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action sports wear fabric / apparel design and development portfolio

action sports wear fabric / apparel design and development portfolio



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Greg Mc Millan Portfolio Greg Mc Millan Portfolio Presentation Transcript

  • Greg McMillan Macker International Apparel Inc. 44 Point Terrace, Furry Creek, BC., Canada V0N3Z1 604-551-0209 career summary I’ve pretty much spent my whole life involved in sports. My family was incredibly active in various sports whilegrowing up. Being Canadian, we were heavily into competitive hockey and tennis. In university, I became house mates with ski racers who were also involved in the beginning stages of windsurfing. From these friendships I becameaddicted to board sports! First snow skiing, followed by windsurfing, snowboarding, surfing, kite boarding, stand- up paddle, wake boarding, water skiing; anything I could do using some sort of board! I was fortunate enough to compete and be sponsored by windsurfing company’s which lead to clothing sponsors. Hanging around other sponsored athletes proved that my Australian surf wear sponsor at the time was not quite up to the latest trends in surf and casual attire, so I started critiquing what they sent me. One thing lead to another and somehow I ended up designing clothing for them. I then became involved in the distribution group in north america to import and distribute the products throughout the states and canada. With a successful business operation up and running, I sold my shares after being approached by the distributor of Quiksilver in Canada to join him in operating the license for Quiksilver canada. this was the ultimate experience! Travelling around the world meeting and working with the various Quiksilver international license design groups was apriceless education in design and production. after four years of growth, we sold the license to an asian garment industry group through the Maple Leaf Foundation, which allowed Canadian citizenship. From there I went on to work freelance designing for Billabong, Descente and numerous other action sports apparel company’s. being familiar with production, I ended up looking after the fabric and trim development and design as well as the production of most lines. I think the biggest advantage i have had working with multiple action sports oriented clothing company’s is my ability to grasp specific developments from one sport that could be tweaked to relate and apply to another. By also being an end-user, I could test different concepts to ensure they actually worked the way they weresupposed to. This evolutionary evaluation worked consistently with constant refinement and the development oftechnological advancements. When something new came along, I figured out if and how to apply the application to apparel.The focus now is to keep the development happening but to ensure what your doing is environmentally sustainableand the product lines you are creating have zero negative impact on the already strained planet. The greatest part of this is that there are numerous untapped eco friendly resources just waiting to be discovered and applied! What impresses me the most about this industry is the next generation who are entering the field to fill the design positions and who “get” what needs to done. That raw youthful energy is so addicting i find myselfbecoming more of a teacher / mentor than a boss. there are many resources now that direct and forecast trends, but its really how creative a designer can be that makes a difference. You still need to understand the process and viability to make it work and that’s where my value lies.The apparel action sport industry is all about learning to look beyond what’s on the shelf and make a difference in the future!
  • Profile of Gregory A.L. McMillan 44 Point Terrace, Furry Creek, BC., Canada V0N 3Z1 Tel.: 604-551-0209. e-mail: greg@layer1.caPROFESSIONAL PROFILETwenty years of experience in the design, production and marketing of trend oriented lifestyle and technical sports apparel.Global expertise with industries top companies including: Quiksilver, Billibong, Descente and Option-NFA.Extensive experience in sourcing and working with suppliers and factories in AsiaExceptional experience in financial planning, budget preparation and trend analysis as it relates to soft goods and accessories.Proven strategic approach in the creation and execution of global brands including DNA and DINCUS.Reputation for getting the job done, while achieving revenue and business targets.EMPLOYMENT SUMMARYFebruary 2008 – May 2010: Dincus Apparel Inc. - eco-friendly urban and technical apparel, freelance design, development and production management.Create and produce leading edge technical and eco friendly surf / street wear and outerwear clothing.Develop fabrics, trims, specification packages and manage production.Trend analysis, cost analysis.January 2003 – July 2007 Option-NFA Inc. - Vice President Soft Goods.Integral part of the company’s senior management team.Manage and oversee the design and production to the company’s soft goods merchandise, namely clothing and accessories, under all of the company’s brands.Assist in the defining of the marketing plan for the company’s soft goods.Create and produce leading edge designs and a timely delivery of price and quality competitive clothing and accessories to distributors and retail accounts.January 2001 – Present Macker International Apparel Inc., owner.“PuckSkin” wicking, antimicrobial base layer garments specifically designed for ice hockey(“Layer1” eco friendly bamboo sports socks, multi-sport base layers (, design, develop and produce moisture wicking, natural anti-microbial, eco friendly base layers and sport socks.1991 – January 2003 GM Design : Contract design and production of technical sports apparel and street wearBillabong, Irvine, California, U.SA. – 2002-2003Designed outerwear collectionDNA, Descente Limited, Osaka, Japan. – 2000-2002Created “DNA” brand for Descente to launch their new free-ride lineDeveloped name, created logo and co-designed the first year’s collectionsDescente sales increased by 30% through this newly launched free-ride lineSMS, Whistler, BC. – 2001-2003Designed and consulted on the outerwear collectionsPerformance Bike, N. Carolina, U.S.A. – 2000-2001Designed key technical jackets for the production contractorBillabong, Costa Mesa, California, U.S.A. 1991-1993Snowboard wear design, sourcing and production1991-1994 G.A.S. Sportswear - Co-founder, partner, designer, production manager.Surf / Ski sportswear design and production1986-1991 Quiksilver Canada - Design and Production managerLicensee Co-founder, shareholder, director, and designer.Designed and merchandised licensed international designs into biannual collections.Sourced and purchased fabrics and components. Created CMT’S (cut/make/trim).Scheduled and coordinated in-house pattern making, cutting, sample production and productionPoints of InterestCompeted internationally in windsurfing, ice hockey and snowboarding. Competed provincially in tennis.Current ActivitiesSurfing, Stand-up paddle surfing, kite boarding, windsurfing, skate boarding, snowboarding, wake boarding, water-skiing, ice hockey, golf, yoga.
