. the most favorite technique among media campaign as it is known for its effectiveness. As long as you have a thick wallet, you will still have the opportunity to "engage" customer awareness at a certain exposure frequency. We can simply put it like this, when we are listening to a song, although the song was not well liked, but if we keep on listening to the song over time we can love it. Why is that? It is because the brain and the mind is designed by nature like that. For this matter neuroscience could explain it. Advertising activity truly is about an activity that grows dendrites from our brain’s cell. Initially it was hard to grow the dendrites in the brain cells when the song is recognized as something completely new to us. But once the "brain" beginning to get familiar with it after listening a few times, connections between dendrites will be reinforced and thickened and able to resonance emotions in the subconscious mind. In short we can begin to emotionally enjoy the song.
  • 46. On the other hand this method is quite effective to doctrine customers using persuasive messages to win their Top of Mind, on the other side it will be very breath taking towards our resources. It drains your budget and time for sure as this kind of typical engagement offered is a one way communication. It is the same as forcing the customers to like the song we played. Advertising in the current digital era is like an obsolete song which tends to be dislike by dynamic and collaborative modern society liked in the 3.0 era of marketing. One Way Advertising may be more suited to the 1.0 era of marketing or at the most is suitable for 2.0 marketing. Today's consumer is much savvy and cannot be fooled easily by advertising. We can illustrate it simply like if we open news website where its pop-up ad is now beginning to interfere with our comfort in reading news. When we first came up with the intention of reading news, how many percents that we are aware of clicking ads banner or the pop up during reading the news? There is a possibility that we clicked once out of opening 10 pages. Often we are clicking the cross sign at the top right
  • 47. corner of the pop-up alias we want to rushing in closing the disturbing pop up due to disturbance when reading the news. Have we ever noted that to advertise in-banner ads or pop-ups on from advertisers can spend up to $20,000 to advertise just for a day? Other ads fared almost the same is a pop-up banner on free applications that we play either via AppStore or the Google Play. Although banner ads were milling about, we almost always able to avoid the ads smoothly without clicking on it at all, well yeah if it is unintentional (lols). It goes the same as advertisements on private television. Although advertisers have spent up to $ 30,000 per-slots at around 15-30 seconds for high ratings programs, but audiences also easily zip and zap their channels when the ad aired and immediately returned when the ad has finished. It is easy for viewers to avoid advertisements. Audience tends to watch a bit longer if the ad is attractive, after that audience gets bored and starting to avoid it. That is indeed the advertising nature, like an obsolete song, which is unpleasant to be heard after it has been through its
  • 48. time. However, due to the constant attacked simultaneously and bombed the public mind; there are also the remains of exposure effects imprinted on their minds. And that's because people sometimes are tired of zipping and zapping their channel and prefer to put their remote down when ads are what they only get every time they are moving channels. This is the only opportunity that the advertising messages enter their minds. Since 2009, Nielsen has begun to sniffing customer distrust sign towards advertising. Customer begun to prefer recommendations from people they know, or opinion of others posted online.
  • 49. Figure 8: Advertising degree of trust level, research by Nielsen (2009) If the symptom is really clear like the above pictures then how unwise if we still allocate tremendously massive budget for ‘paid media placement’ campaign. Where as if we cross check to the disciplinary domain like neuroscience, cognitive science, as well as psychology we will obtain a result that one way advertising is not effective to create customer behavior.
  • 50. Inevitably we must find a likeable "new song" for the audience where they won’t feel like as if they’re being persuaded in buying our product or service. Back to top
  • 51. Chapter 5 Shifting Branding Paradigm from "PUSH MEDIA" to "PULL MEDIA" Consumers are like becoming insensitive towards the aggressiveness of the persuasive ads that driven them to buy products or services. They are likely starting to get allergic, more over they also hate ads. Marketing practitioners in foreign country think of a method to convey messages and brand identity in order to maintain brand charisma ahead of time. In Push Media concept, the delivery of message to customer is done by placing the ads towards paid media. The rule is simple, the wider the networks media then the more expensive the
  • 52. cost of ads placement as in an example if we want to place our ads in local newspaper in one whole page then we will be charge at a rate of only $200. If we place our ads in national level newspaper in one full page then we might be prepared to be charged as much as $25,000 even at certain moment, the price can rise up to $50,000, while advertising spot in TV with duration of 15-30 seconds in a low rate program might only cost you $50. But if we choose the placement of ads on prime time programs we will be charged at a rate ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 each spot. When the expenditure of advertising is large you don’t need to worry as it can be balanced through customer engagement. But if overtime customers trust degrading toward your ads then it is at this moment which will create a problem. In 2010 when we place advertisement a through TV spots at a certain calculations it can be found that exposure to advertising in order to be seen by 10 million people then you will need to place 5 spots on each show.
  • 53. Over the next 2 years to do just about the same which is also to be seen by 10 million of audiences then you will need more spots, It can be that in 10 events you will need 5 spots on each of the event and this is due to the decreasing probabilities our ads seen by viewers and the viewers distrust towards the ads. This is what causes the cost of engagement through mass media going uphill every year. Fortunately, the future cost to engagement is getting cheaper and more varied without undermining its effectiveness. The digital age really opened the gates wide open for the born of a new advertising medium. Social media is also clearly confirms it strongly to this matter. Customers are no longer phobia with advertising as long as they can take benefits for the advertisement medium. Advert Media is now magically transformed into more pleasant in the eyes of the customers. In fact they have become proactive to search for "Ad Media" because it helps solve customer’s daily problems. Creating more values for the customers even though it is not the core of the brand is reflecting the brand generosity.
  • 54. Based upon my observations at least 3 ways have been proven to be the most effective and powerful tool which can be used to continue the doctrinal on customers while maintaining the customers stay in their comfort zone. These techniques are also scientifically proven as the effective way conquering the customer’s mental barriers on both the human mind to the concept of neuroscience, cognitive science and also psychology. Back to top
  • 55. Chapter 6 Trick #1 Subliminal Advertising If you’re keen in watching Oprah Winfrey show, perhaps you still remember one of Oprah’s guests named Jessica Seinfeld, the author of “Deceptively Delicious”, which ever become famous and booming in America for her book, which tells on how to make a strategy towards children who are unwillingly eating veggies become wanting to eat them. She was able to magically turn various veggies and hidden them in varieties of children’s favorite food. Who would have guessed that inside chocolate cookies, brownies and nuggets can be turned magically by adding veggies rich in nutrition
  • 56. which is secretly hidden but still have delicious taste inside those cookies, brownies and nugget?! Children would have never thought that what they eat actually contains veggies which they hated all these times. When they are being told that the cookies have veggies, they will still eat them and won’t believe that it contains things that they hated inside their delicious favorite snacks. Figure 9: Deceptively Delicious – Phenomenal book by Jessica Seinfeld The next branding strategy that I am going to explain is deliberately delivered to create tactics on how to slip advertisement into likeable content by customer. It is done due
  • 57. to the customer suspiciousness and distrust towards advertiser. It certainly will be in vain if we place 10 spots in TV program but as the ad is on air time the audience do zipping and zapping. One of the solutions is to create and applied the Subliminal Advertising Strategy There are actually 2 types of subliminal advertising which can be done. Consciously Noticed This is kind of advertising where the customer aware of ads. The characteristic of this subliminal type is that the message of ads and material conveyed can be seen easily consciously. The conveyed message will be captured in conscious state and pass on through filtrating process in the mind’s critical factor. If this phase can be passed smoothly then the persuasive message will be confirmed and continued to human’s subconscious mind, whether they needed further action or not. This method has flaws due to the fact that it firstly has to go through filtration phase. In filtrating process if the message conveyed is not wanted or rejected by the mind then deletion
  • 58. process takes place because consciously brain has the option to choose on what kind of information can be consumed. Unconsciously notice What makes subliminal ads dangerous is the reality that messages conveyed cannot be captured by our eyes. The messages exist but they are actually captured by our subconscious. Our conscious mind able to receive information at 7 bit/second simultaneously, compared to the subconscious mind which can hold up to 20.000 bit of information simultaneously surely is a huge difference between the two. That’s the threshold between consciously noticed and subconsciously noticed. Subliminal Advertising is one of sophisticated persuasive technology ever existed. It’s a very cunning trick. Its presence can’t be captured by human’s senses but able to make an impression towards our subconscious. It can strengthen subconscious connection itself unconsciously. This communication technique has been designed by Psychologist Teams based upon the Freudian Ideas to change
  • 59. customer’s way of thinking in order to shape consumers behavior. If we all could remember of a quote take from “Usual Suspect: The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist... “ That’s what’s great about the Devil’s trick as it can assure human without revealing themselves and existed in human’s world. It’s not like as if they don’t exist, but it is just the presence that we can feel under our subconscious mind. And that is one sophisticated trick ever existed to convince human. Actually beside our five senses, as what has been defined once by Aristotle, namely sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, in fact there are 37 more senses recognized as differentiated sensory inputs that pass information into the brain. All inputs which entered via the sensors had to be delivered to the brain and absorbed by the subconscious mind and only relevant and concrete data that will be presented into our conscious mind. The rest of information will continue to be ignored.
