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Old English
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Old English



A power point presentation on Old English by the students of English dept. at Metropolitan University, Sylhet....

A power point presentation on Old English by the students of English dept. at Metropolitan University, Sylhet.
Pulak Barua. Ex Lecturer, Dept. of English Metropolitan University, Sylhet, Bangladesh



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    Old English Old English Presentation Transcript

    • English - A Historical Summary
    • Old English Period
      • The languages in England before English:
      • -Stone Age
      • -Bronze Age
      • -Iron Age
      • Stone Age
      • - Paleolithic (Old Stone) Age
      • - Neolithic (New Stone) Age
      • The Romans in Britain
      • The Roman Conquest
      • The Romanization of the island
      • The Latin Language in Britain
    • The Germanic Conquest
      • Jutes Saxons Angles
    • Map of Thanet
    •   Map of Anglo-Saxon England
      • Anglo-Saxon Civilization
      • - Northumbria
      • -Mercia
      • -East Anglia
      • -Kent
      • -Essex
      • -Sussex
      • -Wessex
      • The names “England” and “English”
      • -Saxones
      • -Saxonia
      • -Angli
      • -Anglia
      • -Englisc (English)
      • -Angles (Engle)
      • -Anglecynn
    • The origin and position of English
      • The periods in the history of English
      Old Middle Modern
      • Water
      • Strong
      • The
      • Of
      • A
      • He
      • No
      • The Dialects of Old English
      • -Northumbrian
      • -Mercian
      • -West Saxon
      • -Kentish
      • Characteristics of Old English:
      • - Spelling and pronunciations
      • Example. Scip (Ship), Benc (bench)
      • -
      • - Vocabulary
      • The vocabulary of old English is almost purely Germanic . A large number of words borrowed from French and Latin.
      • Grammar
      Inflectional language Synthetic Analytic
    • Foreign influence on old English literature
      • Latin through Celtic Transmission (Latin Influence of the first period
      • The Earlier Influence of Christianity on the Vocabulary
      • The Scandinavian Invasions of England
      • The contact of English with other languages:
      • The Celtic influence
      • Celtic place-names and Other loanwords
      The Romans Celts The Scan -dinavian English
      • Three Latin influences on old English:
      • - It was a language of a highly regarded civilization
      • - For several hundred years , while the Germanic tribes who later became the English were still occupying their continental homes, they had various relation with the Romans through which they acquired a considerable number of Latin words.
      • - And century and half later still, when Roman missionaries reintroduced Christianity into the island, this new culture influence resulted in a quite extensive Latin elements into the language.
    • Old English Literature
      • Pagan
      • Christianity
    • Great literary works
      • Beowulf
      • Widsith
      • Deor
      • The Wanderer
      • The Seafarer
      • The Ruin
      • The Battle of Brunanburh
      • The Battle of Maldon
    • Beowulf
      • The End