  • Greg McMillan Macker International Apparel Inc. 44 Point Terrace, Furry Creek, BC., Canada V0N3Z1 career highlights• 1980’s early 90’s: initiated first snowboard specific apparel for top surf companies Quiksilver and Billabong. Original Quiksliver Canada licensee and international design team member.• 2001: Branded “DNA” for leading skiwear manufacturer Descente, Japan to facilitate youth image and entry into new demographic trend outerwear, creating 30% growth and future consumer brand loyalty.• 2003-08: Option / NFA, Lead the design and graphic teams into multi-seasonal apparel. Created an atmosphere of leaders by creating the first trend drive into graphic inspired outerwear and textured shell fabrications. Created numerous category dominant trims. All previous team designers are now working for leading category company’s.• 2000’s: Created “PuckSkin” and “Layer1” branded technical base layers using future forward “nano” natural antimicrobial and recycled technical fabrications. “Layer1” is the first base layer garment to incorporate balance hologram technology. ,• 2008-10: designed and developed “Dincus” branded leading edge “eco friendly” fabrics and garments using bamboo yarns (bamboo denim, bamboo wovens and knits) and recycled technical polyesters.
  • 2008 Option/NFA technical outerwear spec package illustrations SEASON: WINTER 07-08 STYLE NAME: CONTROL Pant STYLE#: 6715M DATE: AUG. 31/06 SEASON: WINTER 07-08 STYLE NAME: CONTROL Pant STYLE#: 6715M DATE: AUG. 31/06 change waist only LINING Salesman LARGE 1st Proto Revised To: Samples Revised To: A WAIST MEASUREMENT 36" 36" 37" B WAISTBAND HEIGHT 1 3/4" C FRONT RISE - BELOW WAISTBAND 11 1/4" D BACK RISE - BELOW WAISTBAND 14 3/4" E HIP 3 1/2" UP FROM CROTCH 48" F THIGH AT CROTCH 14 1/2" G KNEE - 14" BELOW CROTCH H LEG OPENING 10 3/4" I INSEAM LENGTH 32" 33" 33" J ZIPPER LENGTH 7" K FLY WIDTH FROM EDGE TO 1ST STITCH L FLY LENGTH - BELOW WAISTBAND TO BARTACK 7 1/4" M HEM HEIGHT N O 6715M OPTION CONTROL PANT: P CHANGES Q INCREASE FRONT THIGH POCKETS FLAPS TO COVER TOP OF SIDE VENT ZIPPERS. R FRONT THIGH POCKETS S T RIGHT LEFT MENS U Placement Description colors V Lining A TECH MESH TWK-029 red W Lining B PRINTED 210T black X Lining C BRUSHED TRICOT black Y COMMENTS: 12/11/11 Lining Workbook4 SEASON: WINTER 07-08 Page 1 STYLE NAME: CONTROL Pant STYLE#: 6715M DATE: AUG. 31/06NAME:492W OPTION INNER JACKET LABELGRAPHIC SIZE : LABEL A B C 497B Plastic Snap Findings2.5"W x 1.875"H NAME: Item Description Placement Qty. Unit of M S M L XL COLORWAY 1 BLACK 187 C RED WHITE 494W WOVEN SEAM TAPE zipper with 490R #3 reverse coil black Hand pkt 2 inches 7 NAME: zipper with 490R #3 reverse coil black back pkt 2 inches 6 1/2" 495R - OPTION GRIPPER-TAPE SILICON PRINT zipper with 490R #3 reverse coil black Vents 2 inches 12 ACTUAL GRAPHIC SIZE : zipper with 490R #3 reverse coil black cargo pocket 2 inches 6 1/2 5.13"W x .75"H zipper #3 COIL BLACK CUFFS 2 inches 6" 1mm GRAPHIC COLOR : zipper #3 COIL BLACK fly 1 inches 7 433C zipper H6 with 490R WATERPROOF BLACK mini cargo 1 inches 4 1/2 3mm Gripper Elastic Bottom Cuff inches Gripper Elastic Center WB inches ACTUAL SIZE 5.13" Non-Measured Findings: COLOR B Item Description Placement Qty. COLOR C COLOR B COLOR A COLOR C COLOR A .75" DTM snap waist gator closure 2 DTM snap Fly snap 2 DTM snap jacket/pant interface 2 CFBK761 Boot hook gripper elastic 2 COLORWAY 1 Velcro waist cinch 2 A - all background 490R ZIP PULLS POCKET/VENT 6 491R cuff adjusters waist 2 B - all letters and circle embossed GRAPHIC REPEATS ON TAPE rubber snap A B BLACK BLACK 187 C WHITE RED Please reference rubberized plastic snap with metal stem from Universal Trim Supply Co. Please reference latest NFA Snap for size material etc. 12/11/11 notions Workbook2.xlsx Page 1