  • 60. One example sufficient enough to explain this concept is the Cocktail Party Effect: The fact that we are still able to talk to our friends, listen to what they said despite the party’s rowdy atmosphere. Simultaneously we can ignore what is being said by the people next to us, but if one of our friends on the other side called us, we can feel it and we are aware with the words addressed to us. Based on this experience we can learn a lesson that brain is actually recording anything that is around us. The interesting thing is certain ‘dirty’ words but have strong connection with us such as SEX, BLOOD, FUCK and DEATH have the same effect as when we listen to the appellations addressed to us where we will react and respond quickly towards it. So basically it is just the words which are considered to have relevance is what will be brought to the realm of consciousness. While the information that is not so "important" will be stored in the subconscious mind without ever reaching the conscious mind. We need to emphasize that the words were not presented to the consciousness level was not discarded, but
  • 61. stored. All our experience of any strange faces we've ever encountered, able to be presented again either through hypnosis or by stimulating brain cells electrically in the temporal lobes. No matter what kind of information our subconscious mind has, it will be stored in our brain. And a situation or stimuli at the right context will cause a certain reaction. But here it does not say that an advanced subliminal message input will determine what caused the reaction. An acceptable opinion is we are all agree that the subliminal message will reinforce, or accelerate or stimulate a reaction of a person who has been previously defined through a variety of experiences or perceptions that have been formed in his/her mind. But how is it possible for a message that we can not consciously catch able to affect our minds. Can not consciously captured does not mean it does not exist. Doesn’t mean that Unheeded is unseen. This means that even if the message consciously
  • 62. cannot be catch, the subconscious mind can capture the message clearly. Back to top
  • 63. Chapter 7 Implementation of Subliminal Advertising in Various Advertising Media The media used can be anything, but it must have a character, well known and favored by the society. For example Music, Video Clip Music, Movies, Sports like Football. Actually this is a classic and has been implemented by major Brands-both across Europe and America. Subliminal Advertising concept implementation of this type is similar to the application of Brand Ambassador or endorser. The difference is that Brand Ambassador gathers customer to use the goods or services explicitly through advertising’s sung, while the subliminal advertising promo done more elegantly
  • 64. and natural and as a part in a media environment used to advertise. Figure 10: Sample of "Subliminal Advertising" concept application which is quite popular for Consciously Noticed category or captured clearly by conscious mind. Branding on Bond Around September and October 2012 James Bond made his return to the big screen for the 23rd time since its first appearance. It's been years Bond became a model figure and fashionable and elegant trend setter model, starting from Brand Brioni’s dress and Tom Ford’s shoes from Church and
  • 65. polo shirt by Sunspel. In short every inch of what James Bond wears is an opportunity for advertising. Figure 11: Bond ‘Sky fall’ as a Powerful Branding Medium In the novel itself which is written by Ian Fleming, Bond was conceived to have been wearing Rolex Explorer variant. In reality, Bond never even used it. There are several brands which James Bond’s started to use since 60’s such as Submariner, Seiko, Rolex and Omega. Santa Claus from Green to Red Did you ever guess that Santa Claus color back then was green? It started when CocaCola entered and wanting to turn the
  • 66. whole world red, through paced it shifted the world’s paradigm and change Santa’s costume red. CocaCola so much of wanting to identify Santa character with red which is full with generosity, friendliness, and happiness in Santa’s style. CocaCola has done it far ahead of what Al Ries has been accentuating with one of his law in branding which is “Branding by Color” that is written in his book of “22 Immutable law of Branding” Figure 12: Santa with green costume in olden days
  • 67. Figure 13: After CocaCola entrance with red dominance, Santa turned his costume into red. Branding Through Football Industry Fly Emirates never shouted to “get on my plane”, but when they spent billions of pound sterling to fund the Emirates Stadium (The pride of Arsenal FC Stadium) medias often to start mentioning it. The same goes to Etihad Airways, the logo on Manchester City FC jersey. As City won EPL in 2011-2012 seasons last year, Etihad Airways logo has been publicly seen everywhere in line with City’s uphill popularity. Back days ago the world has never heard of Etihad Airways.
  • 68. Figure 14: Etihad Airways on Manchester City’s Jersey Sony’s Style Branding through Entertainment Avril Lavigne, in her video clip of “What The Hell” has been used by Sony through Vaio’s and Bravia’s brand. Although it only showed up just a few seconds but the purchasing effect was a bulls eye considering that she had millions of fans around the world. There won’t be any doubt on Sony’s reputation as you talk about it. This brand, whose name is rocketing through the booming of walkman on markets realize that the strength of
  • 69. entertainment is powerful to create emotional connection between the brand and customers. It was Norio Ohga, the former Sony’s CEO who brought Sony into becoming a global entertainment’s leader. How cannot Sony not becoming the leader when every inch of its core business is correlated with entertainment. Starting by the pioneering of walkman, compact disc, recording business company (Sony Music Entertainment) till it was able to acquire Columbia Pictures where on that time it was worth $3.4 million. And there's more to the Sony’s business empire, even up to the gaming business of Play Station which is today’s gaming icon not just for kids only. Ohga San felt back then, that Sony's fit to only producing electronic devices, just as a dumb tool for producing players only. He realized that songs and movies content which are played a lot contain a multi-billion dollars business. "The Samurai" fully aware that the acquired businesses will become a valuable advertising medium where it will be very
  • 70. expensive in the future. Music, movies and games are the most popular and effective engagement media on earth. Back to top
  • 71. Chapter 8 The “Unintended Syndication” of Subliminal Advertising One interesting point of Subliminal Advertising is the "beautiful unintended syndicated hidden" game directed by manufacturer, and this can be seen in Google as host of YouTube and Google Chrome. Customers are like being sedated and unconscious with the game played. Anti-piracy legislation like SOPA and PIPA are just a mere joke in their eyes. They seemed enemies to the media, but in fact they look like a "friends" who are very familiar each other needs.
  • 72. On the other hand, the production house and the recording company vocally shout out loud anti-piracy slogan. But on the other side one recording company make a video clip with the HD sound quality supported High Definition graphics quality that a feast for the eyes and ears, where it is uploaded to YouTube via Vevo. While Google Chrome itself has made an extension (add-on) on Youtube Downloader, which can easily be used by fans to download the latest video clip of their idols in a variety of video in premium HD quality formats and even directly to MP3. That is much easier than buying song on iTunes. The more songs available and downloaded by YouTube visitors will increasingly make the song spread faster. This means that the song will sooner hypnotize people. And this is a gold mine for advertising. Supposing that we borrowed Nielsen’s "glasses" the more "hijacked" the video clip the higher Gross Rating Point will be, means that the level of popularity is getting higher and it means the value of the media will be more expensive if you think of wanting to use it as advertising media.
  • 73. Subliminal Advertising does have a strong influence in shaping the emotional connections because the customer thinks Brand inserted in the character of the idol is as natural as it is used in the idol’s everyday life. Fans already have a strong emotional bond and trust his/her idol. What the stars did without a second thought would definitely affect the fans emotion and hastened to imitate. Through psychology a research has mapped the composition of our minds which are divided into 10% conscious and 90% subconscious mind. The conscious mind contains the ability for reasoning, analyzing, comparing and optimizing short-term memory. While emotion, perception, habit, intuition, confidence and long term memory are all there located in subconscious mind. Most of our decisions come from updated "perception" of events we have experienced. Strong emotional connection will be sculpted at this level. Like the iceberg, the conscious mind is only on the surface which can be seen and acted as if this is our behavior.
