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We are a group of teenagers who are doing campaigning for the voting age in the UK to be lowered to 16. We want to make people aware how unfair it is that they do not get the vote. Hopefully, we may …

We are a group of teenagers who are doing campaigning for the voting age in the UK to be lowered to 16. We want to make people aware how unfair it is that they do not get the vote. Hopefully, we may also be able to change minds of those that are against it.
We would be very grateful if you could please leave a comment on your views, ideas for our campaign even improvements...anything really.
We hope you enjoy our power point, thank you!

Published in Education , News & Politics
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  • 2. Intro • We are a group of young people that are campaigning for voting at 16 as part of our Citizenship GCSE.
  • 3. Our Campaign’s Aim The right to vote is given to those eligible but this not include 16 to 17 year olds. Therefore, over 1.5 million 16 and 17 year olds are currently denied the vote in the UK. We have chosen this issue to raise awareness about it and we also aim to enable the public to understand the importance of voting at the age of 16. Also, we want to change the views and opinions of those that are against lowering the voting age. Hopefully, the campaign will aid us in doing this…
  • 4. What’s going on around the world? Places that have lowered their voting ages include some states in Germany. Lower Saxony was the first state to make the reduction. Also, in 2007, Austria became the first member of the EU to lower the voting age to 16 in their country.
  • 5. Scotland • On 27th of June 2013, in the Scottish Independent Referendum, the bill to give 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote was passed by MP’s. • The legislation had the backing of the SNP, Labour and Liberal Democrats. • It gives those born on or before 18 September 1998 the right to vote in the referendum. • People entitled to vote include those living in Scotland who are British, Irish or from other EU countries, "qualifying Commonwealth citizens" and members of the armed services serving overseas who are registered to vote in Scotland. • Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said young people had ‘the biggest stake in the future of the country.’ • •
  • 6. Key Facts and Statistics Did you know that: • In 2007, there were 4,560 16 to 17 year olds serving in the armed forces. 6 out of the first 100 soldiers to die in Iraq were too young too ever cast a vote in a general election. • • Employment begins at the age of 16 and if you leave school and decide to work, you are expected to work up to 8 hours a day. • • A young worker who is at the age of 16 and earns a minimum age of £5,000 has to pay taxes and in 2005 alone, 47 million pounds of taxes were contributed by teenagers. This figure shows what teenagers already do in society and although they are expected to work, the government has not addressed the right teenagers need to vote.
  • 7. What can 16 year olds do? • Drink alcohol as part of a meal at a pub, hotel or restaurant; however it must be bought by an accompanying adult (someone who is 18+). • Join the armed forces • Buy a lottery ticket • Leave home without your parent's permission • Buy a pet • Choose your own doctor and give consent to various medical and surgical procedures • Start paying for prescriptions, sight tests and glass unless you're pregnant or receiving benefits • Get married with your parent's/carer's permission • Be paid the nation minimum age for 16/17 year olds • Apply for a passport without parental consent • Have sex • Get a National Insurance number • Get a full-time job
  • 8. But we can’t vote?
  • 9. WE SAY THAT’S
  • 10. Pros • In today’s world, 16 years olds are more mature and there is no significant difference between the voting ability of a 16 and 18 year old. As they are already able to work full-time, pay taxes and even get married, it shows that society already perceives them capable to take up responsibilities. • Most teenagers already have strong political views and understand how the government works. • Also, lowering the voting age will be beneficial to young people; it could encourage them to take part in society and increase interests in politics. •
  • 11. Unfortunately, there’s a dark Cons side to everything… • A teenager could be influenced by their parents. • May not see how different policies effect them. • 16 year olds are still children mentally.
  • 12. Cons • A teenager may be easily influenced by their parents to vote for the same party as them and may not consider all the issues to make an informed decision. • 16 years olds don’t necessarily see how different political policies impact them as much as they do when they are adults. This could result in little interest in voting. • There may be little turn out at elections • Another point is that they are still children mentally and a lot of development happens in the next two years.
  • 13. Support Us! • Visit our website: http://nhhsvotesat16.webs.com • Follow us on Twitter: • https://twitter.com/NHHS_voteat16 • E-mail us: NHHSvotesat16@gmail.com •
  • 14. THANK YOU!!!!