The first chapter of Dexter McMania for Simania's Duelagacy


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The first chapter of Dexter McMania for Simania's Duelagacy

  1. 1. SiMania Joint Duelacy Dexter's Time Chapter 1 “Smooch” Ah! How sweet!
  2. 2. As I hang onto the telescope! I'm screaming for help and nobody is helping me. Guess I will see what they do to me!
  3. 3. Oh no, they violated my privacy! I guess we will soon have a kid on the way.
  4. 4. Feeling a lot of pain. Here comes the baby!
  5. 5. Aw. I said looking into my daughter's eyes. Please welcome Mars to the family.
  6. 6. Watching her giggle while I washed her made me feel happy. Isn't she just adorable?
  7. 7. Making sure she was big and strong! Yummy!
  8. 8. Thanks to Leo, Mars made it to toddlerhood.
  9. 9. As Leo held my precious Mars, I knew that he was such a good friend for helping me raise her.
  10. 10. As you can see, I'm with child again. I'm hoping for a boy.
  11. 11. On a winter day, I had Jupiter. Isn't he just cute?
  12. 12. What a lifesaver this has been. I'm now working my way up to being a space pirate.
  13. 13. Oh boy! Mars is now a child and a very cute one too. I'm going to need to shoo boys away from her.
  14. 14. With the help of Leo, I welcomed my third kid which I named Pluto.
  15. 15. Pluto was such a good boy. Drink up son!
  16. 16. Jupiter has come home with an A+! Go Jupiter!
  17. 17. Wow! My little baby is now a teenager. Watch out boys!
  18. 18. These girls are Leo's from an abduction. Aren't they adorable?
  19. 19. Son, Get down! Bouncy, bouncy!
  20. 20. Jupiter is such a sweet boy. He wants to have a huge family.
  21. 21. Looks like he found somebody to kiss with! My boy, I'm so proud.
  22. 22. Woooo! Pluto has earned an A+.
  23. 23. Happy Birthday Pluto
  24. 24. My youngest is now a teenager with weird fashion taste.
  25. 25. Mars McMania 10/0/10/5/10-Virgo Popularity: General Blond hair, custom hair fitness
  26. 26. Jupiter McMania 0/0/10/10/8-Sag Formal wear, creativity, charmistic Family: 6 grandchildren
  27. 27. Pluto McMania 10/10/10/1/2-Aries Formal wear, good at cleaning hardworker Romance: Professional Party Guest
  28. 28. I have finally made it to space pirate! Wooohoooo!
  29. 29. To my very best friend Leo Carr! Thanks for helping me raise my family.
  30. 30. Please visit simania. Which is the home of the Simania Duelagacy. We hope to see you there!
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