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The phobian legacy chapter 2

The phobian legacy chapter 2






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    The phobian legacy chapter 2 The phobian legacy chapter 2 Presentation Transcript

    • The Phobian Family Chapter 2 by PuddinroyCome see what Generation A gets into and their kids
    • "Hi Darcy"Hi, Apiphobia"I missed you"Me too
    • Come here and give a smooch!"Aww"
    • "Darcy and Apiphobia sitting in a tree!""First comes a kiss""Then marriage""And then a baby"Shush creator"Ruins our moment"*sticks tonuge out*
    • Apiphobia: "Darcy, will you do the honor and be my wife?"Darcy: "Sqee" "Yes"Yay, claps hands
    • I now pronounce to you the newest Mrs. and Mrs Apiphobia Phobian."Sniff, Im so excited"
    • "Smooch"Lets hope they give us some cute nooboos.
    • Get cracking on generation B!"CREATOR, OUT!"Slinks off
    • Hey, its Fred and Larry."Did you just hear something that sounded like a doorbell?"Hums, no, nothing at all.Fred and Larry: We have no eyes! Booo!
    • "Catch me""Oof""Hunny, your heavy"
    • "Yum"Want a grilled cheese now!"Stuffs it in mouth, OOOOO, Yummy!"Grr, your making me hungry.
    • "Breath in, breath out""Think of happy thoughts""Breath in, breath out"
    • Oh look, Darcy matches."POP""Creator, get me a Dr. Pepper and gummy bears"Runs and hands Darcy those things.
    • Waddle, waddle"So cute"
    • "Yummy"Ugh, why did I change her to a grilled cheese sim?""You enjoy looking at the sandwich!"Maybe!
    • Baby alert"Time for the baby all"Yay, cant wait to know if its a girl or a boy!
    • "Incoming pain"Spin and twirl"You sure, creator?"Yes, just spin and twirl!
    • "Okay, here I go""Weeheee"
    • After a couple of sim minutes, Darcy held her newborn daughter. They agreed on the nameBibliophobia. Bibliophobia means fear of books. It looks like she has Darcys skintone, hair colorand eyes and hopefully elf ears."Hi Bibliophobia""Goo"
    • Get to work!"Creator, get that camera out of our face!"Slinks off, click"CREATOR NOW!"
    • "Put Bibliophobia down please Autodyosphobia"Pinches cheeks
    • "Goochie gooo""Goo"Aww! Hugs her
    • Aww"Apiphobia really is a great mom"Tickles feet"Cweator funny"
    • "Come here sweetie"Nice matching underwear guys!"Time to play, find the kiss!"
    • "Blech, blech"Giggles, yay!"Creator, get me some chocalte Dr. Pepper and gummy bears"Scoots off to get her some Dr. Pepper and gummy bears.
    • "Aw"Good mother!"Goochie goo, Bibliophobia"Pinches toes
    • No, Im not going to cry.Rats, *sniff*Goodbye Penelope Phobian
    • "Not my hunny"Its okay Denise"But I dont want her to go yet!""Wahaaaaaa"*Sniff* Its okay!
    • "Wahaaa, my sweetie""My beloved""I miss you"Gives Denise a hug!
    • Happy Birthday Bibliophobia
    • Sqeels, she has elf ears.Stats for Bibliophobia8/10/9/2/1-Aires
    • "Hi momie""Hi sweetie"Hi there cutie"Hi cwetor"
    • "Out, out"Aw, hold on!"Mommies coming"
    • We present to you the second bun."Weeheee"
    • "Yum"Looks around, no more grilled cheeses."They yummy!"
    • "Weeheeeeee"Get out of there"Weeheeeee"
    • "Mr. Bunny head, you better give me your ear"Oh no, shes trying to eat the bunnys ear."Hehehe, creator funny"
    • POP
    • "Hi, Darcy""Hi, Orikes"Would you like to come inside?"Sure"Orikes writes the Psuedo Legacy. Which is a very good read.
    • "Lalalalalalalalalalaa""Yeeee""Lalalalalalalalalaa""Yeeee"
    • Baby alert time
