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Twitter for Business

  1. 1. Twitter for Business Presented by: Leslie Hughes
  2. 2. – a “microblogging” platform Limited to “tweeting” in 140 characters Increasingly being used for customer service Most updates are from mobile devices
  3. 3. Agenda What is Twitter? How You Can Use Twitter Twitter Terminology Getting Started What to Tweet About Advanced Search What the Tweet is a Twitter Party? Best Practices and Crisis Scenarios
  4. 4. Twitter Page
  5. 5. Twitter Statistics and Facts Grew by over 1900% in 2008 to 2009 Over 200 million members and growing by 350K per day. 55 million tweets per day Politicians, brands, big companies and celebrities now embracing
  6. 6. How You Can Use Twitter Connect with strangers/build alliances Promote your brand Create buzz - events, promotions, free trials: Customer relations Crisis management Issue/charity advocacy and awareness Increasing sales (use sales messages sparingly!) Track what people are saying about your business. Calls-to-action to other content you’ve created. Create relationships with journalists and influential people.
  7. 7. Twitter Terminology Handle: Twitter username ie. @punchmediadotca @ = replies: Refer to someone using @ symbol. Will allow them to know you’re tweeting with them or re-tweeting their content. RT = “re-tweet”: You are sharing someone else’s tweet with your followers and giving original person credit. DM = Direct message. Private messages. You can only DM if you both follow each other # (hashtag): easier to follow trend thread. i.e. #JapanDisaster way to turn a very long URL into a shorter version to fit within 140 character requirement. (Note: tracks clicks)
  8. 8. Why 140 Characters?•If you keep toless than 125characters, itmakes yourcontent easier tore-tweet (akashare)
  9. 9. The RT = “retweet” Give credit to the original source by RT @username or (via @username) Try to keep the original tweet as intact or clear as possible If you only type 125 characters, you leave room for people to RT with comments.
  10. 10. Twitter Trending Topics Hudson plane crash was captured and shared long before traditional media. Trending topics often include deaths of celebrities and scandals Usually # hashtag thread is used
  11. 11. Unsuccessful Twitter Tactics Random mass follow in the hopes that anyone will follow back Direct Message a “Welcome” Develop brochure-ware Tweet too many times Randomly post @username and put spam into “status” Don’t use numbers or underscore in name
  12. 12. Brochure-ware vs EngagementCanada USA
  13. 13. Additional “realestate” Twitter Page @ “replies Status update Direct messages Following Followers Search
  14. 14. Set UpUse personalname for FullNameUsernameshould reflectbusinessbrandingAdd picture/personalize =avatar
  15. 15. Design Set up a custom background featuring your logo for increased brand presence. Custom Background size 1600px by 1200px Settings>Design > Change Background image - browse (find file) - save changes
  16. 16. Find People Browse Suggestions Find Friends By Email On Twitter: through other people you or your competitors follow Find a community of like-minded people to connect with.
  17. 17. Follow People or Businesses Follow influential people and thought leaders.
  18. 18. Other Twitter Functions
  19. 19. Getting Started: I Start by using Twitter Search to follow relevant people (and competitors) Note: following is not reciprocal Add a picture to show you’re a real person Be personal, interesting, conversational
  20. 20. Getting Started: II Build list slowly Note: You don’t have to read every tweet. 70/20/10 rule = 70% Good info, 20% RT 10% self promotion.
  21. 21. Things You Can Tweet About Job postings Exclusive “Twitter” coupons or deals Behind-the-scenes of your company Sneak peeks of projects or events Links to your articles/blogs or other content How-to’s: instructional videos or stories News: especially breaking news
  22. 22. Things You Can Tweet About Respond to customer service issues. Warnings: scams or viruses. Freebies and contests. Observations. Books you’re reading What you’re watching on TV. Join conversations. Re-tweet other people’s content.
  23. 23. Lists Keep track of topics/groupsSource: @danzarella
  24. 24. Hashtag # Purpose is to follow a thread Group chat/tweetup (use or Ask a question and collect ideas Share an experience (#olympics) Popular #FollowFriday or #FF = recommended people to follow
  25. 25. Shorteners: = Facebook, = Google, = Hootsuite
  26. 26. Advanced Search or m/advanced Enter relevant keywords and your brand Set up RSS feed Engage: Ask a question, or start a conversation Source: @danzarella
  27. 27. Useful Tools & Tips TwitterGrader: Klout: Friend or Follow: Find out who is following you/who isn’t/who has the most followers etc. Ask “Please RT” (sparingly!) Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Co-Tweet
  28. 28. HootSuite: Management
  29. 29. Tweet Ups and Twitter Parties TweetUps: Twitter friends get together in real life. Twitter Parties: Twitter people gather together at a designated time to chat online. Sometimes sponsored and prizes are given.
  30. 30. What can happen on Twitter…
  31. 31. United Breaks Guitars
  32. 32. @ThatKevinSmith Kevin Smith (1.6 million followers) became a PR nightmare for the SouthWest airlines.
  33. 33. Kogi: @kogiBBQ Kogi (90,000 followers July 2011) a mobile force of Korean Mexico taco BBQ trucks in L.A.
  34. 34. COLDFXPorter Airlines
  35. 35. How to get lots of followers Put your Twitter logo on your website, handle on business card etc. Make your tweets re-tweetable = kick ass content. Be a thought leader. Be public (not private profile). Engage - a lot.
  36. 36. Next Steps Begin tweeting Follow relevant people & “talk” to them! Measure your goals against your benchmarks/strategy but remember “sentiment” cannot be measured. Identify “Brand Ambassadors” or key influencers who will help you spread your word. Reward them.
  37. 37. Be sure to….. Follow us: Tweet with us: Learn from us: Learn MORE from us: