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Young Marketers Elite Program_Assignment 20.1_Puku

  1. 1. “HERITAGE” Integrated Campaign Agenda 1. Brand Background & Campaign Objectives 2. Campaign Planning 3. Campaign Execution 4. Key learning points
  2. 2. Brand Background - Established in 1968, 1st soluble coffee brand in Vietnam - Market Share: Biggest in South but just the runner-up in North - Brand Image: Old-fashioned, Stand-still, Out-of-date Campaign Objectives - Rejuvenate brand image, leverage the strength of the brand’s authenticity and turn it into a heritage brand - Defend current users (more mature Vietnamese coffee lovers) - Appeal to younger consumers
  3. 3. Target Audience Age: 31 – 45 Coffee lovers Daily drinkers Traditional Current Users Age: 22 – 30 Young Coffee drinkers Future Users Common points: have a certain interests level for coffee and own a deep within pride for Vietnam and national values
  4. 4. Big Idea True Value - True Experience Communication Message Vinacafe represents a Heritage brand that can give you true experience of coffee, reflects true experience of life value
  5. 5. Platform On-ground Activation PR Digital Media Role Build trial Create awareness Build awareness + brand image as “Heritage” Brand - Spread out + Engage consumers with the spirit of brand - Bring the brand closer to youth Raise awareness Inspire + trigger trial Message Vinacafe – Heritage brings you true coffee experience Vinacafe is the heritage brand that represents true values, true experiences Vinacafe – Heritage is something daily, usual, familiar and emotionally attached with everyone, including youth Vinacafe – Timeless Tase, Heritage Tase Activities Sampling booth Print/Online, Music video Microsite, Fanpage, Social Seedings, Photo Contest TVC, Print Ads Key hook Sampling Social Debates Photo Contest TVC Tactical Execution Highly invested in designing booth/materials/uniform…  brings about the “heritage” looks & feels for consumers Tell the heritage story through deliverable materials Raise national pride amongst communication target through series of Japanese friend’s letter  Endorsed KOLs to clarify and gently insert role of heritage brand like Vinacafe Create a trend using black & white photo. Partnership with VNPhoto Forum Microsite & Fanpage as a hub to showcase all photos Using a true people-true story, under a skillfully art way, showcase the essence of timeless taste of Vinacafe CAMPAIGN EXECUTION
  6. 6. Photo Contest Microsite
  7. 7. Unbranded Fanpage Viral Song Print Ads
  8. 8. On-ground Activation of Vinacafe is such a great example for high standard of Sampling. It breaks the prejudice for sampling as an cheap and not premium way to showcase brand image. Besides letting consumers try the product, Vinacafe has also offer materials that can tell the brand story, the Heritage story. PR has raised a big wave amongst society. However, it seems that the big buzz from the beginning cannot sustain long. The following PR outcomes, when the brand insertion is clear cannot create big impact. The song should be a good food for PR, since it can be generated in different versions to represent patriotism of youth. However, the rhythm is not catchy and viral enough. The song’s meaningful message cannot help to make it spread out enough. Black & White Photo Contest is a wonderful method to spread out the spirit of the brand. However, the final phase of the contest is a little bit quiet. Should have been highly invested to create a huge exhibition in city scale to make it more impactful. TVC is well-known and appreciated, but the message taken away most is “thong tha thoi” which is not relevant with the whole campaign