  • 74. A large iceberg mass that is below sea level is the subconscious mind which underlies the actual human behavior. That is why the subconscious mind dominates our daily actions. And that is why in order to be efficient the expense of Branding should be done directly at the level of Subconscious Mind, not on the level Conscious level that challenge to conquering "critical factor" that bridges the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Figure 15: Map of Conscious and Subconscious Mind with Iceberg Metaphor Critical factors that act as filters of information will assess whether it is appropriate to enter into the realm of
  • 75. subconscious for a long term memory or not. The more we are aware, the effect of critical factors that serve as filters would become very strong. Critical factors will firmly sort out which information is good and less feasible for us. If the information came from people we admire or we perceive has many advantages we will disable the filters for a moment, in NLP this is called trance condition, where it will allow the information pass into our minds. Conversely if the information comes from people who we think are less trusty, that information will be immediately dropped or deleted. A wise proverb says "Don" t Judge a Book by its Cover "in practice it is difficult to implement. Since we will see the world based on our perception not the world itself. Cover is matter. If we linked to Prof. Zaltman opinion at the beginning, then it’s true that purchase decision more or less being affected by subconscious mind. We will tend to buy goods that have positive experience record. When our idol according to our perception is the best and actually wearing certain brand, then
  • 76. we will assume that the brand is as good as our idols and imitating is a must. Songs and movies indeed is the most effective way to indoctrinate people. The process of "doctrinal" had to be done continuously and consistently. Imagine if you had to use a paid mass media. Music or movies will allow fans to play the song or video by itself. The right term is that they indoctrinate themselves and they will even worshipping more of the idols and the songs. Back to top
  • 77. Chapter 9 Trick #2 Brand Utility: ‘A Highway to Build Trust on Customers’ “Marketing can be annoying as hell. But it can also be meaningful and authentic. It can do nice things and even good things. The brand utility is an example. With this guide, I hope to inspire brands to do good” Brand utility is a branding concept which emphasizes on the creation of Trust from customer towards the brand by underlining the meaning of using the brand in the eyes of customer. Brand utility will strengthen generosity effect of a
  • 78. brand by existing in customer’s daily life and as well as helping in solving customer’s daily problem. Actually there is a unique formula to build Trust in marketing world. We can easily believe to a person / object if that person/object able to fulfill our needs and gives satisfaction. TRUST= reliability + delight Having trust on a brand will rapidly develop it only if that brand has a high utilization value and able to give more meaning to its presence and usage (brand meaning). It is the same as when we have a pal, and when that pal of yours is always there every time you needed and able to cheer you up then you will easily put TRUST to him/her and labeling it as best friend forever, a friend who has meaning in our live. Brand Utility is a powerful branding strategy to draw the sympathy of the Customer leading it to customer’s trust. Brands such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon.Com, Kraft uses this strategy beside its cheap investments rather than placing advertisement’s material in paid media, this brand strategy is
  • 79. also the most convenient utility to embrace customer embrace as it can deal in resolving customer issues daily. Brand Utility is a strategy to gain customer’s trust by providing solutions towards customer’s various daily problems. Its mission is quite simple: identify customer issues daily in accordance with our brand context, then we present a solution free of charge or we can take a very small charge but still able to give premium service. Think of it as an investment in our branding. The key is to be generous. Here's a sample Brand Utility that has been running successfully. Some are International Brands: Michelin engaged in providing solutions to automotive customers about hotels and the best restaurant in United Kingdom. Things that they are doing is still relevant considering that automobile is still associated with travel and recreation. The goal is when traveling customer will remember Michelin as their friend. Unconsciously they were going to "link" between the Michelin brand, with a happy feeling during the holidays
  • 80. and the best services of hotel and restaurant chosen by Michelin. What a smart strategy. Figure 16: Restaurants and hotels guidance, since 1920 by Michelin FIAT will provide guidance and free guidance on "eco drive" how to drive a car properly in order to gain fuel-efficient and improve the customer’s driving style. Fiat will provide guidance and free guidance on "eco drive" how to drive a car properly in order to gain fuel-efficient and improve the customer. The training process is part of fairly active engagement as it will involve a long interaction between the brand and the customer.
  • 81. There are many positive experiences attached that will provide a great opportunity to evoke strong emotions about the brand. Figure 17: Eco Drive, Brand Utility program by FIAT Guinness (beer brand) provides entertainment for us using their world record’s breaking shows. In the study of neuroscience, one part of our brain, Amygdala really like things that stands out or sensational. Guinness also able to links its brand with the feeling of breaking world record sensation.
  • 82. Figure 18: Guinness World Records, since 1950 Kraft presents cookbooks guide containing 7000 of classy recipes at a price of just $0.99. A very cheap price, but it can be a solution to mothers love to cook every day.
  • 83. Figure 19: Kraft Mobile Recipes, nice BU concept Actually there are many ways that we can make to implement the Brand Utility in addition to the above methods using a very affordable cost. Technology now allows us to execute this strategy extremely cheap. By becoming the solutions of consumer's daily problem means every day we are all out doing "exposure" for the brand to the customer. By becoming a meaningful solution we present our positive experience between brand and customer as well as evoking positive emotions between both of them. It simply builds trust to our brand in a very Simple Way.
  • 84. Back to top
  • 85. Chapter 10 Designing Brand Utility Type Suitable for Common Society “Brand is a gut feeling” Brand is a feeling felt by the customer when they use products and our services. It is not producers, marketing departments or advertising agencies that define the feeling. Customers alone whom define the "gut feeling" based on experience gained when using the products. When we branded ourselves as "Jazz music lovers where in fact our neighbors often see us come to the concert of "Dangdut Mix" (Indonesian Native music) then the image of Jazz maniac we build will wear off.
  • 86. When someone riding a Harley Davidson customer will feels the sensation of "Macho" and an aura of freedom. When people ride Mercedes he will feel the sensation the luxury of driving. When someone uses the services of Virgin Airways, they will feel the madness of Richard Branson, the owner. When someone drinking coffee at Starbucks booth, she will find the best coffee blends taste and class in the world. In marketing trend future the forming of "tribes" or domains with Brand as its foundation is unavoidable. From the domain fashion there are tribes: Armani, Channel, Gucci, Zara, etc. Of sports there are domains of Nike, Adidas, Umbro, etc. Recreation lovers there are domains of Disneyland and Universal Studio. For hangout lovers will find Hard Rock Café, Starbucks etc. Brand Utility is a powerful tool to shape the customer's feeling about our brand which we will later aim to increase the sense of ethnicity towards our brand. Brand Utility is effective to dictate the "emotion" of customer because we will have a
  • 87. longer period of time to interact with them much longer than with paid advertising. Here are several ideas about Brand Utility that possible to be adopted: #1 Digital Magazine Applications is one of the Solution There is a fact about our brain. Our brains like things which are new and dynamics. Our brains love a story that is always growing. When learning new things our brain will produce endorphins that will comfort us. For some people it was important to keep track of Hollywood artists, for others having left behind football score and missing the transfer rumors is a disgrace. For several others political news is the daily meal as mandatory friends for breakfast. One form of Brand Utility suitable for the public and customable easily is Digital Magazine Application for Android, iOS, and do not forget the Web.
  • 88. Good application references for digital magazines that can serve as role models are such as Pulse, Google Current, Flipboard where they could be the sea of information that enlighten us every day. Figure 20: Very good references of digital magazine Apps Besides being generous, the goal is to give news updates on lifestyle and creating engagement time with customers as long as possible.When engagement happened on a very long time, it will widen the chances of having a lot more of positive experience between brand and customers. Below is the reason why Digital Magazine is appropriate for this matter: Societies hunger for new information every day.