  • NFA 2006 Men’s board short’s - mechanical stretch - water repellent - zip fly’s - welded seams - satan finish lining- designed prints and solids with varying applications.
  • Dincus 2010 “Eco” street wear
  • Dincus 2010 “Eco” street wear and technical bike wear
  • 2010 Dincus technical outerwear spec package illustrations WINTER 2009-10 30T silicone grip elastic WINTER 2009-10 49R rubber cuff adjuster summer/fall 2010 # 02R RIVET jacket / pant gators jacket cuffs METAL RIVETS CREST 1: NOT TO SCALE OUTERWEAR OUTERWEAR multiple 5" repeat left cuff right cuff 5”W X .75” H ANTIQUE SILVER CREST 1: NOT TO SCALE 8 X 14 mm. raised “D” logo 2 mm. plyable black rubber 1 mm. raised RIVET ACTUAL SIZE .75" APPROX. 8 MM. X 14 MM. ridges. 1-1/4“ WOVEN LABEL elastic color silicone RED 18-1664 color BLACK RED 1 mm. seam tab pantone tpx pantone TPX 18-1664 3-1/4“ red laquer fill center fill color GRAPHIC REPEATS ON TAPE pantone # 18-1664 TPX. COLOR REFERENCE #s: PANTONE TPX COLOR REFERENCE #s: PANTONE TPX jacket cuff RIVET ARTWORK COLOR REFERENCE #s: PANTONE 30 rubber 2 mm. velcro “hook” bonded to back THIS ARTWORK RAISED OFF SURFACE raised logo and ridges. OF RIVET BY .2mm 49R RUBBER CUFF ADJUSTER: RIVET SAMPLE PICTURE .75” wide silicone print gripper elastic. red silicone on black elastic. - 2 mm. plyable rubber. inner black nylon/lycra - bonded black hook velcro on back side. RIVET SIDE PROFILE snow cuff. placement on inner waistbands - 1 mm. raised ridges. and boot gators on pants, - raised “D” logo. black velcro “loop” sewn to jacket - 1 mm. seam tab. .25mm (FOR “D”) placement on inner removable snow belt .9mm 1.5mm on jackets. WINTER 2009-10 40R zipper pulls OUTERWEAR 2010 content label #06P WINTER 2009-10 POLY MESH LINING metal dome snap button outerwear zipper sliders PAPER LABEL outerwear WINTER 2009-10 #02B MULTIPLE OUTERWEAR OUTERWEAR OUTERWEAR Reference for pull string Y96 pull part, page 36, Pak Lee Hong Company Catalog. OUTERWEAR 1.0”W x 1.5“H 1.25” h Total string length 2.5” Y96 0.5” h x 0.25” w NOT TO SCALE WHITE BLACK red line 18-1664 CENTER COLOR PANTONE # red line 18-1664 GIRL’S purple with red “D” 18-3737 TPX purple GIRL’S rubber tab black GUYS red with purple “D” 18-1664 TPX red Same shape, material as 473R Front Zipper Pull ACTUAL SIZE 1 MM. RAISED OPTION logo on front of pull. CREST 1: NOT TO SCALE GUYS COLOR REFERENCE #s: PANTONE SOLID COATED COLOR REFERENCE #s: PANTONE TPX COLOR REFERENCE #s: PANTONE TPX this artwork painted is raised off snap face LABEL SEWN by .25 mm. top COLOUR 1 COLOUR 2 DIRECTLY UNDER #15W MAIN WOVEN LABEL Pull string loops once through zipper. red line with black flecks if possible, snap bottom face molded to rubber tab. snap top back snap bottom back COLOUR 3 COLOUR 4 SEASON: WINTER 2009-10 STYLE NAME: Thincus Jkt DINCUS 2010 OUTERWEAR RIRI ZIPPER ORDER RIRI SALES REPRESENTATIVE: Linsey Fuller (email: STYLE#: 2003M DATE: 5/04/2009 STYLES: 2001W SWAMI JACKET PLACEMENT ON JACKET: FRONT PLACKET PLACEMENT ON JACKET: FRONT CHEST POCKET RIRI AQUAZIP 6 RIRI AQUAZIP 6 MENS CLOSURE: TBL CLOSURE: GE PULL: SUB RED PULL: SUB RED XS S M L XL COLORS: COLORS: TEXTILE TAPE: RED 2407 TEXTILE TAPE: RED 2407A C.B. LENGTH FROM C.B. NECK SEAM 30.25 31 31.75 32.5 PU LAMINATE: RED 2407 PU LAMINATE: RED 2407 TEETH: PURPLE 2507 TEETH: PURPLE 2507B SHOULDER - SEAM TO SEAM (TOP STRAIGHT) 24 Length: 28” Length: 6.5” Quantitiy: 200 Quantitiy: 200 Price USD. / unit: $4.21 Price USD./unit: $1.92C CHEST - 1" BELOW ARMHOLE 24.25 25 25.75 28.5 AQUAZIP 6D WAIST FROM H.S.P. 18" DOWN 24.25 25 25.75 28.5E BOTTOM WIDTH (HEMLINE EDGE TO