Be a Confident Public Speaker Overcome Your Fear of Speaking


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Fear public speaking? Got stage fright? Download this FREE eBook from to help you overcome your fear of public speaking.
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Akash Karia is an award-winning speaker, trainer and presentation skills coach. He has conducted public speaking, debating and presentation skills courses for employees and members of organizations such as HSBC, Polytechnic University, Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong and many, many more...

Akash is also champion speaker and has won over 40 public speaking championships, including the prestigious titles of: JCI 2012 Hong Kong Champion of Public Speaking, Toastmasters International Division K Impromptu Speaking Champion and has been ranked as one of the Top 10 Speakers in Asia Pacific. This means that you will be learning from a well-known public speaking expert.

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Be a Confident Public Speaker Overcome Your Fear of Speaking

  1. 1. How to Be a Confident Speaker & Overcome Your Fear of Public SpeakingCreated by Akash Karia
  2. 2. To become a long term confident public speaker, you need to change thePERSPECTIVE from which you approach public speaking - in other words,you need to change your psychology and how you view public speaking.PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVEPublic speaking can cause nervousness for some people. From anevolutionary perspective, this is understandable because when delivering atalk:1. You are standing alone2. You are without a weapon3. Your back is exposed4. Youre staring at a sea of distracted/hostile facesFrom an evolutionary perspective, it’s obvious why this should be a causefor concern. So, first, just be assured that theres nothing wrong with you -its not even a matter of low self-confidence - its just the way EVERYONESbrain is hardwired.However, then, how come some people get EXCITED before publicspeaking, whereas others get NERVOUS?Created by Akash Karia
  3. 3. Theres an interesting scientific explanation to this. According to Dr. JohnMedina, in his book Brain Rules: "Many of the same mechanisms that cause you to shrink in horror from a predator are also used when you are having sex - and even while you are consuming your Thanksgiving dinner. To your body, saber-toothed tigers and orgasms and turkey gravy look remarkably similar. An aroused psychological state is characteristic of both STRESS and PLEASURE".You see, from a biological perspective, fear/excitement FOCUSESATTENTION -- and thats a good thing. Biologically, the mechanisms forBOTH fear and excitement are preparation for your body to use energy toachieve its purpose.Hence, with that explanation, it’s obvious that EVERYONE (when they areup on stage or under the spotlight) has the SAME biological response. Andnow, this is where the MENTAL aspect comes in --- what perspective areyou going to choose to look at this through? The bodys reaction to fear andexcitement is the it becomes a mental decision: am I afraidor am I excited?So, next time you feel the biological response kick in, remember myexplanation and make a CONSCIOUS decision -- let yourself realize thatthat getting nervous/getting excited is a mental decision that YOU make.Created by Akash Karia
  4. 4. Over time youll come to a point that public speaking=excitement becomesan equation thats naturally engraved in your subconscious.STRATEGY PERSPECTIVE1. Practice your material. Whether it’s a speech or the notes for yourclass. The more comfortable you are with your material, the morecomfortable you will be on stage. People get nervous because ofUNFAMILIAR situations. Hence, the more public speaking you do, themore familiar the situation becomes and the less intimidated you are. Also,the better you know the material, the more familiar you are, and hence, youexperience little/no intimidation.2. Use positive affirmations. Tell yourself that you are confident and inyour mind, PICTURE -- VISUALIZE -- yourself speaking confidently. Itsthe ONE strategy that has been MOST effective for me...far more thananything else.Scientific studies have shown that your body cant tell the differencebetween REALITY and IMAGINATION. For example, when a sprintervisualizes himself sprinting the same muscles activate in the same sequenceas though he were actually sprinting -- even though hes not doinganything.Plus, remember, people are scared of the unfamiliar. Therefore, if youCreated by Akash Karia
  5. 5. picture yourself in a scenario - be it imaginary - it becomes familiar to you,and hence, youre not nervous.Created by Akash Karia
  6. 6. Created by Akash Karia