  • 89. It’s not surprising that news TV Stations like CNN, BBC or Al Jazeera having huge loyal fans. Including websites who provide “news” either heavy or light like The, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider,, NY Times are sites with extremely high level of popularity. The key word is one; customers are hungry for something new based on their respective interests. Precisely our brain is designed to like something new. "What’s New?” “is favorite food" for our brain. When studying the "brand new thing", brain will produce calming endorphin hormones. This is why people love stories and updates on new things. Digital Magazine is the easiest tool to drive the market. Many customers who are mostly netizens will believe on the searching result over the internet rather than advertising. When bundled with blog, Facebook fan page and twitter, Digital Magazine will become a powerful tool to drive trend that is happening in the community. The Internet users or netizens put much faith in what they found from sites that they think worthy
  • 90. to be obeyed. By leading "conversation topic" will be easy for us to determine what is "hot" right now. Reasonable Investment. This is because the source of information for the materials abundant in the virtual world. Their biggest investments are for the cost of journalism and the provision of news or news servers. For investments in the manufacturing of lightweight news like lifestyle segments such as sports, automotive news, latest techno information, culinary and celebrity news can be easily obtained from many sources. What we need only customizing the news according to our reader’s characteristic and demand. For those modifications activities we only need provide budget for editing. In short we just need to provide an editor. Illustrator and words like "quoted from" or "as reported from " as well as digital magazine apps for Android and iOS like Pulse, Google Current or Flipboard. Another addition is easy to share feature that allows users to easily share content they like to facebook,
  • 91. twitter, tumblr. With only two people dedicated to provide each segment is already enough to keep the application updated each day. Creating Tribes with Brand Utility Creating Digital Magazine format as Brand Utility is actually intended to shape tribes based upon hobbies. Tribes do need to have territories where they can gather, do ritual and surely there must be a tribal chief as endorser. Things that must exist in creating TRIBES; Tribe’s Chiefs, Attributes, Ritual Moment and Anthem Having leader for the tribe is important for placing one person as the motor of a community. One acted as chairman while others are as members of activators. We need to do so that we can control the tribes with ease. Do not forget to create a "ritual moment" just like Harley Davidson enthusiasts who gathered in Milwaukee, the place where Harley’s born, where they are doing ritual such as riding
  • 92. as long as 1000 km more or less. They also appointed William G. Davidson as their prophet. Ritual moment is so important in order to bond between costumers’ emotion that played as tribe members, to create a one destiny feeling and grow fanatics towards what unites them all and that is Harley Davidson itself. Figure 21: Harley Davidson’s Tribe with its very loyal fan It’s a no wonder when Hermawan Kertajaya, the guru of Indonesian’s Marketing who has been appointed by The Chartered Institute of Marketing as “50 Gurus Who Have Shaped The Future of Marketing” is titling Harley Davidson as Brand Religion due to their strong spiritual connection between
  • 93. the brand and its customers. Members don’t hesitate to tattoo their bodies with Harley’s shield and bar. The same goes to the largest Football Industry in the whole world, the English Premier League who has fanatic fans. Starting from children to families, all are going crazy about football. The teams’ relations with their fans are tremendously strong. As a matter of fact, the teams’ fanatic English Premier League fans or know as hooligan already booked a ticket as their devotion during weekend by coming to see their team in the stadium and sing the team’s proud anthem. Just like the Liverpudlians (Liverpool FC Hooligan) who sing their proud anthem of ‘You Never Walk Alone’ or the Red Devils hooligan who sing ‘Glory…Glory…Manchester United’ to emotionally bond them. It is not surprising when there are many well known companies willing to dig in their pocket deep up to billions of dollars with the intention of just getting their brands to appear on the footballers chest when they’re playing a game.
  • 94. #2 “How To” Application, eHow’s Reference Format Although ‘How To application’ is very simple, it has a huge number of demand and user. "How To Tie a Tie" application who taught us how to tie a tie in various varieties has passed 5,000,000 download, "How To Draw - Easy Art lesson" had passed 1,000,000 downloads, We can add a "How To Optimize Your G-Note", or "How To Singing Like a Pro" Or from the productivity we could take an example like "Get Things Done", "How To Use Pomodoro Time Management", "How to Create Impressive Presentation Like Steve Jobs" etc. There are lots that we can take as titles. We also can direct to create a "How To" for things that increases productivity features with DIY (Do IT Yourself) guide line: How to Make A Deal in 60 minutes How to Enhance Your English in 30 Days How to Become A Pro Blogger How to Create Artistic Handicraft from Your Garage How to Publish Your Short Story
  • 95. #3 Edutainment Game Imagine when Rovio “Angry Birds” and “Amazing Alex” applications belong to us. Angry Birds itself has reached 100,000,000 download while Angry Birds Rio is more than 50,000,000 download. That nominal is just from Google Play, AppStore hasn’t been added. Game is a powerful tool to create engagement. Normally people will spend more than 60 minutes to do 1 session of Angry Birds. Imagine when your Brand or your company logo appeared there. Perhaps appearing as the game’s background or becoming its object, certainly “exposure effect” will be attached on that game as it is being played daily. That’s the greatness of game format in solving interactions and engagement matter, the more attractive and challenging the game is then it will have a high level of engagement. All people need interactive games, but still in education attribute but also entertaining. If we take Brand Utility positioning there, then it will truly help to increase the brand
  • 96. awareness emotion towards the corporate brand. Educative game can connect game with physics, mathematics, history lesson and etc. Edutainment is a form of corporate social responsibility to brighten this nation. Secrets in Creating Successful Digital Applications for the Brand Utility’s Need Here are several tricks which are often used by foreign developers to creating successful Digital Application. # 1 Begin from daily lives problems and prepare the solutions Prepare research and observation on things that they need to resolve and easily solve them. For example "set of mathematical formulas and physics", "Pulse Outlet Hunter", "The coolest hangout", "Private Soccer Coach" and so on. # 2 Launch the beta version directly, regardless of the amount Do not wait too long, when the application has been done just launch it. The sooner the launching is the sooner we know
  • 97. public response. We'll quickly know the weaknesses and released updated version. The will be many questions towards the application whether it still has many bugs and might have potential defect or perhaps cause injuries to the brand. How can companies like Nike or Adidas issuing such unruly application? The solution is creating two accounts. One as ‘incubator account’ and the other is “real account or original”. The first one has the task of managing newly developed application. Its purpose is probing on market respond and to gain feedback. The second account is to acquire a well done application and gain responses from the society. # 3 Never stop innovating and improving quality. Do innovate or Die Digital application business’ life cycle is numbered in days. Becoming a listener is important to anticipate whether customers are bored with our application. Always provide something new. # 4 Share users’ positive experiences
  • 98. Testimonies from our users are very important to boost the application’s popularity. Direct the users to give five star rates so that the image that will rise is that we are developers with quality. Don’t forget to post it to facebook, twitter, tumbler, Pinterest, Google+ of users’ related activities. Back to top
  • 99. Chapter 11 FREEMIUM Quality is the Main Factor of Brand Utility Little Story about YouTube cover song artist A striking difference between professional businessmen with an amateur one is the "generosity" or kindness factor. Amateur businessman in still based on the philosophy of "Price reflects Quality" or in other word is when you want some quality then provide more money. Quality surely is expensive.
