Presentation Success: How to Measure the Success of a Presentation


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Presentation Success: How to Measure the Success of a Presentation. Q & A with public speaking champion, Akash Karia (founder of

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Author of 5 books on public speaking: Akash has written five books on public speaking.

Recognized Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Expert. Akash has written and published over 100 articles on the art of public speaking and presenting.

Graduate of the Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations course (2011)

Achieved the following certifications from Toastmasters International:
Competent Leader award (2011)
Competent Communication award (2011)
Advanced Speaker Bronze award (2011)
Advanced Speaker Silver award (2011)
Advanced Speaker Gold award (2012)

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Presentation Success: How to Measure the Success of a Presentation

  1. 1. measuring the success of your presentationHi, my name is Akash and I’m a presentation skills coach and author of “PublicSpeaking Secrets of the Champions”. In this mini eBook,you will discover the two questions which will help youdetermine the effectiveness of your presentation.Akash Karia
  2. 2. How do you measure the success of a presentation?There are two important questions you can ask to measure the success of yourspeech.First question: did you achieve the objective of your presentation?The goal of a speech is to take audience members from Point A to Point B. It’s tomove them in some sort of way - maybe to move them emotionally and to inspirethem; or to move them intellectually and give them more knowledge and moretools on a topic. So, if a speaker manages to meet his objective of moving hisaudience from Point A to Point B, then it’s a successful speech. Or,as you put it,it’s a commendable speech.
  3. 3. Second question: Will your audience remember your message 3 daysafter you presentation?Did you know that most presentations are forgotten within a couple of hours? Asuccessful speaker, however, leaves a lasting impact on his audience. Asspeakers, we want to make sure that our impact lasts beyond the day of thepresentation.For example, let’s say you’re giving a sales presentation. Your objective is toconvince Mr. and Mrs. Jones to buy a car or insurance - or whatever the product- from your company. Now, no matter how good your presentation, it’s unlikelythat Mr. and Mrs. Jones will enthusiastically hand over their credit card to youat the end of your presentation. They’re going to need a couple of days to thinkabout it. What you want is for your presentation to be remembered at the timewhen they are making a decision - when they are thinking about whether or notto buy from you, you want your message, your presentation, to be rememberedand influence their decision to “YES! We’re going to buy from you.”
  4. 4. Same thing applies to interviews. You want the recruiter to remember you sothat when they’re making the decision about who to hire, you pop into theirminds.So to summarize, the two most important questions any presenter should ask atthe end of a presentation - the questions which determine whether apresentation was effective or not - are: (1) Did I move my audience emotionally or intellectually from Point A to Point B? Did I achieve my objective? and (2) Will they remember my message 3 days after I speak?