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Toc based-project-logistic-management-a-simulation-product
Toc based-project-logistic-management-a-simulation-product
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Toc based-project-logistic-management-a-simulation-product


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Project Logistic Management A -Simulation Product
  • 2. PRODUCT OVERVIEW Project planning, scheduling and optimization play a very vital role in a large infrastructure project such as National Highway Construction. For a successful completion of the project it is imperative to setup a lean & adaptive supply chain. By doing so, one can insure timely completion of the project along with a significant saving in overall project cost. Key challenges a decision maker faces in such projects while making an optimal balance against project time, cost, scope and quality 1. Insufficient materials sourcing capacity, Fluctuating materials prices, Deteriorating materials quality 2. Evaluate multi modal options (Road/Rail/Water), Justify amount and frequency of operation through modes, Determine routes feasibility 3. Excess Fleet size (Hywa/Dala, Capacity -15/9 Tonner), rakes , barges etc and how required fleet need to be stacked throughout project cycle. 4. Quantify resource required like loader, weighbridge, manpower etc and Measure their impact on complete project operation. 5. Compute WIP at various processes like loading, unloading, weighing, vendor management, MIS generation, Which WIP is becoming critical(weakest link) for project operation, identify root cause of constraint and how constraints get shifted when you reallocate your resources, Basically Application of TOC five principles. 6. Dynamic Freight rates, Sudden surge in fleet required, Idle Resources, Insufficient market fleet, Traffic Congestion, large WIP, MIS error, Unreliable transporter, Payment problems, Surge in working capital demand etc. Our product ‘Project Logistics Management’ act as a ‘Decision Support System’, it visually simulates all dynamics of the project and provides real-time impact-analysis of any of the following decision variables or combination of them and on average does 10 % project cost reduction. •What, When, Where and How much material to be Materials Sourcing Strategy sourced for entire project cycle • •How material is to be taken from source to project site Logistic Strategy •What fleet mix, type and size is to be operated Fleet Strategy •How resources is to be scheduled and augmented Resource Planning & Scheduling •How to make processes more efficient Continuous Improvement •How to overcome from any unforeseen event Risk Mitigation & Contingency