  • 100. This character is highly apparent when we look at the YouTube video upload site. Take a case for instance on uploading music video at YouTube. In YouTube, there are many music videos "cover song" which is uploaded by music fans all over the world. In the video, they will perform the songs which are popular for a variety of purposes, some just for fun showing off their skill, several just want to appear or entertain, or intend to be a YouTube artist. When we’re seeing from the point of view of the uploader’s vocal quality might as well be the same, in fact amateur artists cover song many are better than the professionals. But the basic difference between the pro uploaders and the amateurs is in the quality of video uploaded. When amateurs might assume that video was just messing around therefore they will upload video with substandard picture quality. Small resolution will be crooked when being zoomed. The technique of taking the picture can be seen that it was done unprofessionally; the video is a bit shaky and making the viewers dizzy when seeing it. Not forgetting to mention the
  • 101. quality of the video’s sound which is also substandard or in other words it is super mono quality. Compared to the professional YouTube video producers such as Sam Tsui, Sara Niemietz, Kurt Hugoschneider, Alex Goot, Aston Classical, Boyce Avenue and Tyler Ward. They are average teenager or college student who also performed a cover of the same song. But the video quality they offer is in High Definition video quality and taken using beautiful cinematography techniques. The resulting sound is crystal clear. Their videos quality is really like the real professional artist. The result striking when compared to both groups of YouTube artists. The videos of amateurs viewed at best within a thousand times, rarely exceed ding 100.000, the psychologist level of popularity. In the other hand, professionals YouTube artists whom I mentioned earlier their videos had been watched millions and even tens of millions of YouTube visitors. Tyler Ward's own videos alone has reached total with over half a billion viewers. Achieving such results can only be equaled by artists like Justin
  • 102. Bieber, Rihanna, Eminem, Davied Guetta, Adele, Katy Perry, Coldplay and other world-class musicians. Even Tyler Ward himself was originally a student from Denver who could organize concerts around the world just because the videos cover song that he has uploaded. One of the songs of his own works are also entered in the top 100 Billboard Chart, the most reliable barometer of music around the world. And Tyler Ward and His Neighbors (how he calls his collaboration partner) also managed to reap millions of dollars from selling their songs on iTunes. All initially started only by one thing, that is uploading music "room" with a decent pro quality where plenty of fans who originally were fans of the original singer able to collect his videos. They take positioning by uploading a video with above-average quality on YouTube. Generosity that they’ve shown at the beginning later create a much different results. FREEMIUM does not literally mean FREE. FREEMIUM is a form of giving a premium service to customers with payment accumulates behind after all the customers satisfied. FREEMIUM is a weapon
  • 103. for mass attracting where selling can be done later. Once again nothing is free in this world. Figure 22: Tyler Ward, the awesome covers song artist Back to top
  • 104. Chapter 12 Brand Utility Advantages Here are the benefits when we implementing the Brand Utility concept: #1 More Effective on Branding Message Delivery, Minimize Customers rejection toward Ads significantly Both Brand Utility and Subliminal Advertising are powerful tools to persuasively slip information to customers. Naturally human has basic characteristic of being opportunist, not just in material matters but also emotionally. Materially human has ‘Loss Aversion’ characteristic or afraid to sacrifice, precisely it is called opportunist. It’s been proven true that the basic principle economic stated ‘sacrifice a little to gain as much as possible’.
  • 105. Emotionally human’s characteristic is unwilling to suffer in financial loss still applied till today. To run a long term relationship between humans, they also use emotional calculation system. Borrowing from Dr. Stephen Covey term base on his ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ is that between one human and another is as if having emotional bank account. The rule of Emotional Bank Account is literally the same to the actual meaning of bank itself. When a person has done good deeds and able to make another happy then they make DEPOSIT towards that other person. On the other part when you’re hurting someone it means that you’re doing WITHDRAWAL. The more we are making DEPOSIT, then the richer we are. But if we keep on doing WITHDRAWAL, then we will end up BANKRUPT. The more RICH a person is emotionally then the more he/she is reliable (TRUST) gained. The more he/she emotionally BANKRUPT then he will be abandoned. Principally humans do not want to suffer loss, so he/she mostly tends to have a
  • 106. relationship with the RICH. At least although he did not expect to get "wet" of the rich’s wealth, he/she still felt safe to the fact that at least his/her money was not asked by the poor. Loss aversion and profit and loss have been taken into consideration before a person is tying a relationship. Emotional Bank Account between BRAND and CUSTOMER explanation The relationship between a human towards a BRAND also still hold the principle of emotional bank account. A BRAND needs to do a lot of DEPOSITI to customer if the brand wants to gain TRUST. Keeping promise by a brand is important to meet customer’s expectation. Below expectation is a withdrawal, while meeting the expectation is a DEPOSIT and beyond expectation is a HUGE DEPOSIT that is easily made by customer. Generosity of a brand will make customer to have a special place in his/her mind and heart towards it. If this situation can be maintained continuously it will result in the establishment of strong emotional connection.
  • 107. The impact is the establishment of a customer’s TRUST on our BRAND. Connection which is established in such strong emotions will rise and trigger customer’s positive emotions every time our BRAND is mentioned. The positive impact TRUST is the presence of a disclosure. People will only be open to a person whom she/he became very close and convenient with that person. He/she will talk about anything even his/her secret. The analogy is as simple as follow; when we are at home we have a person who looks suspicious visiting then we might just meet the person up at the fence. If we see that the person does not have evil intention we will accept that person for a chat on the patio. Getting more familiar with that person then we will allow having conversation in the living room with him/her. If the person is already familiar with our families we will allow him/her at the family room. In the end when we believe towards that person we will allow the person into our room, which is actually a very private place for us. Finally when we
  • 108. really believe in the current person we talked at length about his/her personal life. Barriers that limit the extent to which people go to our home are exactly the same between BRAND relationships with the customer. When drawn in our mind’s diagram it is called critical mind factor that serves as a filter for all the information that goes into it. The more we believe a brand the wider customer’s filter that will be opened for our BRAND. The wider open the cranny the more it allows us to smuggle as much information as possible to them. One way for a BRAND to get "familiar" quickly is by showing GENEROSITY earlier. Back then when email was popular, free email like Yahoo give users disk space quota of no more than 100 MB. Then Google came up with Gmail, like a "Helping God" with a good heart Google provides free email with a capacity of 2 GB, which means 20 x times more than the capacity offered by Yahoo. Exposing generosity is "good" to conquer the "critical factor" and grab people attention. Amygdala loves on something that "stands out".
  • 109. Imagine when first time Google Mail appears with the offer roughly at the same capacity with Yahoo or Hotmail when at that time those two were already popular, Gmail may not be as successful as now. Google offers a much greater capacity in order to have spectacular impression and to look like as if they are being very generous. But Google was not dumb, as they already had statistic that the average email someone's email was used at that time in no more than 50 MB can hardly reach 100 MB or even 2GB. Slowly but sure Gmail began to take market share of Yahoo and Hotmail as well at that time. At that time we felt Google was benevolent helping angel. When Yahoo implement payment for more capacity, Google gives it freely even doubled the capacity. But is Google really kind? Have we realized that with the increasing number of emails stored in our mailbox, it will be easier for those who owned the server to map us, what interests us and how our behavior is? By combining the data from email and Google, you will get "paid" in the biggest form of Customer’s Bank Data Insight in
  • 110. the world. Customer insight is one way of reading customer behavior while putting the customer in their environment. This data is much more accurate than any FDG and even "one on one" interview. It is like when we want to study the lifestyle of a tiger, which one is closer to the actual, is it by studying the tiger while it is in its habitat or catch it first and move it into captivity so that we are able to learn? Definitely the first statement will be much more accurate. The data is very expensive price when sold to manufacturers and that is the kind of data which has been given freely by email user to the host server. # 2 Less Effort on Messages Delivery By always showing our good side (generosity) we will make the customer put TRUST on us. This is one of the emotional manipulation tricks. Providing information to people who have put their trust in us is much cheaper than convincing people who are still new to us, more over to those who had stamp bad on us.
  • 111. Less effort because by being "good people" is not us who find a friend or friends, it is us who will be looked after to be made as a friend. A trader who is honest and has integrity would not bother looking for a customer because customer will find the trader, moreover when our good reputation is already well known. Back then advertising has two pretty heavy duties, the first is for "grabbing people attention" and the second is "showing our generosity to appeal more sympathy". Grabbing attention is not hard all you need to do is just expose something uncommon to be able to attract the attention of customers. However convincing the customers to make them understand "our good" and put their trust in us is the hardest part. Because of the type of interaction via Advertising on paid media generally is a simplex or one-way communication. By splitting tasks between Brand and Advertising Utility will certainly make the cost much cheaper. In order to grab attention we submit this task in Advertising as it has a wider mass range in attracting customers and one way information is
  • 112. not that much of a big deal. And it does not matter with the Advertising costs which are expensive as it does not have to take too long to interact. The more intriguing creates the better campaign. While the task of convincing the customer, or forming perception which is a huge task that requires "Longevity of engagement" we delegate this matter to Brand Utility which has a much cheaper cost. Even if the Advertising has successfully spread "our good reputation" Brand Utility just needed to wait to be searched and downloaded. By taking position as a daily solution maker in promoting generosity or kindness, it will reverse the paradigm. When back days ago we were trying to "PUSH" messages to the customer in order to believe what we say, today our brand will be PULLED or searched by customers, and let the customer "feel" our kindness. Out of these changes there will be a lot of budget "above the line" we could save. We will hopefully be glad when our Utility Brand able to be turned into new mass media. Advertising + Brand Utility Combination will strongly impact in
  • 113. accelerating the achievement of a stronger emotional connection. The sooner trust formed the more it will save us our ads costs. Figure 23: Great combination of advertising and brand utility The good news is social media presence that had a range of exceptional width is going to "boost" the popularity of the brand utility. By adding features of easy to share to facebook, twitter, tumblr, Pinterest etc would be very powerful to drive Brand Utility into a mass medium which is also going to be potential media ads as well.
