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Publisher profile

  1. 1. Who We AreHundreds of Heads Books, Inc. is a two-year old, independent publishingcompany with a fast growing number of titles and over 200,000 of our “SurvivalGuides” in print.What We Do and How We Do ItHundreds of Heads’ “Survival Guides” bring readers sage (and entertaining)advice from hundreds of people across the country. For each title, Hundreds ofHeads Books sends out its nationwide team of “headhunters” (journalists) toseek out and interview neighbors, friends, and trusted advisors, and get theiradvice and stories on how they dealt with life’s big challenges. The result: readersget the best advice from real people who have “been there, done that.”Our First Book Became a BestsellerHundreds of Heads’ very first book, How to Survive Your Freshman Year,became the #1 best selling college guide two years in a row, and has sold over60,000 copies. How to Survive Your Freshman Year 2nd Edition is a Spring 2006release.Following the LeaderFollowing the success of How to Survive Your Freshman Year, Hundreds of HeadsBooks has published How to Survive Dating (November 2004), How to SurviveYour Baby’s First Year (January 2005), How to Survive Your Marriage (March 2005),How to Survive A Move (May 2005), How to Survive Your Teenager (June 2005), Howto Lose 9,000 Lbs. (or Less) (January 2006), and “You can keep the damn china!” and824 Other Great Tips on Dealing with Divorce (March 2006).Readers Want More!Readers are asking for more Hundreds of Heads Survival Guides. No problem.Hundreds of Heads Books’ headhunters and editors have been working hardgathering more survival tips and stories for new titles, including Where to SeatAunt Edna and 824 Great Wedding Tips (April 2006), How to Survive the RealWorld: Life After College (April 2006), How to Love Your Retirement (August2006), and How to Survive Your In-Laws (October 2006). Because Hundreds of Heads are Better than One! TM
  2. 2. Page 2 of 2.Our MissionThe Hundreds of Heads Survival Guide series grew out of the simple idea thatwhen you are about to go through one of life’s major challenges or milestones,it’s good to get advice from people who have “been there, done that.” Whymake all the mistakes for yourself? Why not find out what worked, and whatdidn’t work, from others who have been in similar situations?Hundreds of Heads guides offer the wisdom of the masses by assembling theexperiences and advice of hundreds of people who have gone through one oflife’s biggest challenges and came out the other side with some insight to share.For each title, people from all over the country and all walks of life areinterviewed; men and women, young and old. For the Freshman Year guide, forexample, headhunters interviewed students at big schools, small schools, Ivies,and state universities; Greeks, geeks, and jocks; men and women.Hundreds of Heads Books are dedicated to helping readers face some of life’sbigger challenges by reducing some of their “first-timer” anxiety, as well asgetting a few laughs in along the way. Many have said reading a Hundreds ofHeads Survival Guide is like having a few hundred of your best friends (or oldersisters or brothers) in a room, sharing their personal experiences and offeringyou great advice on the next big journey in your life.Our ApproachHundreds of Heads Survival Guides provide a tool kit for creative problemsolving and “out of the box” thinking. Unlike some other guide books that giveonly “one” answer, regardless of the reader’s circumstances, Hundreds of Headsguide books enable readers to consider a variety of options; enabling them tofind the solution that works best for them.Often, one of the biggest mistakes made in navigating life’s challenges is to pickone path without considering alternatives. But in real life, complex challengesnormally require complex solutions. These other “How-To” books often presenta consistent, but incomplete analysis of an issue because they don’t want to beself-contradictory. While consistent, this approach often makes these books ofmarginal value to a reader unless the path they suggest applies perfectly to thatreader’s situation.Hundreds of Heads Books knows that ultimately its reader will have to find hisor her own way. One size does not fit all. Every relationship, baby, teenager,move, etc. is different Simplistic solutions to complex problems just do notwork. In the end, the Hundreds of Heads approach gains strength and value byits diversity of ideas and even sometimes, the inconsistency of its many answers.Author James Surowiecki highlights the same potential genius in the opinions ofthe multitudes in his bestselling book, The Wisdom of Crowds. Because Hundreds of Heads are Better than One! TM
