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4 great habits of world's best public speakers


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Learn the 4 habits of world-class speakers... …

Learn the 4 habits of world-class speakers...

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  • 1. Hi, my name is Akash. I’m aProfessional Speaker and apublic speaking coach Click the images above to download my FREE e-books!
  • 2. Great Public Speaking Habit #1Practice, Practice, Practice
  • 3. The best way to learnhow to speak in public…is to speak in public!
  • 4. Get as much stage time as you can.
  • 5. The best speakers are the ones who got up on stageevery time they could, mademistakes, learned from their mistakes and continued learning…
  • 6. Great Public Speaking Habit #2 Always Ask For
  • 7. After your speech or presentation,get feedback from your audience members. Ask them for points of improvement. They will give you ideas on how to make your speech/presentation more effective.
  • 8. Great Public Speaking Habit #3 Record and Review
  • 9. You can’t learn fromyour mistakes unlessyou know what your mistakes are
  • 10. I highly recommend investing in a video- camera. Buy one of theflip-cameras so that you can carry it to yourpresentations and record all your speeches and presentations.
  • 11. After your presentation, review yourperformance: first, watch your performance withthe sound turned off and analyze your body language.
  • 12. Are the gestures and stage movement appropriate andpurposeful? Are there any repetitive and distracting gestures you could cut out?
  • 13. Next, review your presentation by closing your eyes and payingcareful attention to your voice. Do you have anappropriate tone, pitch, pace?
  • 14. Finally, watch yourpresentation with both the sound and thevideo to see how both the visual and audioelements fit together.
  • 15. As you go through this process, make notesabout what areas you can improve on next time.
  • 16. Great Public Speaking Habit #4 Learn from The Best
  • 17. The most common element of the World’sBest Speakers is that they learned from the best.
  • 18. If you want to be thebest, you’ve got to learn from the best.
  • 19. Get coaching + Read great blogson public speaking. Readbooks on the art of public speaking and apply the principles you learn.
  • 20. Keep speaking up, and be sure to subscribe for more tools,techniques and processes to help you become a world-class speaker.
  • 21. Wrap Up:4 Habits ofWorld-Class Speakers
  • 22. •Practice, Practice, Practice • Always Ask for Feedback •Record & Review •Learn from the Best
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