  • 114. # 3 Longevity of Engagement will build Stronger Emotional Connection Brand Utility will allow customer interaction with the media time becomes longer. If our brand utility is a digital magazine, then as long as customers take advantage of our brand he will feel longer exposure effect. Moreover, if we are successful in making it as "daily ritual" or part of the customer behaviors, the influence of emotional connection bond forming will be stronger. In this case Neurosience called it "myellinization". Our brain consists at about 100 billion cells called neurons. When we learn or gain information neuron will grow dendrites. Dendrites connected to each other and make connections. The stronger our memories will strengthen connections between dendrites, which is called synapse, to deliver signals inside the brain spread faster. Myelin will envelop and secure connection from interference.
  • 115. Figure 24: Brain Cell and Myelin’s Casing Picture The process of growing it until the stage of myelin needs a long period of time and through many experiences. It is so true when wise man said “Practice makes it Perfect”. One good and “automatic” understanding can only happened through many practices.
  • 116. Confucius also agreed and said: “Tell me then I’ll forget, Show me then I’ll remember and Involve me then I’ll Understand.” Understanding is when our brain cell connection is strong and enveloped by myelin. Explicit advertising is not enough to shape it up to this stage. Engagement from Brand Utility is the only one which can do this. Back to top
  • 117. Chapter 13 Understanding the Six Brain Facts for Mastering Brand Utility Bellow in 6 valuable lessons on “Learning Process” for brains which should be the guide to make Branding works effectively. Brain Fact #1 Our brain knows how to grow dendrites just like our stomach knows how to digest food. Humans are naturally smart By just giving a stimulus, it is enough already to make dendrites alone grow at the tips of our brain cell. Just like the Branding activity, our cleverness will be able to provoke those dendrites
  • 118. to grow and thicken the connections up to the level of myelin. It is not just awareness that is increasing but also makes the emotional connection become stronger. Brain Fact #2 We must do something active (explain, solve, draw, write, etc.) in order to learn, because… Dendrites grow ONLY when we are actively doing something No one else can grow dendrites for us! It’s true that no one else can grow dendrites beside us alone. The same goes to branding activity. Nobody can grow customer’s dendrites beside themselves. What can be done by the brand’s owner is to give the right stimulus and continuous to make dendrites grow faster, stronger and surely the perception is shaped accordingly to what brand’s owner desired. Dendrites can only grow if customer has many experiences with the brand. You cannot just depend on one way communication
  • 119. through advertisement in a mass media, but you will need to involved customers actively through applications to make their connection level inside their brains getting stronger. Stronger connection only built on active customer involvement. Like the wisdom from Confucius said: “Tell me and I’ll forget, Show me and I’ll remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.” Brain Fact #3 Dendrites cannot grow in a VOID New dendrites can only grow off of what is already there. Meaningful information is very important for building connection The above sentences mean that every connections conducted by our brain cells will be delivered using existing connections. It is the same to the campaign’s information of a brand which must have strong relevancy with customer’s emotion. If it
  • 120. doesn’t then that campaign will certainly be forgotten or just passing by. Customers really like on something which has strong relevancy from their own experience. Brain Fact #4 Dendrites take time to grow, because… It takes a lot of practice for dendrites to grow, More and more engagement needed to build stronger connection with customer Longevity engagement or involving costumers within long period of time is the only way for us to make branding process executed perfectly up till the formation of myelin. Longevity Engagement will walk efficiently when it’s holding on to the paradigm of PULL MEDIA like Subliminal Advertising or Brand Utility. It is because active participation from customers is needed to growing their own ‘dendrites connections’. Furthermore, if you keep on imposing longevity engagement
  • 121. through PUSH MEDIA, it is the same as suicide as the engagement cost is really expensive. Brain Fact #5 Mistakes, with feedback, are essential and good, because… Making mistakes, and getting feedback so you can correct them, allows you to check the accuracy of the connections in your brain Get feedback quickly is important, so we don‟t practice the wrong thing and build a strong, but wrong, connection! Avoid strong but wrong connection by getting feedback quickly The advantage of becoming a pioneer is to be able to have the first tart in shaping customer’s perception at early stage. If the connection between cells inside customer’s brain has been strongly developed, therefore it will become very difficult to demolish it or to fix it according to the new direction we set. It’s normal when there are many people being misguided by
  • 122. naming every motorbike with ‘Honda’ or water pump with ‘Sanyo’ or even mineral water with ‘Aqua’. This is actually the reward for a pioneer who successfully conquering customer’s mind. It applies the same when customers having bad experiences with our brand or either already have bad perception. The cost to gain the brand’s reputation back or to shift the customer’s perception is tremendously big. It is not a surprise if at the end a Brand chooses to make a new brand instead of rehabilitating an already defected brand in the eyes of customers. Brain Fact #6 Emotions affect learning and memory! Anxiety floods us with adrenaline that makes “blanking out” Relax, exercise, laugh, or learn new things will create endorphins that make us calms One of the ways to speed up the process of branding is by connecting the Brand as close as possible to customer’s daily
  • 123. activities. The establishment of Brand with customer’s various experiences will make one good correlation between the brand and the rising of customer’s positive emotions. It is because positive emotions have a big influence towards ‘purchasing decision’ action. It was true when Stephen Heyer, Former CocaCola Company’s boss always emphasizing that CocaCola isn’t just a drink, it is a “feeling and emotion”. Back to top
  • 124. Chapter 14 Trick #3 Anchor Branding: “Manipulating the Emotional Connection” “The Best Way to Predict the Future is by Creating It” – Abraham Lincoln Since many researches had said that customers’ decision in buying mostly dominated by their subconscious mind, there are many disciplines trying to figure out the mysteries behind subconscious mind. Cognitive science and neuroscience growingly popular, psychology, anthropology also took part and marketing technique also developing to perfection. There have been countless billions of dollars disbursed in a variety of research both in the initiation by the scientists or
  • 125. pushed by the manufacturer side. The goal is just one and that is to be able for probing or explore how customer behavioral patterns as best as possible. But it requires a huge effort considering customer behavior patterns can vary even though there is a "general code" that exists in almost every human being. General code is tendentiously like common values that can be accepted by all people. Such "generosity" or kindness is common code that can be accepted by all people. Who in the world cannot receive good behavior and towards themselves? Brand Utility basically also utilizes the general code to conquer the "critical factor" and to freely access the consumer's mind. Anchor Branding, positioning itself slightly against the flow from most of the existing marketing techniques. In general, marketers usually try to read human subconscious mind by way of "trying to read" from the behavioral pattern displayed by the customer. In the mean time, Anchor Branding seeks to change the behavioral pattern of humans by changing elements of the
  • 126. subconscious through environmental design changes. Instead having a hard time reading very diverse behavior patterns, why do not we change it according to our will. For the branding technique, I have not been able to discuss it at length despite bagging the technique materials, as it is hasn’t been officially published yet. But here, I will give you sneak peak of Branding techniques where the mission is to build "emotional connection" through environmental design and by the help of an anchor as its acceleration. As Abraham Lincoln said that I’ve stated at the beginning of this section, "The best way to predict the future is by creating it". Sometimes indeed powerful way to overcome deadlock is to penetrate. Behavioral patterns of humans can be changed as long as you know the trick. According to Kurt Lewin known as the "Founder of Modern Psychology" states that: "Behavior is a function of a person and their environment" or its simpler formulated in B = f (P, E). Factors Person (P) is a factor that is difficult to be changed, but the Environment (E) is the factor that it is possible to be shifted.
