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About Akash Karia, Award-Winning Speaker, Public Speaking Coach

What if you could learn presentation and debating skills from one of Asia's best speakers and trainers?

How much would you improve if you could learn proven public speaking tools and techniques from a trainer who has coached hundreds of CEOs, executives and managers across Asia and Africa?

Akash Karia is an award-winning speaker, trainer and presentation skills coach. He has conducted public speaking, debating and presentation skills courses for employees and members of organizations such as HSBC, Polytechnic University, Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong and many, many more...

Akash is also champion speaker and has won over 40 public speaking championships, including the prestigious titles of: JCI 2012 Hong Kong Champion of Public Speaking, Toastmasters International Division K Impromptu Speaking Champion and has been ranked as one of the Top 10 Speakers in Asia Pacific. This means that you will be learning from a well-known public speaking expert.

More importantly, you will walk away from Akash's coaching as more confident,dynamic and engaging presenters and debater. You will learn proven tools, techniques and processes you can apply immediately to your presentations and debates to become twice as good as when you first came in.

What Qualifies Akash to Teach You Public Speaking/Presentation Skills/Interview Skills?
Here are just a couple of Akash's major qualifications, awards and achievements which make him the right choice for you.

Akash is the:

2012 JCI Hong Kong Champion of Public Speaking. You will be learning from one of the best speakers and trainers in H

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How to start your presentation speech with a question

  1. 1. how to start yourpresentation or speechwith a YOU FOCUSEDQUESTIONHi, my name is Akash and I’m a presentation skills coach andauthor of “Public Speaking Secrets of the Champions”. In thispresentation, I am going to teach you how to start yourpresentation or speech with a you-focused question.Akash Karia
  2. 2. In her 2010 World Championship of Public Speaking speech, Lisa Panarellostarts her speech with a You-focused question to capture audience attention. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This is a question that everyone has heard at some point in their life, sothe question immediately connects with listeners. So, how can you apply this to your presentations? How do you findquestions which will connect with your audience? When you’re sharing your expertise, think about what challenge orproblem your audience members are facing. For example, if you’ve been calledupon to share money-management tips, the problem your audience membersmight be facing is that they might be struggling financially. So you might startoff with questions that address the problem and indirectly promise to solve it:
  3. 3. “Why is it that some people always struggle financially, whereas othersachieve financial freedom? How can we ensure that we achieve financialfreedom so that we can live debt-free, worry-free and stress-free?” The above question pinpoints your audience’s problem and hints at asolution to the problem. Bingo, they’re hooked! Here’s another example. Let’s say you’ve been called upon to give apresentation to upper management analyzing what your company can do toincrease its market share. You might start with the following questions: “Why is it that our biggest competitor stole 15% of our market share?What can we do to prevent this happening again? What can we do to not onlytake back, but also increase our market share?”
  4. 4. The above question is a provocative question and it will immediately hookyour audience into your presentation. Small warning though: the abovequestion might not be appropriate for all business presentations. Let meexplain. When you’re giving a corporate presentation, you also have to makesure you’re not hurting your superior’s egos. In some companies, such asGoogle, you’re encouraged to challenge decisions and the status quo, so theabove question would be appropriate. However, in other companies, the boss’sfragile ego might prevent you from talking about why the competition has doneso well and you haven’t. When giving corporate presentation, feel free to useyou-focused questions to start the presentation, but exercise your ownjudgment about which questions are appropriate.