Facebook - Social Interaction in Film Based Communities by Vivek


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Facebook - Social Interaction in Film Based Communities by Vivek

  1. 1. Social Interaction in Film based Communities
  2. 2. a group of people who share the same religion, race, job, belief, interest etc . thefeeling of sharing things and belonging to a group in the place where you live.
  3. 3.  There will be a common factor in every community. Cinema Paradiso (Facebook community) - Interest in films
  4. 4.  352 members Most of them from Kerala. Average age- 20-25 yrs. Boys dominate Around 30 members post/comment frequently
  5. 5.  Serious movie goers Sensible audience Common people who like films Just for entertainment guys Pseudo intellectuals Professionals Only watch regional language or Indian movies
  6. 6. Strangers  Most of the members really don’t know about many others.  They don’t even wish to know more about them  Even though they share and discuss  They interact only on the basis of the posts
  7. 7. Virtual Society  It is not a real social interaction  Computer Mediated Interaction  No face to face interaction  Chances for live discussions are limited  Identity is optional- fake or real  You can hack my account and interact like me. No one will find
  8. 8.  It may be,  Film reviews  Videos  Pictures  Links  News  Pages  Creations of the members or friends
  9. 9. Nature of Posts  Serious/simple reviews of various movies  Fan club fights  Informative items  Pictures(posters, actors, events)  Film festival reviews  Classic scenes(video)  Songs, Funny scenes (video)  Most of them are about  Malayalam/South Indian and foreign movies
  10. 10. Sample posts Personal dislike Do any one in this Group have "GUTS" to post a "BEST PERFORMANCE" scene(from any movie) of "PRITHVIRAJ".....I challenge!!! NB: I dont liked to transform my post to a worst verbal fight Serious, Personal experience SHWSHUNK REDEMPTION terribly haunt me. i use that word again TERRIBLY haunts me. the HOPE.......... The character brooks makes annoyance in my mind.He terribly , i dont know what word i can use dont know..... the dialogues of Red at the end also haunting......
  11. 11. • Pictures
  12. 12.  Film festival review Festival Report @ IDSFFK :- Todays bright moments- "After the Deluge","In search of Narayani","Red Blood","Longing","Amen","The Open Frame","Pole Star","Pranayathil oruval Vazhthappedum Vidham" Moments to Forget-"Sin","Kiran Joy of Giving" Missed Ones- "Cinema Kommunisto","A Pestering Journey","Shape of the Shapeless","Banaras Me".... Totally it was a bright day......:) A sample discussion is on the next slide
  13. 13.  Getting inspired from 21GRAMS i think BABU Janardan created the script of the movie CITY OF GODS. Am not impressed with the movie 21grams. I think city of gods is much better screened and more interesting than 21grams. the technique of telling the story in the reverse order is well depicted in the script of babu. Here we can say that he is inspired by watching this 21 grams and created a good script July 29 at 11:09am ·LikeUnlike · Renish Pn likes this.  Donnie Brasco Prasanth Hariharan:- Anyway i have a different opinion...i think 21 Grams is much better than the City of God....21 grams not only employs the reverse order technique but picturises an invisible thread that relates the lives of different p...ersons beautifully....Though City of God also employs the reverse sequence technique....the story lacks something....which hovers as an uneaseness to us.Prithviraj was not upto the mark....and the actor that impressed me was none other than Indrajith.This is my personal opinion...and i think anyone can accept it or neglect it as they wish....See More  July 29 at 8:11pm · LikeUnlike · 3 people  Prasanth Hariharan i dont know something i missed in the movie 21Grams.Though the characters of different life are interconnected in this film by reverse order of story telling the audient in mine is not satisfied. something is lacking in this film.. July 30 at 8:04am ·
  14. 14.  Serious Funny Meaningless ( eg: fans club quarrels) Gossips (eg: Prithviraj’s marriage) Personal likes or dislikes No specific expiry periodTypes of Discussions
  15. 15. Responses  Like  Comment  Start a discussion and do follow up  Share a link  Don’t mind
  16. 16.  Depth of knowledge Personal interest regarding the post Personal interest regarding the member who posted it.
  17. 17. In ormation Inter-Change• You will get to know about many ‘must watch’ category movies• Things you missed while you were watching the movie• Things you didn’t understand (eg: discussion on Antichrist)• Another level or side• Upcoming movies in many languages
  18. 18.  Up to date reviews of film festivals are available ( IFFK ) Sometimes silly things/gossips will be shared Notes on great artists and directors are shared
  19. 19. How it is useful? Opens the door of world cinema A place to express what we have to say on a particular movie A number of known and unknown friends are there to recognize you and they will respond It also helps to market many regional new releases You will get a multi-dimensional idea
  20. 20.  Some members even exchange movies We people download movies which were there in the discussion This social interactions are effective in its own limitations Active participation will help us to make our perspective sharper Suggestions for the revival of Indian films also develop in these brief, irregular discussions
  21. 21. Vivek K RII MA Mass Communication