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This deck shows our capabilities. We basically do anything to help promote your brand.

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Our Capabilities

  1. 1. Capabilities OurCapabilities
  2. 2. THE JNI ADVANTAGE• Wide Range of Promotional Services – Branded to Non-Branded Merchandise & Premiums – Implementation of Branding Campaigns & Marketing Events• A partner to help support your worldwide needs• Purchasing-Power advantage• Established in 1953 with billings over $60 Million• We can reach every part of the world that you touch, because we have offices in 20 major U.S. cities, London, Hong Kong, and ShanghaiThe JNI Advantage sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  3. 3. CLIENT PARTNERSHIPS Clients sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  4. 4. PROTECTING YOUR BRANDOther companies in our industry will lose control of your brandor they will try to change it to suit their needs.Companies like Coke, Adobe, and Nike didn’t give us preferredstatus because they like us. They did it because we know andprotect their brands.Protecting Your Brand sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  5. 5. YOUR JNI TEAM Sam Minster VP National Accounts Debbie Abergel Rona Levinsky Senior VP Vendor Relations Account Coordinator Toby Cowan Rick Dworkin Creative Director VP Client Services Your Team Craig Reese Mark Hacker Senior VP Western Region VP Logistics sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  6. 6. DISTRIBUTIONFulfillment Solutions and Kitting  Main Los Angeles facility over 100,000 square feet  Alarmed and Insured  Integrated infrastructure  Secure and accurate order processing via Internet, Phone, Fax and mail  Advanced inventory and accounting software  Online real-time access 24/7  Order status  Tracking  Administration  Fulfillment management teams  Dedicated kitting work stations  Programs of all types and sizes  99.9% accuracy  Customer-service driven Fulfillment & Kitting sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  7. 7. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C On-pack Promotion Kikkoman sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  8. 8. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C On-pack Promotion (con’t) In Chinese culture, a red envelope symbolizes good luck and is said to ward off evil spirits....Kikkoman (con’t) sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  9. 9. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C On-pack Promotion (con’t)Kikkoman (con’t) sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  10. 10. eProcurement Online StoresMerchandise • Inventoried • JIT (Just-in-Time) InventorySpecial Order • Apparel ordering sites Online Stores sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  11. 11. ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTIONSJNI is committed to fostering business partnerships that will improve the place welive in and do business by implementing projects that benefit our communityenvironmentally, socially, economically and foster a sustainable future. • Eco-friendly Products • Employee Involvement • Partners to get Involved Locally and to Share our Mission • Innovative Eco Products NEW to Market Louder than Words • eOrders, eBilling, eTracking, eSamples • Recycling Programs • Education • Socially compliant and environmentally aware Eco-Friendly Solutions sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  12. 12. ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS (con’t) This site (www.eco.nadel.com) is dedicated to promoting products that benefit our community environmentally, socially, economically, and to help maintain a sustainable future. Eco-FriendlySolutions (con’t) sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  13. 13. INTERNATIONAL EVENTS MeetingDell’s Meeting in AmsterdamWe provided the complete service, including: Graphics to match theme, venue & objectives Floor & seating plans Signage & badge design Production schedule Presentation design & assistance International Events - Meeting Eco-Friendly Site sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  14. 14. INTERNATIONAL EVENTS Movie Promotion SEEING IS BELIEVING International Events – Matrix ReloadedProduct launch for Warner Bros. at Vinopolis London,introducing Matrix Reloaded. Set designed around The Matrixwith entertainment that included mock fights and actualsequences from the movie. Eco-Friendly Site sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  15. 15. INTERNATIONAL EVENTS Movie Promotion (con’t) International Events – Matrix Reloaded (con’t) Many props where unique to the set, such as a working phone booth and champagne flutes that glowed when liquid was poured. Eco-Friendly Site sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  16. 16. SOURCINGJNI Product Sourcing Advantage • Products sourced from US, Europe, and the Pacific Rim • More than 3,000 manufacturing partners • Preferred vendor program with in-person meetings • Product trend-tracking • Multiple industry trade show attendance and research • Internal collaboration and sharingOverseas Partners • SAI Socially Accountability International Compliant (based on standard customs schedule) • Product testing • Experienced in US and European markets • Certified by JNI’s Hong Kong and Shanghai officesJNI ShopA one-stop resource for thousands of products for any budget SourcingJNItrack™ • World Shipping and Tracking • Shipments monitored through delivery • Detailed communication • Program and Factory production updates provided by account coordinators • Feet on the ground • Guaranteed delivery sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  17. 17. CREATIVE CAPABILITIESJNI is your single source for all creative services: • In-house Art Director, Designers, and Interactive Team • Branding Concepts • Marketing Strategies • Worldwide Sourcing • Custom Design & Manufacturing • Campaigns and Programs with Measurable Results • History of Award-Winning Campaigns Creative Services sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  18. 