  • 127. Designing the environment or designing context is the best way to shape a person's behavior. The illustrations are very simple. If for example we had a bit of a weight problem, and intends to run program of diet and started jogging 15 minutes in the morning, it could be that in a day or two or until the first week of the program still running smoothly. After entering the second week you will grudge, and on the third week you will even never at all exercising. The raging desire disappeared suddenly. This will be unlikely if we put treadmill beside our bed. By seeing often that exercise equipment inevitably we will at least take 10-15 minutes to burn fat every day. Getting people to work diligently and have high productivity will be in vain if we just bring fiery outspoken motivator. They will work diligently in a day or two and after that they will go back to the initial pattern. However, if we apply the right system of reward and punishment and run consistently will make the people to move and adjust to the new existing pattern. "Survival of the Fittest"
  • 128. of Charles Darwin has defined it quite clear that organism has the ability to adjust to the situation when they are cornered. Desire or willpower can easily defeated by context or environment. If we apply the rules of who ever come above at 8 am will be fined $50, then the impact is the decreasing number of employees who are late. There are two basic things that will be conducted by Anchor Branding, the first is designing context to influence the "behavioral manipulation", and the second is the "emotional manipulation" with the help of an Anchor. For those who have studied the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) must have heard the terminology and functions of the anchor. Both have similar functions to manipulate emotions. Its foundation is Ivan Pavlov experiment, stimulus-response conditioning formula. This concept which has become the theory of classical conditioning is a must material in studying, and this early stage student of psychology used the Pavlov and Dog experiments who made him won the Nobel in 1904.
  • 129. Pavlov observed the unique behavior of his beloved dog. His habit was ringing the bell before eating time for the dog. He did this every day. Every time the bell rung, he observed that his dog was salivating while waiting for the food coming. The dog is as if always correlating the sound of bell rung by the owner with the time for food. Pavlov then did a simple experiment by ringing the bell without giving food. The result is that the dog was kept on salivating as if its food will be coming soon. It turned out that the dog had put on its mind a pattern that every time the bell rung was a sign that the food will came soon. The sound of the bell is stimulus towards the dog and responded by the saliva coming out of its mouth. In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Anchoring is used to manipulate feelings with the help of an anchor. Anchor can use anything, and what it usually used is members of the body which are rarely touched, example; behind the ear lobe. For the initial conditioning, patients typically were invited to link or programmed the kind of response desired when triggered using anchor, as an example - a patient connection on
  • 130. holding the back of the ear lobe with his happy mood when he first met his lover. This conditioning is done repeatedly. After strongly embedded in his mind the pattern of each time holding the rear lobe (stimulus) will present all the happy feeling like he used to (response), then the pattern is still valid even when he is in a contrast atmosphere. When he was sad or depressed either because of work or whatever, then as he holds the back part of his ear lobe, automatically the feeling of pain and sadness will change into happiness just like the pattern embedded in his mind. Just like the ritual of listening to certain music when we are sad as a solace, the pattern still work when we experience grief in the future and treated with the same music played just like before. The function of stimulus in the form of pressing the back of the earlobe or listening to music is as an anchor in manipulating the feelings we felt in order to switch it with the feeling that correlated strongly with the anchor.
  • 131. Celebrity Endorsement is actually also an anchoring process. Brand owners actually want the same feeling felt by a fan towards the celebrity being worshiped. If Brand uses Christiano Ronaldo as an endorser, he actually wanted to correlate the image of "a superstar" with an outstanding football skill that’s sleek and stylish in style just like our brand as perceived by the customer. If a Tiger Wood who we choose as an endorser that means we want to correlate our brand like a classy game. The most fundamental difference using Celebrity endorser is about how to select endorser or anchor. Celebrity endorser choose anchor that already has a very strong correlation with a particular image. The image which has been correlated has been formed by its fans. For example, Valentino Rossi is known by the public as a rider MotoGP champion genius where the media dubbed him as "The Doctor". So did Jennifer Lopez, International Media Music already known her as a world class celebrity, multitalented, glamorous, good vocal quality, with a marvelous dancing ability.
  • 132. Valentino Rossi and Jennifer Lopez grew up and were known by the public through the media. One came from MotoGP race, the other through music and the film. Both media are not the owner of the brand that develops them both. Therefore, using a celebrity endorser is proven effective to boost sales, but there is only one weakness. Her contract cost is tremendously expensive. Why is that? Because of the media costs’ that brought up her name until she has a solid as a rock image in our mind is what makes it expensive. Unlike the case of Anchor Branding where there are 5 stages which makes this technique much more efficient in budget compared to native celebrity endorser. Back to top
  • 133. Chapter 15 The Five Stages of Anchor Branding Techniques (A-B-C-D-E) Here are the five stages to build a strong Anchor Branding connection # 1 ‘A’ for Anchoring In this stage we will choose for ourselves the Anchor we’re going to build, whether in the form of mascot or avatar. It could also in the form of artists made by us, or an athlete from the scouting results of our scouting talent. # 2 ‘B’ for Bridging
  • 134. The process is actually very expensive for establishing celebrity endorser. Bridging investment in Christiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi is the investment to fund their transfer fee, weekly salary, with his team Real Madrid and Barcelona via La Liga soccer competition. Bridging for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are the investment costs incurred to produce and promote the Twilight movie along with its sequels. Similarly, bridging cost for the character of Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald are the costs incurred to make the Disney cartoon movies. That is why the cost of using celebrity endorser is tremendously expensive. Using Anchor Branding, we determine our own media through this bridging process. Media that will be used by the Anchor is to interact with his fans to give exposure effect. If we have an over budget we can organize music talent search competition. No need is to be expensive what has been done by Tyler Ward and His Neighbors already gave the example on how real cheap it is doing bridging through music on YouTube. Bridging is done
  • 135. through Angry Birds Rovio is also a brilliant solution, but requires a larger investment. Regardless the kind of model that we will make for bridging, it should be well planned, the type of interaction you want to use, the kind of image you want to pose, the message you want to convey and the life cycle of the bridging media you made. Do not let the image of Anchor which has not been established yet quickly made the customer bored with bridging media that we offer to them. Bridging Media must have the ability of engaging customer on a long enough duration if we can we could do it forever because it is not just about creating an image, through this medium we will driven and give doctrine to customers. # 3 ‘C’ for Constructing Perception When the bridging media is formed, then the next task is to create a customer’s positive perception towards the anchor that we make. The goal is to make the anchor as a stimulus so customer’s positive emotional reactions grow. To be quickly accepted, Anchor first mission is "Exposing Anchor Generosity" or show kindness mission to the customer. Kindness or
  • 136. generosity is the key to conquering the critical factor in customer’s mind. Thus we will be more quickly become familiar and in the end we are trusted by the customer. By flooding customer with many value-added consistently, customer will automatically perceive that the Anchor is a good creature who deserves to be as a best friend or admired. If the media we choose is music media, then Anchor is the stimulus to bring a sense of happiness and peace for the customer. If our media is the movie, then Anchor is the stimulus to produce a surge of adrenaline from the happy sensation of the end of a story. If it is a Digital Magazine then the anchor is the image of new news released to quench the thirst and craze of our brains. Image of Anchor have to be strongly formed first because that image is what we will transfer towards our brand later. Whatever the image is, the main idea is we have to become something loveable, or adorable and trusted. # 4 ‘D’ for Driving
  • 137. When anchor has become familiar and already have a place in customer’s heart then the next task of an anchor is to drive or to direct customer’s mind. At this stage little by little we will input clues to the customer’s mind that the next adorable thing is our brand. At this stage we can now positioned that anchor has gain trust by customer and already associated with our brand. The implementation of Al Ries’ “22 Immutable Law of Branding” is the right time at this stage. Slowly you have to start branding from what has become the main character of a brand and expose it slowly. It is as if we are creating a space for the brand that we want to expose by the end of this phase. You can get costumer to be more familiar the base color of our brand (branding by color), you can also use jingle (branding by sound), or to expose the logo’s shape or the product’s packaging. Subliminal Advertising can be applied at this stage. In neuroscience steps being taken aimed to provide "ground" or "bait" for the dendrite so that when the brand came in, it just need to continue the "basis" or "bait" that we make.