    • "Incoming""Hurry, somebody!""Babys here"Yay
    • Please welcome Bathmophobia Phobian. Bathmophobia means fear of stairs or steep slopes.Aw.
    • Look, its Ray. Ray is a global mod over at the boolprop forums."Run Ray"Giggles
    • "Me love my aunt"Put the baby down!
    • "Up, up"Giggles, looks like Bibliophobia has a crush!""Up, up"
    • "Weeheeeeee""Me like Nathan"Runs away!
    • Happy Birthday Bibliophobia
    • "Time to party"Yay, yay!"Me big"
    • "Creator, Im big"Pinches cheeks, you sure are!"Giggles, Nathan funny"
    • Isnt she adorable!
    • No more sandwiches please!"But its my life time want"I know, but its a long one!"Nu uh!"
    • This is so cool. Rubs hands together."Watch"
    • Flips it in the air!
    • Eats it. She can conjure up grilled cheese."Yummy, instant"
    • "Mommie and Bibliophobia"
    • "Aw"Pinches cheeks
    • "Yay"Lets see if we can get to twenty grandkids."Yay"
    • "Yum""Something else besides cheese"That looks delicous.
    • Happy Birthday Bathmophobia
    • "Go Bathmophobia"Woot, woot"Go Bathmophobia"
    • Sqeels, he has the elf ears too. Bathmophobia is a Leo with 4/10/4/6/6."Creator, me cute"Pinches toes and cheeks
    • Aw"Me like Orikes"
    • "Hits bunny, give me my money back"So adorable!
    • Click
    • "Mommie and Bathmophobia"
    • "Nice tummy""Hush creator"
    • "I love music""Hi, TheBen""Hi, Bibliophobia"
    • Her outfit is so adorable.
    • Baby alert
    • Please welcome twin girls, Botanophobia and Bufonophobia.Botanophobia means fear of plants. Bufonophobia means fear of toads.
    • "Yay, more babies"Aw
    • "Ummmmm""Almost ready Penelope"Aw, cries
    • "A drink?""Sure""Penelope, Im coming"*Sniff* Bye Denise Phobian
    • "Booohooo""Grandmas gone"Aww, dont worry!"But I miss them"
    • Giggles, nice face"Take a picture, it lasts longer"
    • Stinky baby
    • "Yay"What, no more sandwiches?"Yup, I did it"
    • Wahoooo"200 grilled cheese sandwiches"Wahoooo
    • "So thats how you make a legacy!"What are you reading?"Your guide to making a legacy"OOOHHH
    • "A little white there""Green here""Orange there"
    • Happy Birthday Bathmophobia
    • "Go, Bathmophobia"Yay
    • "Creator, I didnt get a puppy!"No, too much lag"Fine, Im not talking to you!"
    • Happy Birthday Bufonophobia
    • "Go Bufonophobia"Woot, woot
    • Aw."Creator, me like you"Bufonophobia is an Aires 8/9/3/2/3.
    • Happy Birthday Botanophobia
    • "Go, Botanophobia"
    • AwBotanophobia is a Pisces 3/4/7/2/7.
    • "Wow""They had ten nooboos?"Yes, they did!
    • "Ahaha""Me like TheBen"Aww
    • "Yes, I want to fly!""But only superheros fly""You mean I cant?"Nope!
    • "Goochie goo"
    • Aww"So cute"
    • "Come to mommie""Evil grin"
    • Happy Birthday Bibliophobia
    • "Woot, woot"Party time!
    • "Wishes for something""Poof"
    • "Oh no, the sparkles are after me"
    • WowBibliophobia is romance who wants to become a professional party guest. Her secondaryaspiration is knowledge. She likes custom hair and vampires yet dislikes blond hair.
    • Happy Birthday to Botanphobia and Bufonophobia
    • "Weeheee""Sparkles"
    • Heres Botanophobia
    • Heres Bufonophobia
    • "Mommie dance with me""Daa, adadad"
    • From l-rBathmophobia, Botanophobia, Bufonophobia and Bibliophobia
    • "Come here sweetie"Gah me!
    • "Homework time"
    • Do you enjoy legacies? Well if you do, come to Boolprop FightTheAddiction false. It only takes acouple of minutes to sign up and we love having new members.