18. EXCLUSIVE TOOLS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESSJNI solutions are based on your needs, not a formula. Thetools we develop are exclusive to JNI and to you. • Channel Promotions B2B • Consumer Promotions B2C • Event Support • Merchandise Selection • eProcurement • Eco-Friendly Tools To Grow Your Business sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  19. 19. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2B Sales Incentive ProgramClient: CiscoProject: Sales Incentive ProgramAudience: 7,000 ResellersObjective: Half of the 7,000 people were not participating in previous programs, so we were tasked with increasing participation by 20%.Solution: We created an online/offline sales incentive program.Results: We were able to meet Cisco’s goal within the first 4 weeks of the program. By program’s end, we achieved a 32% response rate.Note: Cisco’s Ad Agency tried to get the other 3,500 people to sign up on a number of occasions but were unsuccessful. Cisco sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  20. 20. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2B Sales Incentive ProgramClient: CiscoProject: An internal sales incentive programAudience: 272 National Sales RepsObjective: To increase renewal salesSolution: We created an offline/online sales incentive program where they would register online to win valuable prizes and for an all- expense paid African Safari. The announcement piece, when opened, let out a loud lion’s roar, combining the power of sound and graphics.Results: There was an 83% response rate. Renewal sales greater than $50K increased by an astounding 222%. Renewal sales less than $50K increased by 68%. Cisco sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  21. 21. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2B Sales Incentive ProgramClient: SamsungProject: Sales Incentive ProgramAudience: 250 ResellersObjective: To increase sales on particular telephony productsSolution: We created a 4-piece mailing that involved the use of a debit card program.Results: 85% response per kit mailed 33% increase in redemptions over previous control promotion.Note: Samsung initially asked us to provide the magic 8-balls. Instead of just writing up the order, we asked the reason for them. The client said they wanted to use them to motivate their resellers to sell more product. The client later commented that they were very Samsung happy we were not just order takers. sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  22. 22. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C GWP Promotion Client: Activision Activision – Guitar Hero III Project: Guitar Hero III Gift with Purchase Promotion Audience: Gamers Objective: To increase sales of the video game at Best Buy. Solution: JNI created 40,500 guitar straps that fit within the client’s budget. Results: It was one of the biggest GWP Programs in both Activision’s and Best Buy’s histories. Activision said, “This GWP program was the biggest in Activision/Best Buy history. Sam really came through for us!” sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  23. 23. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C GWP Promotion Activision – Tony Hawk Project 8 Client: Activision Project: Tony Hawk Project 8 Gift With Purchase Promotion Audience: Gamers Objective: To create a custom piece that would display the skatedeck on a wall. Solution: 4 companies could not get this job done. JNI not only created a functional piece, but we did it within the client’s budget. 45,500 units were produced. Results: Target Stores reported that this was a very successful promotion for them. sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  24. 24. Custom Awards Whether it’s bronzing an actual PlayStation console, creating a custom-shaped acrylic award, or anything in between, we can do the project for you. Custom Awards sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  25. 25. Custom Awards (con’t) We Bring Ideas To Life Custom Digital layout Awards Actual award (con’t) sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  26. 26. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2B Dealer Promotion Kyocera WirelessClient: Kyocera WirelessProject: New Product Launch Kit ProgramAudience: Carrier Executives, Retail Store Manager’s and Sales RepsObjective: Develop a kit that emulates the brand, is unique, stands above the competition and makes a lasting impression.Solution: 40,000 custom-designed kits designed to give recipient the feeling of discovering something very special and new.Results: Response to Kyocera’s non-traditional launch kit has been overwhelming. The kit accomplished all Kyocera’s objectives and more. Customers are keeping the kits as a catch all and Kyocera has re-ordered an additional 40,000 kits. sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  27. 27. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C Movie LaunchClient: MTVProject: Jackass 2 LaunchAudience: Colleges/UniversitiesObjective: To generate interest in the film among college studentsSolution: 100,000 packs designed as a giant condom-shaped blister pack containing face markers, bottle openers and other “off- color” itemsResults: MTV described this as the best premium in MTV history MTV – Jackass 2 sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  28. 28. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C On-Pack PromotionClient: Alberto CulverProject: TRESemme Download ProgramAudience: Beauty ConsumersObjective: Gain valuable marketing data on end consumerSolution: Created an on-pack promotion that drove the consumer to a micro site to capture profile and contact info.Results: 22% response rate and over 250,000 names and data collected Alberto Culver sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  29. 29. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C GWP PromotionClient: SephoraProject: Getaway Kit with Purchase PromotionAudience: Online MembershipObjective: Generate sales using gift with purchaseSolution: Delivered 75,000 checkpoint-friendly bagsResults: Increase in online sales Sephora sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  30. 30. