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Learn how to Speak and Motivate like Anthony Robbins on

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Akash Karia is an award-winning speaker, trainer and presentation skills coach. He has conducted public speaking, debating and presentation skills courses for employees and members of organizations such as HSBC, Polytechnic University, Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong and many, many more...

Akash is also champion speaker and has won over 40 public speaking championships, including the prestigious titles of: JCI 2012 Hong Kong Champion of Public Speaking, Toastmasters International Division K Impromptu Speaking Champion and has been ranked as one of the Top 10 Speakers in Asia Pacific. This means that you will be learning from a well-known public speaking expert.

More importantly, you will walk away from Akash's coaching as more confident,dynamic and engaging presenters and debater. You will learn proven tools, techniques and processes you can apply immediately to your presentations and debates to become twice as good as when you first came in.

What Qualifies Akash to Teach You Public Speaking/Presentation Skills/Interview Skills?
Here are just a couple of Akash's major qualifications, awards and achievements which make him the right choice for you.

Akash is the:

2012 JCI Hong Kong Champion of Public Speaking. You will be learning from one of the best speakers and trainers in Hong Kong. You will learn the techniques that allowed Akash to go from a boring to a brilliant speaker.

Named one of the Top 10 Speakers In Asia Pacific. Akash has been ranked as one of the top 10 speakers in Asia Pacific, which means that you will be coached by someone who can provide you with useful, valuable and proven tools and techniques and really help you improve your presentations, overcome your nervousness and become an engaging, exciting and entertaining speaker.

For over 30 years, Anthony Robbins has dedicated his life to modeling the most successful people in the world. Through access to their experience, he has discovered and simplified the core distinctions and strategies that can be applied immediately to measurably improve the quality of your life.

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Presentation secrets of anthony robbins how to speak and motivate like tony

  1. 1. Anthony Robbins Top 3 Techniques for Delivering Powerful Presentations1. Match their Energy LevelIf you come across an audience with low energy, don’t come out with highenergy and expect your audience members to get respond to you equallyexcited.Instead, match their energy level and then lead them to a higher level ofenergy using activities, questions, etc.Similarly, when you come across audience members who are very excitedand enthusiastic to see you, make sure you match that level of energy.In Anthony Robbins’ seminars, audience members are always fired up tosee him…so Tony comes out with a high level of energy and takes it up anotch. There’s music, clapping, dancing…However, at the TED event, where audience members weren’t asexpressive with their emotions, Anthony Robbins came out with a muchmilder opening:2. Bigger Audience, Bigger GesturesWhen you have a larger audience, you need to an enlarged version of you.This means that when you’re faced with a larger audience your gesturesneed to be larger and your voice needs to be louder.With a smaller audience, you don’t need to be as loud.Created by Akash Karia
  2. 2. Thousands of people line up to see Anthony Robbins, so his gestures (andfacial expressions) are always very large:3. Involve them in Your PresentationThe quickest way to get your audience hooked into your speech is toimmediately get them involved in your speech.Ask your audience members a question.Get them involved in an activity.When you step up on stage, start by getting your audience involved…thisguarantees that your audience will be hooked into your speech right fromthe beginning.Almost every Anthony Robbins seminar contains an abundance ofaudience participation.Think about this. Which presentation would you rather attend: apresentation where the speaker talks non-stop at you…or a presentationwhere you have a dialogue with the speaker?Created by Akash Karia
  3. 3. Created by Akash Karia
  4. 4. Created by Akash Karia