  3. 3. Page 3 of 3.The Founders of Hundreds of Heads Books…New Media Turned Old MediaMark W. Bernstein and Yadin Kaufmann conceived of the idea of interviewingeveryday people about life’s toughest challenges and offering it up in light-hearted yet practical “How To Survive…” guide books in 2003 when Hundredsof Heads Books, Inc. was formed.Both Bernstein and Kaufmann bring many years of experience in a wide array ofbusinesses, including technology and new media, to Hundreds of Heads Books.“We thought we could do ‘reality T.V.’ one better—by getting real, unscriptedwisdom from hundreds of unrehearsed people who have been through one oflife’s major challenges. We share their hard won advice with truly interestedpeople facing those same life challenges. We also saw a novel way to leveragetechnology and new media to support the old media world of book publishing.This project created a fresh way to merge the best of these two media worlds,”says Kaufmann. “At its core, we wanted Hundreds of Heads books to help relieve our reader’sstress, not add to it. We thought some lightweight—but valuable anduniversal—real-world companionship would be appreciated. Sadly, people don’tcongregate on front porches and cafes much anymore, sharing life’s stories. Butthey do still crawl in bed with a good book. What better way to gain wisdom?”adds Bernstein.Mr. Bernstein, a native of Knoxville, TN, is a graduate of the Wharton School ofBusiness of the University of Pennsylvania and New York University’s School ofLaw. He was an attorney with the King & Spalding law firm in Atlanta, served assenior legal counsel at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and was a Senior VicePresident of CNN and general manager (and a founder) of CNN’s digital contentdivision, CNN Interactive ( Kaufmann is a Founding Partner of Veritas Venture Partners, a venturecapital firm that invests in high-technology start-ups, co-founder ofMainXchange Ltd., an Internet company that delivered financial and businesscontent to the teen market, and founder of Tmura, a not-for-profit Public ServiceVenture Fund. He received his A.B. from Princeton University, A.M. fromHarvard University, and J.D. from Harvard Law School, where he was an editorof the Harvard Law Review. Kaufmann fell in love with the book industry in hisuniversity days, when he and his wife co-authored two books, Summer ’79 inFrance and The Boston Ice Cream Lover’s Guide; he also was a part-time journalistwhile at Princeton.Welcome to Our Global Office Because Hundreds of Heads are Better than One! TM
  4. 4. Page 4 of 4.Hundreds of Heads Books has created a global, virtual office comprised ofpublishing professionals (including interviewers, editors, designers, publicists,and marketing and sales consultants) logging on from locations far and wide,including New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Herzliya, Israel. The publisherhas nearly 50 headhunters located across the country, interviewing peoplethroughout the United States, as well as from other parts of the world.Hundreds of Heads’ books are printed in Illinois, and warehoused and nationallydistributed from Kansas. Hundreds of Heads has created a truly global, virtualoperation for the 21st century.Hundreds of Heads Books are everywhere!Hundreds of Heads books are distributed nationally by Publishers Group Westand can be found in local, neighborhood bookstores or at favorite onlinebooksellers (including Barnes & Noble, Borders, Book Sense, Books A Millionand Amazon). They can also be ordered directly from the publisher Because Hundreds of Heads are Better than One! TM
  5. 5. Page 5 of 5.What the Critics are Saying about our Books…“Move over ‘Dummies’….can that ‘Chicken Soup’…hundreds of heads are on themarch to your local bookstore!” —Elizabeth Hopkins, Radio Host, “Thinking Outside the Box”“The series…could be described as ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ meets ‘WorstCase Scenario.’” —Atlanta Business Chronicle“This book proves that all of us are smarter than one of us." —John Katzman, Founder & CEO, The Princeton Review“A concept that will be…a huge seller and a great help to people. I firmly believethat today’s readers want sound bytes of information, not tomes.” —Cynthia Brian, TV/Radio Personality and co- author of Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul“It’s like having a few hundred friends on speed-dial.” —The Tennessean (Nashville)“Hundreds of Heads….sends interviewers out to talk to ‘hundreds’ of people,then compiles the colorful bits of advice into a book of snippets. So simple, soentertaining, so should have been my million-dollar-idea.” —Paula Burba, The Courier-Journal (Louisville)“For those seeking more than the typical trite suggestions, the new book How toSurvive Dating has dating tips from average folks across the country.” —Knight Ridder Tribune News Service“Great, varied advice, in capsule form...” —Cary Tennis, columnist, “Whether you’re single or not, How to Survive Dating will have you rolling withlaughter. This book contains hundreds of pearls of wisdom....” —True RomanceVisit us at for the latest news on all of our books. Because Hundreds of Heads are Better than One! TM
  6. 6. Page 6 of 6. Because Hundreds of Heads are Better than One!™ Because Hundreds of Heads are Better than One! TM