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sales force automation

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Sales Force Automation Bhawna

  1. 1. Assignment On Sales Force Automation Submitted to:- Mr. Prashant Dutta Gupta Submitted by:- Bhawna Upadhyay
  2. 2. Sales Force Automation  Focus on cultivating customer relationships and  Improving customer satisfaction The Ever-Evolving SFA  Early 1990’s companies with field sales forces were faced with tremendous amounts of customer information.  Software vendors realized this unmet and unrecognized need.  Info about customers was kept in “little black books” that left with the sales reps.
  3. 3. The Promise of SFA  Putting account information directly in the hands of field sales staff.  Making them responsible for it with the promise of…..  Making them more productive.  Synchronize information with the corporate client/server database.
  4. 4. Sales Force Automation Tools  Sales Process/Activity Management – Offer calendars to assist in the planning of key customer events  Proposal presentations  Product demonstrations – Alarm Reminders  Signal important tasks  Generate documents as they are needed  Make decisions based on the user’s input – Generate a mailing suggestions Sales Force Automation Tools  Lead Management – Also known as “opportunity management” and “pipeline management” – Track customer account history
  5. 5. – Monitor leads – Generate next steps and – Refine selling efforts online – Allows sales management to automatically distribute client leads to a field or telemarketing rep based on the area’s product knowledge or territory Sales Force Automation Tools – Configuration Support – Automatically factors in complex customer attributes and requirements to build a solution from scratch – Among the companies who may use such tools – Computer technology vendors – Appliance manufacturers – Telephone companies
  6. 6. Knowledge Management  Many CRM tools geared to SFA include functions specific to accessing and conversing on a range of corporate documentation to supplement sales efforts and provide fast data during the heat of a sale. Sales Force Automation Tools  Field Force Automation (FFA) – Part customer service and part sales force automation – Also known as “field service management” – Field technicians receive dispatch orders via their PDAs, pagers, and cell phones – Making use of these same devices during the actual repair.
  7. 7. An SFA Checklist for Success  Understand how SFA will help, and enlist salesperson stakeholder ship at the beginning – Initial requirements gathering – Rollout tool  Communicate the value to the sales force up front  Invest in-and enforce-training. An SFA Checklist for Success  Beware of inherent sales processes packaged into SFA tools – Customize YOUR sales process  Understand the infrastructure necessary to support wireless technologies  Let SFA use affect sales compensation.
  8. 8.  Change hiring practices and job role descriptions to include use of CRM