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C On-Pack PromotionVitamin Water wanted to cross-promote their brand witha pop singer who appealed directly to their targetaudience, so they utilized a free digital downloadoffering an exclusive video and remixed song from KellyClarkson’s new album.A focus was placed on creating an interactive site topromote the product and the artist. The free digitaldownloads were offered with purchase of Vitamin Waterat Wal-Mart stores. Vitamin Water sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  31. 31. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C Social Media MarketingClient: StaplesProject: Back to School PromotionAudience: Target 13-18 year olds during summerObjective: Increase sales during back to school promotion periodSolution: “Geared4School” sweepstakes in-store signage and targeted national ads prompted entry via mobile or online July 16 to Sept. 17. Daily & weekly prizes of hottest back to school products. Grand prize of $10K shopping spree in Los Angeles with Ashley Tisdale, one of America’s hottest young celebrities, and star of the Disney Channel’s High School Musical and The Suite Life of Zach & Cody.Results: 50% entered via text Average of 800 text entries DAILY Staples Almost 60,000 entries! sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  32. 32. MERCHANDISE SELECTION Custom Product DevelopmentClient: Dooney & BourkeProgram: Product DevelopmentAudience: Tweens to adult womenObjective: Develop a price-point driven tote for Dooney & Bourke to sell in their stores, online and in their catalog.Solution: JNI Created a whole line of clear PVC & leather tote bags in different shapes and sizesResults: The collection has become one of Dooney & Bourkes best selling collections of all time. Dooney & Bourke sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  33. 33. MERCHANDISE SELECTION Custom Product DevelopmentClient: Paramount/DreamworksProject: Madagascar II Movie LaunchAudience: Motion picture pressObjective: Create a movie-themed gift to be sent to the pressSolution: We suggested and created a “jack in the box” using a vinyl King Julian in a shipping crate style box using art from the film poster. A custom sound-chip plays “I Like to Move it” when opened.Results: 8,000 units shipped 3 weeks before film opening.Paramount/D reamworks sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  34. 34. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C On-Pack PromotionClient: Electronic ArtsProject: NASCAR Collector’s Edition GiftAudience: GamersObjective: Client wanted to create added value to the Special Edition version of their NASCAR title through Wal-Mart.Solution: A collectible metal piece that was packed under the shrink-wrap.Results: The program was a huge success. The client initially ordered 118,000 units, and they needed another 75,000 a week later to cover the high demand. Electronic Arts - NASCAR sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  35. 35. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C Event Support Event Staff Guerrilla Services Field Support Brand Ambassadors Street Marketing Outdoor Postering Program ManagementField Market Managers Campus Activation Guerrilla Projections Custom ReportingIn-Store Demonstrators Mobile Media Chalk Stenciling Event Photo Gallery Street Teams Hand-to-Hand Sampling Flyer Distribution Location Scouting Costumed Characters Publicity Stunts Pull-Tab Posters Program Portal Bilingual Talent Wearable Media Hotel Key Cards Program Scheduling Photographers Video Projection Branded Cups & Sleeves Fulfillment Samplers Flash Mobs Mock Protests Data CollectionWarner Bros. Records – Green Day sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  36. 36. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C Event Support (con’t) Challenge Warner Brothers’ Records needed to increase excitement and build awareness of Green Day’s latest album, 21st Century Breakdown, prior to release. Winning Strategy Street teams stenciled large, biodegradable stencils and distributed 3,000 posters around NYC. Guerrilla projectionists played Green Day footage on open building walls in busy areas of the city, while speakers streamed clips from the new album. Testimonials “… Warner Brother Records is happy, Green Day is happy, and JNI is my hero. Thank you for an amazing job well-done!” Mikael Mossberg, Warner Brother Records Highlights  3,000 posters distributed  250 stencils sprayed  20ftx30ft Guerrilla Projections Warner Bros. Records – Green Day (con’t) sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  37. 37. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C GWP PromotionClient: Warner Bros. RecordsProject: Taking Back Sunday’s New Again ReleaseAudience: Their Fan Club & All Loyal Band Listeners.Objective: The client wanted to offer a special limited edition pack. They also wanted the pack to promote sales of the new CD, create PR virally via the internet, and give the fans a “true fan package” of the band.Solution: We created the Taking Back Sunday Car Kit, which contained a 1956 DeSoto model car, a 2 GB DeSoto key-shaped USB drive, dice air freshener, mini dice, and band member driver’s licenses. The band featured the kit on all their social media pages at the time – Facebook, MySpace and in e-mail blasts to their fans about the Warner Bros. Records – album release and tour announcements. Taking Back SundayResults: 5,000 kits were ordered and were sold out in the first month. sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  38. 38. CHANNEL PROMOTIONS B2C GWP PromotionClient: Warner Bros. RecordsProject: Danger Days – The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys Gift with Purchase PromotionAudience: My Chemical Romance fansObjective: To increase record salesSolution: Upon pre-ordering the album, the consumer received a box kit that had 1 of 4 different 12” collectible ray guns made out of poly resin (each gun had a different color scheme representing each band member’s gun with a clear acrylic stand and placard for display, a matching mask, an exclusive EP, 1 “bad luck beads” wooden bracelet, and a 48- page photo booklet entitled, “Art Is The Weapon”.Results: The promotion led to record pre-orders. Warner Bros. Records – My Chemical Romance sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726
  39. 39. THE ADVANTAGES ADD UP! Final Slide sam minster • samm@nadel.com • 310.400.0726