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Limelight Single Page Application Presentation
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Limelight Single Page Application Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. SA Knowledge SharingSingle Page Application DevelopmentHTML 5, CSS, JSApril, 26th 2013 Scott Puleo
  • 2. First things first … A Demo! New S&P Search Mobile Demo Code Available on the Githubs!
  • 3. You Probably Have Some Questions3
  • 4. Don’t worry…
  • 5. Review: Traditional Web Development5Super Simplified - Request /Response1) Client asks for a resource by URL2) Server builds & packages a fullybaked response and ships it back3) Client renders the response(maybe some JS rollovers or jQuery soup)
  • 6. Single Page Applications• Small applications that run Client Side on the users Browser• Note the word Application!• Markup, CSS & JS required for the application sent with the initial request.• Page changes occur via JavaScript using Templates & DOM manipulation• URL hashes are used to track state and provide bookmark-able links.•
  • 7. SPA’s !== Panacea Drawbacks to SPA’s SEO – Search Crawlers don’t runJavaScript ** Not every page needs to be a web Application! More expensive to develop and more difficult to debug. Clients must be willing to buy into the extra cost and time theapplication development requires.** Semantic server side HTML templates required to render content for SEO7
  • 8. SPA’s Can be Awesome though! Benefits It is an application so it can do Cool Stuff! Responsive, native application feel. No page flicker! Most of the page processing happens client side, offloading serverload. Massive tooling support, Vibrant community. Code reuse. REST endpoints are general purpose and can beused for multiple applications. Paradigm used by modern web frameworks: Backbone, Angular,Ember.js, jQuery Mobile & Phonegap.8
  • 9. Developing an SPA on the WCM platform How can such an application be built on WCM? ~ 4 files (don’t worry you know at least 75% this stuff)• HTML: Holds templates and markup used in the application• JavaScript: Provides the application logic**• CSS: Provides the page styles• REST Endpoint: Provides the application data** Frameworks like backbone.js do the frame-worky stuff9
  • 10. REST Templates in WCM JSON / HTML, it is all the same to Velocity
  • 11. Questions?11
  • 12. Resources Backbone & other MV* JS frameworks (great screencasts) (my framework of choice) JavaScript & General App Design (great podcast) (foundational) (foundational)
  • 13. Thank You13