EDGE) 24.25 25 25.75 28.5 STYLES:F SLEEVE LENGTH FROM C.B. SEAM STRAIGHT TO TOP CUFF 36 37 38 39 2003M THINCUS JACKET & 2004M DELINQUENT JACKET PLACEMENT ON 2003M JACKET: FRONT PLACKET PLACEMENT ON JACKETS: FRONT POCKETS RIRI AQUAZIP 8 RIRI AQUAZIP 6G ARMHOLE - MEASURED STRAIGHT (TOP-BOTTOM SEAM) 11 11.5 12 12.5 CLOSURE: TBL CLOSURE: GE PULL: SUB RED PULL: SUB REDH MUSCLE - 1" BELOW UNDERARM SEAM 10.75 11.25 11.75 12.25 COLORS: COLORS: TEXTILE TAPE: RED 2407 TEXTILE TAPE: RED 2407I FOREARM: 12 1/2" BELOW UNDERARM SEAM 8 8.5 9 9.5 PU LAMINATE: 2407 PU LAMINATE: 2407 TEETH: GREEN 2805 TEETH: GREEN 2805J GUSSET WIDTH at opening (inner nylon lycra cuff) 3.75 4 4.25 4.5 Length: 31” Length: 7” Quantitiy: 240 Quantitiy: 480 Price USD./unit: $4.51 Price USD./unit: $1.92K GUSSET HEIGHT AT CENTER (inner nylon lycra cuff) 5 5 5 5L CF ZIPPER 30.25 31 31.75 32.5 AQUAZIP 8M CUFF HEIGHT to stitch line 1.75" 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 AQUAZIP 6N CUFF WIDTH (FLAT) 6 6.5 7 7.5O NECK WIDTH - SEAM TO SEAM (STRAIGHT) 10.25 10.5 10.75 11P NECK DROP - BACK NK SEAM TO FRONT NK SEAM 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5Q NECK CIRCUMFERENCE - ZIP TO ZIP AT NK SEAM 21.5 22 22.5 23R COLLAR HEIGHT AT C.B NK 4S COLLAR HEIGHT AT C.F NK 4T CHIN GUARD WIDTH 3U CHIN GUARD LENGTHVWXYCOMMENTS: SEASON: WINTER 2009-10 STYLE NAME: THINCUS Jacket STYLE#: 2003M DATE: revised May 2/09 Findings Item Description color Placement Qty. Unit of M S M L XL riri aquazip #8 riri aquazip red tape / green teeth CF 1 inches 31" riri aquazip #6 riri aquazip red tape / green teeth Hand pockets 2 inches 7" YKK coil zipper #3 REVERSE coil red #820 Vents (side seams) 2 inches 12" YKK coil zipper #3 REVERSE coil red #820 inner music pocket 1 inches 4-1/2" YKK coil zipper #3 REVERSE coil red #820 Lining: Waist Gator 1 inches ? YKK coil zipper #3 REVERSE coil red #820 lining goggle pocket 1 inches 8" YKK coil zipper #5 REVERSE coil red #820 exterior front pockets 2 inches 7" 30T Gripper Elastic Powder Skirt 1 inches Shock cord 50% strech Shock cord red with black flecks 3 16W WOVEN LINING TAPE woven tape purple base color lining Non-Measured Findings: Item Description Placement Qty. 02B metal dincus snap SNOW BELT 4 bottoms/ 2 tops 02B metal dincus snap jacket/pant connection gripper elastic 2 tops DCL-109 Clear Plastic Cordlock see hood pg 2 DCL-096 Clear Plastic Cordlock see hood pg 1 3810E Clear Plastic Cordlock bottom hem 2 3840 Clear Plastic Cordlock see prime hood pg 1 Eyelets antique metal shockcord eyelets with shockcord 10 Velcro 1/2" black cuffs 2 40R ZIP PULL POCKET/VENT 6 40R ZIP PULL FRONT ZIP 1 49R cuff adjusters cuffs 2 12/11/11 notions Workbook1 Page 1
  • Dincus 2010 Interbike trade show booth
  • Ocean Rodeo 2009bOARD SHORTS IN 2 WAY MECHANICAL STRETCH RECYCLED POLYESTER, SATAN FINISH NON STICK LINING, WATER REPELLENT. Hooded fleece tops in 300 gm. french terry 70% bamboo / 30% organic cotton. Men’s t’shirts in 210 gm. jersey knit 70% bamboo / 30% organic cotton. Women’s t’shirts in 170 gm. jersey knit 70% bamboo / 30% organic cotton.
  • LAYER1 2011recycled microfibre infused withnano silver and charcoal bamboo ions base layer garments and Bamboo sport socks recycled card packaging
  • Robbie Dixon wears LAYER1 Ski socks. 2011 Canadian Alpine Ski Team
  • Greg McMillanBallcap: Dincus, bamboo / organic cotton woven twill. Top: PuckSkin, nano charcoal bamboo / silver ion infused, double layer moisture wicking. Boardshort: Ocean Rodeo, recycled polyester 2 way mechanical stretch, satin non-stick lining, water repellent. Naish Javelin, Werner Fuse
  • University of GuelphMen’s Varsity Hockey team 2010 wearing PuckSkin