  • 138. One of the Brain Facts we used as guide line is that "dendrites can’t grow in a void ". It means that dendrites are really hard to grow if they have to start from a scratch. Dendrites had to be "spoiled" using the "foothold" so that on the next stage they just needed to continue pre-existing connections. Hopefully if it gets to the stage of myelin or the customer is familiar already with the brand NUANCE. So when the real Brand came we just wait for the resonance. # 5 ‘E’ for Empowering When you reach 4th phase and fulfilled already then the last phase is empowering. The mature anchor can be applied to at about everything. Anchor is like Brand Endorser which is ready to be glued on anything including our brand. Psychologically this step in utilizing the natural characteristic of human’s mind which easily generalize things. This generalization is the reflection of a perception. If we know A as a good wealthy and well known parent and also respected then automatically we will assume that B, the son, has at about the same characteristic with the parent and we must give respect
  • 139. to the son just like we respect the father (A). Although in reality this characteristic and behavior is like the earth and sky. No wonder we often treat people by looking whose son is he, or from whose family or relation is he. If we already positioned Anchor as something that is very kind and generous in customer’s eyes and also trusty, therefore by always attending in giving their daily problems’ solutions or becoming good friend when they’re in hard time, automatically customer will perceive to the Anchor which will be transferred to the Brand we adhered using it. Just like “Georgio Armani” Brand stuck and glued hard on David Beckham, therefore he will also get the scent of David Beckham’s coolness and flamboyancy. Step of Empowering Anchor is the peak stage of the Anchor Branding technique whose success depended on the previous steps. If the positive image embedded on an Anchor already strongly formed, or in other words already up to the Myelin stage in customer’s mind, then it will be the easiest step. It is the same thing when we use Brand Endorser which is already
  • 140. well known and have positive characteristic inside people’s mind, therefore it is just a matter of time for the brand stuck it to succeed. One thing we need to underline is that the three techniques of Branding stated previously, either; Subliminal Ads, Brand Utility as well as Anchor Branding, those are the techniques to manipulate emotional connection between brand and customer. Studying on how brain works in neuroscience or how brain captures information and processing it as well as updating it up to converting it as a behavior, It will never be able to be manipulated. One strong memory that lead to action surely must have come from dendrites which have consistently and continuously grind until they create myelin’s case. Those three processes done are actually just to tighten the time of myelin’s case establishment. The analogy is like when we are building a skill to reach expert level therefore we will need 10,000 of hours just like what Malcolm Gladwell has written on ‘Outliers’, therefore we will keep on taking 10,000 hours full time and not compressing it to become 1000 hours or even
  • 141. only up to 100 hours. It’s because the forming of myelin needed as much time like what Malcolm has mentioned. The difference is that in normal process, the 10,000 hours will be scheduled using 10 hours/week, while the manipulation process we did is by compressing it to become 10 hours daily. This way the process of forming myelin is far much faster. Why the conventional branding process won’t dare taking the intensive package and rather opt for normal package is because The Branding they do majorly is using mass media facility or in other word is using PUSH MEDIA. Therefore the marketing communication intensity is effective in swelling up the budget although it is also effective in shaping customer’s perception. Imagine if a brand normally have allotted 10 spots per day for TV Ads with a price of around 20 million per spot. If it intensifies the process to 100 spots per day it is true that it will streamline their activities, but also will make their marketing budgets swollen up to 1000%. I'm in this case the Chief Marketing Officer certainly will not live at a long term.
  • 142. It’s different with the PULL MEDIA Paradigm where customer acted as if they’re alone who intensifies the branding process, this won’t be a matter at all for the budget because the marketing communication material already slipped towards the content liked by customer. This way marketing budget which is specially used for branding becoming more efficient even when it is compared with conventional branding technique, with effectiveness that intensifies more. Growing dendrites process need to be maintained so that the connection will still exist. It is as if you’re paying attention on a subject on one afternoon and if you don’t repeat it as you get home, you will lose it. The same with dendrites, if branding material is not immediately renewed then it will make the connection quickly weakened and even disappeared. The tightening of branding process will make dendrites connections rapidly awake, thus myellinization process will also run much faster. Back to top
  • 143. Chapter 16 Above All Content is Still a King What we noted is that most people still think that the term "manipulation" has always had a negative connotation. It is not true. If we review the terminology the word "Manipulate" itself according to "Merriam-Webster" dictionary means; - to treat or to operate with or as if with the hands or by mechanical means especially in skillful manner - to manage or utilize skillfully. In short it is doing or managing something using skill in such way by hoping for a certain perception. Explicit Advertising, Subliminal Advertising and Brand Utility themselves are the examples on how we manipulate customer’s perception
  • 144. towards our brand. Branding alone can be defined as a method to manipulate customer’s emotion. Brand Equity is the resultant. Why manipulating or branding is needed is because of the 3 important reasons that underline it. Customer is confronted by so many options and given such a little time to decide If customers are fully aware, they will conduct a thorough research first before deciding in buying new things. For example when customers are confronted toward operator options then they should have firstly conduct a thorough research on how much is the prime price, call tariff, sms and data usage and also reliability and network coverage, the service quality on how fast it can deal with complains and etc. Is it possible? We don’t think so. If they are tend to think alone rationally and comprehensive, I am one hundred percent sure that one considered cheap is not always cheap in reality. So many producers play on customer’s perception. They only
  • 145. cheap at the beginning but in the end they rising up their price, but customer some time not so care about. They believe on their former perception. There are many types of goods and services offered that almost have the same quality and features If there isn’t any marketing or branding, Hypermart and Carrefour is just like rice warehouse of commodities where their quality is just at about the same. Producers don’t need to get dizzy thinking of research or innovation when it is generalized by customer in the end. Branding is a way to manipulate customer’s perception so that the goods quality can be differentiated with goods that are disorderly made. Customers have tendencies to buy something based on trust When customers have positive experience with a certain brand, they tend to repeat in buying with the expectation of gaining
  • 146. the previous positive experience. That tendency can be noted when there’s a mark or brand as a differentiator. Does that mean when you’re successful in manipulating the perception therefore you don’t need to pay attention on content? Of course not. Content is still a King. The product quality and service we offer is the soul of our business. Although manipulating perception process through branding was successful, if the good quality doesn’t meet with expectation then customers will have enough and won’t buy our goods anymore. It’s useless for cell phone operators in doing branding process with all their might if in quality customer’s often experiencing drop call, broken connection, SOS BlackBerry signal and so on. Manipulating perception can only be successful if the Brand Promise meets Customer Expectation, Otherwise it is useless. Back to top
  • 147. Chapter 17 Conclusions The presence of new paradigm of branding is the answer towards the decreasing number of customer’s trust towards advertisements. Actually we can still use the existing conventional media advertising technique, but its effectiveness has decreased in line with customer’s trust. As the compensation, whether you want it or not you will need to add additional advertisement budget to gain several same target. If we are stone headed in using conventional advertisement as our prime media then we could, but we have to present ads which can give emotional resonance towards targeted customer and have tone where “Amygdala Love It” or
  • 148. sensational. If not, then customer will make it as passing by wind. As digital technology develops, they provide answers to customer distrust towards advertising. The previous Push Media ads paradigm has been changed to PULL MEDIA. From the beginning we were forcing customer to watch the ads we expose through paid media, now turned into our advertisements are downloaded by the customer because we've slipped the advertising on things favored by customer. In fact it is not impossible if we are creating our own media. Subliminal Advertising, Brand Utility and Anchor Branding are the answers. The greatest and fabulous Devil Tricks ever. (SI) Back to top
  • 149. About The Author Saiful Islam was born on Malang, Indonesia on May 20th 1982. He has been graduated from Brawijaya University Malang- Indonesia as Electrical Engineer. He has been working on technical field as Core Network Engineer on PT. Telekomunikasi Seluler since 2008. He made his own research about several marketing issue such as Subliminal Advertising, Brand Utility and developing new concept which combine those two previous techniques named Anchor Branding. Since 2006 He hwon several marketing idea competition in national level about branding and marketing in strategic level. In 2012 He also recognized as one of Telkomsel Intellectual Knowledge Assets by his writing about marketing and branding issue with title “Shifting Branding Paradigm from Push Media to Pull Media”. If you want to know him further please contact his email and social media accounts as follow:
  • 150. Email: My Social Media Account: Facebook: Coolinphunk Twitter : @saifulism Pinterest Back to top
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