Testimonials of students who have pursued IAESTE internships

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  • 1. I know it sounds cliché when I say that the IAESTEinternship changed my life but it did. I interned atHoschule Merseburg (FH). My professor has notonly written recommendations for me which hashelped me get into a master’s programme at E.T.H.Zurich now, but he also showed us a slice ofGermany and German research. To be exposed toso many new ideas, cultures & viewpoints hastremendously broadened my world view.Amulya TataGermany
  • 2. I pursued an internship at the University ofLondon through IAESTE IndiaMIT this summer. Iwish to thank the entire IAESTE IndiaMIT teamfor their support and co-operation. This internshipwas an amazing experience. Selected Interns in theUK were invited to attend the 75th Anniversary ofthe British Council; I received the opportunity ofmeeting Prince Charles there. I was invited tospeak on behalf of all the incoming interns at theIAESTE UK summer reception held at ImperialCollege, London. It was a great experience.Rahul GabaUnited Kingdom
  • 3. STAR-DUNDEE Ltd. is a spin out company fromthe Space Systems Research Group of theUniversity of Dundee. I liked the project assignedto me though the job was quite challenging. .Learning different cultures, languages, traditionsand understanding them has been one of the lovelyexperiences I had. This has all come true due toIAESTE India MIT. I like to thank IAESTE Indiafor providing me this opportunity. This experiencecan’t be described in words, it needs to be felt.Ankit GoyalScotland
  • 4. I chose Croatia to gain cultural and technicalexperience and honestly didn’t have very highexpectations in the beginning; but the more Iexplored, the more I fell in love with the place.IAESTE Croatia, my supervisor and my colleaguesat work were wonderful and helped me in everyway possible. I was introduced to much moreadvanced instruments and the latest technologyand thus gained a lot of experience. I made friendsfrom the US, Switzerland, Spain to just name afew. I thank IAESTE for this memorableexperience.Ajaypal SinghCroatia
  • 5. Summer of 2008: I shall always recall: two months,one country, a thousand miles and madness, lots of it.Unforgettable experiences in a beautiful country, milesaway from home in the Aegean. I got the goldenopportunity to pursue an international internship inGreece. It was a great experience and has not onlyhelped me build an impressive resume but alsoimproved my personality. IAESTE has changed theway I look at myself and the way the world looks at me.Now I think beyond the borders of countries for I havefriends from more than forty countries. I am proud tobe an IAESTE alumnus and invite you to live the“IAESTE Way of Life”.Sidharth VermaGreece
  • 6. My experience as an intern in the beautiful countryof Poland was academically, socially and culturally,a highly enriching experience. This unparalleledlearning opportunity of eight weeks in thesummers of 2008 will be memorable to me for myentire life,thanks to the excellent team work ofIAESTE Poland and IAESTE IndiaMIT.Sambhawa PriyaPoland
  • 7. My internship through IAESTE was much morethan a mere industrial training; It was quite alearning experience for me in terms of academicsas well as other walks of life & helped me broadenmy outlook. Applying my class-room gainedknowledge in industry and mixing with peoplefrom various parts of the world was an enthrallingexperience. The amazing weekend trips to Rome,the Vatican Museums and the Alps are experiencesI’ll cherish forever.Geet NautiyalSlovenia
  • 8. I heard about IAESTE, something unique, new anddifferent organization. It excited me, a year later Ijoined it, little did I realize that I had something instore for that summer, I was in Munich, Germany!!, Working as a trainee in one of the mostprestigious university, Technical University ofMunich. The Experience was exhilarating, IAESTEnot only helped me to widen my horizon, but alsohelped me to grow more confident of myself.Thank you IAESTE IndiaMIT.NehaGermany
  • 9. My experience with IAESTE has been really great.This internship has proved valuable as I havelearnt a lot here and also enjoyed with the otherinterns from various countries. It is really nice tomeet people from such diverse cultures and tolearn about their countries. IAESTE provides theperfect platform for this and I congratulate themfor their commendable job.Aarti SinghUK
  • 10. Through IAESTE IndiaMIT, I had obtained aposition as a summer trainee at the MicrowaveDevices Technology Team at Electronics andTelecommunications Research Institute, thelargest government funded research institute inKorea. The internship inculcated in me the ethicsof research and taught me what team work andcommitment is all about. IAESTE provided aplatform for global exposure and the best part ofbeing an IAESTE trainee is that it provides aframework where students from differentnationalities converge.Vineet ChoudhuryKorea
  • 11. The experience that I had with the IAESTE in both thecountries was good. But the experience I had with theinternship was amazing. Meeting new people, seeingnew places and being exposed to so many variedexperiences really helps one to think bigger and lookmore towards the big picture. Especially as a student ofArchitecture we should really learn to look at the worldlike it were a global village which is shrinking andbringing us closer day by day. This internship hastaught me a lot about my subject of architecture andalso about how to go about working and analysing aproblem. It was just like a very good dream whichended too suddenly. I hope IAESTE India all the bestfor the future.Unmilan GhoshRomania
  • 12. The internship was a wonderful experience, with manynew things to discover about the Greek ways. It waswonderful time coupled with a good academics goingin the forefront. This really took me to new heights, thehands on experience was something that I reallyrelished till the very last day I worked. My employerswas so flexible that they we able to accommodate astudent in the second year of study. The internshipreally was a very good step in helping me decide what Iwould like to see myself become in future. All thatmattered then was how much I had to offer and thiswent a long way in representing my nation to a set ofpeople with completely different schools of thought.Bharadwaj Venkatesh NarasimhanGreece
  • 13. I did my summer internship in T U München,Munich for 8 weeks. An opportunity like this wasextremely beneficial for developing my technicalskills. I sincerely thank the entire IAESTE Indiateam who helped and guided me in every step frommy applying to the university to procuring my visa,without which this internship would not have beenpossible.Saswat NandaGermany
  • 14. Truly speaking, IAESTE offers a blend of technicaland cultural mix and distinguished friends whobecome a part of the IAESTE international family.In short, I would say: The world is a biggestclassroom, experience is the best teacher. IAESTEoffers you both!Anshul AgarwalPoland
  • 15. I spent my summer pursuing an internship at theNational Technical University of Athens (NTUA),Athens, Greece. IAESTE IndiaMIT really got thisinternship going for me. I am forever indebted tothem. Right from the Offer form submission, to theapplication for visa, the transit and the stay inGreece, everything was looked after perfectly. TheIAESTE IndiaMIT team really needs to beapplauded for the work that they do day in and dayout. I would like to thank them for giving me theopportunity to live the summer of my dreams!Aniruddha JajuGreece
  • 16. IAESTE IndiaMIT has done a great job and I amreally thankful to them. Within a short period oftime IAESTE IndiaMIT did everything and now Iam in BiH undergoing summer training. I reallyrecommend membership with IAESTE IndiaMIT.Nutesh KumarBosnia & Herzegovina
  • 17. I went for an internship to Bremo, Poland in thesummer of 2008 to an Italian company, a pioneerin manufacturing Performance Brakes. I wasassisting in the designing machining systemswhich were planned to be used extensivelythroughout the plant. It was an experience once ina life time. I would like to thank IAESTE from thebottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity.I would have never had the intellectual capabilityto make it to the best company in the world forBrake Systems at this age without a student bodyorganization like IAESTE IndiaMIT.Rishabh KapoorPoland