Legal system in swat valley


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Legal system in swat valley

  1. 1. Legal SysteminSwatValley
  2. 2. Background• Four Stages:1. Till 19472. 1947-19693. 1969-20054. 2005-2011
  3. 3. •Till 1947: Swat was a princely state underBritish empire and had its own ruler.•From 1947-1969: it was governed by royalclass independently, Miangul Abdul HaqqJahan Zeb being its last ruler.
  4. 4. •From 1969 to 2005: Swat became a part ofPakistan and was governed by thePakistan’s law.Also it saw variousdisruptions in this time due to PATAregulation and other incidents.•From 2005 to 2011: it was a time of greatchaos, rise and fall ofTaliban.The mostdreadful time in the history of Swat.
  5. 5. Rise of a new Legal System.• The PATA Act was held unconstitutional; there was a lack ofEconomic development in Swat.• The underdeveloped Judiciary and ineffective local govt. wasresponsible for the rise of Tahrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) asa political party in Swat.• Maulana Fazlullah became the head of TTP’s swat chapter(TTS).• In 2009, Pak army signed an agreement over swat withTaliban and the Taliban took advantage of it and took overSwat region.• Pak’s President Zardari, declared the de-facto control ofTaliban over Swat when he signed an ordinance establishingshariah law over swat.
  6. 6. Regime ofTaliban• The definition of justice became the brutal beheadings,merciless public floggings and corpses hanging fordays in the main public squares of Swats capital,Mingora.• Fazlullah was then called as Mullah Radio, and hisfathwas were the new law of the valley.• Only religion was Islam; and other heavy taxes werelevied on other religions.
  7. 7. The Backfire• Pak’s army backfired onTaliban, half heartedly underpressure of USA.• The Swat became the land of Drones.• Mayor of the Swat after the backfire of the Pakistan’sarmy against theTaliban, prepared his own lashkar, anarmy of 2,500 armed men to defend his village andnearby areas.
  8. 8. Back track of Life• The life of the people started coming back to normal afterthe fall of Taliban; but they initially after fall of Taliban livedin fear of resurgence of Taliban; but now, they are not livingin fear and life is coming back to normal.• A 14 year old girl Malala Yousafzai, who fought for theeducation for the girls in Swat region and won NationalYouth Peace Prize from Paks PM, Yousuf Raza Gilani., wasshot dead by theTaliban in 2012.• The laws enacted in Pakistan are again enacted in Swat.
  9. 9. ThankYou