Zee Tv Social media ideas


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some social media ideas for zee tv. Hope they use it some day. If not then hope some other tv channel use these ideas

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Zee Tv Social media ideas

  1. 1. Social Media Ideas
  2. 2. IDEA 1
  3. 3. Idea: #AskMyStarPREMISEIt’s a Dream for a fan to meet or talk to favorite Film or TV Star. The best way for 2 way communicationbetween a star and fan can be via social mediaOBJECTIVEFans to become Brand Loyalists through an emotional connect with the celebrity Character Concept  Every week we will name one celebrity TV character who will answer fans questions  Fans can ask questions on Facebook or twitter using #AskMyStar  3 most interesting questions will be picked and shared with the celebrity  A VIDEO REPLY will be created with the celebrity addressing fans and their question  Zee social media platform will bring Fans and their favorite celebrity stars closer  This ongoing campaign will make fans to attach more emotionally with their stars and follow them more loyally  These videos will act as virals and motivate others also to ask questions and engage with Zee TV celebrity characters  This campaign will increase : ENGAGEMENT, VIRALITY, LOYALTY
  4. 4. IDEA 2
  5. 5. Zee Mera DialoguePREMISEFans identify their own surrounding in these TV characters. Saas, Bahu, Beti, Bhai, Father etc. Via socialmedia we can make their connection with these Characters even stronger by providing them their DialoguesOBJECTIVEHigh Engagement , Connection with TV Characters and Increase in viewership Concept  Every week/Month we will give users a scene from next week/ month script  Fans will have to add their own entertaining and interesting dialogues to that scenario  The most interesting and appropriate dialogue will be used in the real show  This will increase engagement and page participation level  Participants will watch the episode to check whose dialogue finally got used as winner will not be declared before the episode  This campaign will target: UGC and Increase Viewership
  6. 6. IDEA 3
  7. 7. ZeeTv Weekly: Social ReaderPREMISE Loyalist is a small population who regularly follows a TV program. They have ample time to watch TV. This majorly includes housewives, retired population Loyalist and children Switcher are people who regularly watches TV, have ample time to spend on Switchers watching it but are not loyal to any channel or program therefore keep switching. Irregular viewers Irregular viewers forms the biggest chunk of the viewers. They have time constraint and are not loyal to any channel or brand because of lack of background story and connection with the characters. This category majorly involves the working population and they spend a lot of time online Loyalist forms a very small part of overall viewers and therefore For a brand its very important to convert the switchers and irregular viewers into loyalist. The disconnect happens when viewers miss certain episodes , then they loose track and interest. This results in being irregular or switching. OBJECTIVE To retain viewership and increase loyalists viewers. Increase brand engagement and virality.
  8. 8. ZeeTv Weekly: Social Reader Concept  A digital magazine of all popular serials and programs of Zee TV, covering the snap shot of the story in last 1 week  This social reader can be subscribed by adding to Facebook timeline  The viewers who missed the last weeks episodes and actions can stay updated through this reader just in few minutes  This will retain their interest in program. Example: its who got eliminated in last week DID and what all happened.  This social reader will be highly viral and everytime a user reads a story a notification will go in ticker.. Xyz is reading about “ How abhishek got eliminated after a power pack performance in DID? “ and also gets published in timeline  This social publishing via open graph will make it viral and brand will reach out to higher number of audience  It will help to reach out to the first timer audiences as well and increase viewership  The Digital Magazine can drive people from textual experience to a video experience on YouTube and from their to the TV viewership  Promote upcoming shows and events as ads on the magazine  Utilize ad space for Revenue
  9. 9. IDEA 4
  10. 10. Zee TV : YouTube webisodesPREMISETV watching trend is going down in the fast paced work culture and being replaced by online or web videotrend. TRPs are going down resulting in lower revenue. Its time to earn revenue through online viewershipOBJECTIVEIncrease in alternate Revenue, overall viewership and managing copyright content Concept  Content is the strength of Zee TV  One of the largest video content  Create a branded YouTube Channel with a partnered model  Launch webisodes of all programs  Remove and report all duplicate content from Youtube through proper listening and by reporting copyrights  Make your channel as the only content provider of ZeeTV  Place advertisement on your content and earn revenue ( CPM)  Example: UTV earns more $10000-$15000 p/mnth through their YouTube channels  Cross Promote webisodes via Facebook, Pinterest, social reader
  11. 11. IDEA 5
  12. 12. Content Campaign: Zee Flash BackPREMISEThere was a time when apart from Doordarshan there was only Zee TV and few more channels. Viewers werehooked to Zee TV totally. There are so many memories that each one of them have attached with that phase.Its time to remind viewers the long standing relationship we share by giving them a flash back journey andtaking them to the time of Zee Horror Show, Hum Panch, Tara, antakshari etcOBJECTIVEIncrease in Engagement and Revenue Concept  More content lead engagement campaign  Share images and trivias related to the Zee TV in 90s  Create a small campaign of THEN and NOW comparing their favorite character in 90s with current favorites example: Kajal Dada vs Hitler Didi  Ask people to share their memories of all these hits of 90s  Mini Campaign where fans are asked to share images, videos, paper cuttings and anything related to 90s with us and may be they get a chance to meet their favorite 90s star  Create a special YouTube channel for these 90s hit serials and earn revenue through partnered ad program or rent ing these episode on YouTube movies
  13. 13. IDEA 6
  14. 14. #ZeeLivePREMISEFans are very much interested in knowing behind the scenes stories of their Stars. If we can provide the livedopes of behind the scenes activities from there favorite shows and favorite stars it will drive a lot of interestand followership from fans. Making our engagement more real time and exclusive through live behind thescene coverage . Twitter is more real time and realisticOBJECTIVEIncrease in Followership and Engagement Concept  Once a week/ fortnight a behind the scene live tweet from the shoot venue of popular show  #ZeeLive will become a popular hashtag (destination) for all fans interested in more real time behind the scene coverage  #ZeeLive will work like popular zoom tv shows or news channel shows that gives fans an insight from the shooting venue and gain high TRPs  Every time we pre announce about #ZeeLive it will create a buzz among the follower for exclusive images, videos and insights from their favorite stars and shows  Fans will await for #ZeeLive